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The Games is a currently ongoing Original Character Tournament held by deviantArt's Britbau.

The living puppet Festival was created solely for the purpose of entertainment. Festival, however, soon found that people thought his life was unnatural, and that he was a thing of evil. Scorned by man and denied his true purpose, Festival left civilization for what seemed like it would be forever.

Years later, just as the living puppet begins to be fade from memory, a new game show is announced with none other than Festival himself as the host. The circumstances are strange however... How did Festival manage to get his own show, and to what advantage? This new show quickly gains the public's attention due to its boasts of fabulous rewards, including the grand prize of fortune, fame and possibly even a brand new car! Festival quickly announces that the show will have a limited number of spots for contestants. "Only 32 will be let in!"note  Festival shouts, "Prove to me you're worth it!"


And so the games begin. The games will be exciting, the competition rough, and the prizes fantastic! ...But at what cost...?

This tournament is interesting for (at least) 2 reasons.1. It is not a fighting tournament. The judges base it on story and creativity.2. Each round is given a theme, rather than an event. It is up to the competitors to come up with the Game based on the theme.

Round 1's theme was "Target", and Round 2's theme was "Obstruction". Round 3 is currently underway, with the theme "Masquerade".


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