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  • The end of Deep Wizardry. "What's loved, lives."
  • In High Wizardry, the moment that the Lone Power finally gives in and admits its errors.
    It fell down, a great disastrous fall like a lightning-stricken tower's, and wept darkness with desire for the Light.
  • And another in Wizards at War, when Nita and Kit visit their Wizard Seniors,Tom and Carl, after they win the big battle. The last time Nita had visited them, neither remembered the fact that they were wizards, because they had both lost their magic. The kids knock on the door, and wait anxiously. After a few moments:
    The inside door opened. Tom and Carl were standing there looking at them.
    "Uh, hi," Nita said.
    The silence lasted for a few moments. Then Tom said, "We are on errantry...and boy, do we ever greet you."
    He held the screen door open for them. Nita tackled Tom, and the hug went on for some time.
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  • Practically every moment Dairine and Roshaun have together in Wizards at War that's not a Funny Moment is this. A lot of times it's both. Special mention goes to Dairine standing up to Roshaun's dad (the king of an entire planet and an extremely high ranking wizard) on his behalf.
    Dairine: [on the subject of romance between them] You do have the idea of being 'just good friends'?
    Roshaun: For so high and honourable an estate, 'just' seems a poor modifier to choose.
  • The first scene with Mamvish in A Wizard of Mars is really, really cute. "You are my friend!"
    • To clarify, this is about tomatoes. She's a big fan.
  • In High Wizardy when Nita does a spell that is Cast from Lifespan, Kit chews her out and says that he would have split the cost with her.

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