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The Powers That Be have overthrown God; and are using the Lone Power as a scapegoat to consolidate Authority.
The other angels were just as upset as Lucifer at being told they would have to bow to humanity (Sentient Life). They were just sneakier about it. They waited, and when they thought God was tired; (He rested after created the world, after all) they shattered His name and aspect into pieces; and took over Heaven.It turns out running Creation isn't as easy as they thought it would be; God had given a lot of Authority to those who live there. Things were falling apart, as a kind of "Entropy" was kicking in without everything in their rightful place.
  • So they dusted off the "serve humanity" command and repurposed it. Humans would serve them with the promised carrot that maybe, after thousands of years of reincarnation, become their equals. This would never happen. As seen in Wizard's Holiday, any sentients who get close are shoved out of reality. At great cost to themselves, they also captured Lucifer. (Many of the angels that "fell" with Lucifer were more open to ruling Heaven and the Physical Plane instead of serving an Omnicidal Maniac in Hell; and turned against him in exchange for clemency and a piece of the pie.) They didn't erase him, no. They needed a Great Enemy.
    • The Ordeal was created. Through their manipulation of the old prophet system and a captured Lucifer (now a shadow of Himself, the "Lone Power") humans with the life spark that the old God loved were chosen and given a Geas; the Wizard's Oath. Serve the Powers eternally, owe them eternally, get to use magic as long as they approve of it. The Ordeal was a two-edged sword. If the child dies; their Life Energy would serve as Human Sacrifice to keep the universe running. If they survived, the Geas (the Wizard's Oath) would siphon their potential soul spark until as adults they couldn't do anything.
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    • When scouting children to turn into Wizards; the Book/Powers give a kind of Godly Sidestep that transforms as they get older. All Myths Are True, the Powers are the same things as angels and gods; wizards aren't defying God; God is "The One" above all. The really bright children; the ones who might change the status quo, are given lethal Ordeals. And lethal Ordeals after that. If that doesn't work; they allow the Lone Power to break their support network and have family members and loved ones get Stuffed into the Fridge. Despite what the Ordeal Scenarios seem to indicate, nothing is really at risk. No matter how many times a wizard might "save the world" or "save the universe" it doesn't mean anything because had the child failed the Powers can command the Lone Power to stand down, and the Powers would write in the rule book that the child had died to stop It.
      • When Dairine converted the Lone Power; this wasn't a victory for the Powers. It was a threat. The Powers used the Lone Power as a stick to keep Wizards in line. Thinking the wrong way? BAM, you're a tool of the Lone Power and he takes over. With him surrendered, they had to either create a new one; or repurpose the old one to go back to doing his job. (With a Timey-Wimey Ball explaination on why the redemption didn't stick.) Then they dealt with Dairine and Nita by letting their mother die. Nope. Magic can't cure brain cancer. Although a human can bring back a celebrity singer eaten by a dinosaur by dipping into a parallel universe if it threatens The Masquerade. Also, it is taught to Wizards that prayer is useless because the One cannot intervene. Kit was given a similar Heroic BSoD by revealing his dog was an Aspect of God and then killing him too.
      • As of Wizard of Mars we have everyone as perfect Wizards. Beaten into submission by the contradictory rules; allowing other wizards to look down on their accomplishments, and while saying they're working to make things better; just following the status quo.

The Incubator is a anti-human, anti-entropy Power.
Tom and Carl do mention (frequently) that there are many "good" Powers That Be that think humanity was a bad idea. Often when connected to a Power or the Great Big Book of Everything Nita realizes that said Power could kill her on the spot and still be "Good." The Incubator has decided to cut out the middleman; and farm them of power. It is just as against Entropy as the other powers.
  • The twin Apotheosis and The Incubators' Fall that was the result of this have the other Powers putting aside humanities extinction as an option for now. They're scared. Likewise, neither the Goddess or the Devil have noticed them. For now.

The series takes place in the Suikoden Tierkreis multiverse
The Book of Night With Moon is the main world's Chronicle, making Kit a Reader. The Lone Power is equivalent to the One King.

The One Power is the Doctor.
His sonic screwdriver is his version of the Manual (every Power has one; we saw the Lone Power's in the first book, remember?). The Lone Power is the Master. The TARDIS is Athena/Peach/Saint Michael

The Doctor is a Non-Wizard that helps wizards
  • There was a Very Suspicous Encounter between Dairine and a human looking alien at the Crossroads in High Wizardry. She was running from enemies and happened to bump into someone that revolved the issue with guile. He could be have been the Fifth Doctor.

Discord is My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic 's Lone Power
  • Let's see here, both have been redeemed once (Discord's only friend he ever had is Fluttershy), represent disorder and chaos, and can never be truly defeated.

The Lone Power is an Aspect of The One
  • Lets see, the Lone Power is sometimes call the One Power. Entropy allows for time and motion. The One is The Prime Mover, Ergo, The Lone Power is a Corrupted One.
    • Possibly confirmed with the redemption of The Lone Power, and the explanation that aspects of it which have not yet been redeemed still exist out there, meaning that The One may be the aspects of it which were not yet corrupted.

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