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Web Original / The Grand Circus

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Welcome one and all, to the greatest show in the universe, The Grand Circus!

An Original Character Tournament housed at deviantArt and hosted by TheDemonSurfer.

The Grand Circus is the greatest circus to ever have existed. Millions flock to its gates every week to experience entertainment at its finest. There are miles of games to play, hundreds of thousands of foods to try from all over the universe, and rides that you wouldn't even think could exist. In the center of it all stands the Big Top, where spectacular shows play out every night to a captivated audience.

However, attendance has been slipping over the years, and the Circus is struggling to stay afloat. In desperation, the Ringmaster has arranged for a tournament to be staged. 16 individuals from all across the universe will battle it out within the Circus.

The winner of the tournament will be given a device that allows them to change the reality of the entire Grand Circus. And while the Ringmaster would prefer for the city to remain as a Circus, it will up to the winner to decide what the city and its natives become.


The Grand Circus started in 2011 and concluded in August 2012.



The Circus Staff

Insidious Flynn the Ringmaster

Paradyn the Magician

Aria the Magician's Assistant

Niema Maktanonry the Beast Tamer

Aahuea the Acrobat

The Performers

Smiley Jackson & Deumos

Syndi & Kiera

Kavartus & Evelyn


Reezy & Krug

Marvin & Petal

The Samurai

Alice & Necron


Yo-Show & Tamika

Randy Random


Helena Matthews & Edward Crane


Xavier & Despar

Adam & Nana


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