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"The one time machine to ever be invented resides in Las Vegas. But it isn’t free to use – you must fight for the right to use it."

Future Battles OCT is an Original Character Tournament hosted by Codepup with four other judges: iSpazzyKitty, Gandalfman, DeathOfASalesLlama and rcKEY. The story takes place in Las Vegas, in the year 2147; people have been sent forwards or backwards through time and space and ended up in 2147 with no way to return home. Lucky for them, 2147 is the year when 14-year old girl-genius Winona invents the world's first time machine, and she's decided to hold a fighting tournament to decide who gets to use it and return to their own time.


This OCT has ended, with MacabreAustereRelume taking first place, and FrostTechnology taking second. Excabluir and Illus-Luvs-POCKY have taken third place.

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Future Battles OCT provides examples of:

  • Time Machine: The in-story prize for the winner of the tournament is the opportunity to use the only time machine currently in existence.
  • Time Travel: Almost all of the contestants have arrived at the story's setting via time travel; from the future, the past, and all across space, each of them by different methods.
  • Running Gag: Winona's taser, and Marina not appreciating being called "Merf".

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