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"In Life's name and for Life's sake, I say that I will use the Art for nothing but the service of that Life. I will guard growth and ease pain. I will fight to preserve what grows and lives well in its own way; and I will change no object or creature unless its growth and life, or that of the system of which it is part, are threatened. To these ends, in the practice of my Art, I will put aside fear for courage, and death for life, when it is right to do so — till Universe's end."
The Wizard's Oath

"Fairest and fallen, greeting and defiance!" (a wizard's standard greeting to the Lone Power.)

"I am on errantry, and I greet you." (a wizard's standard greeting to those they meet while on wizardry business)

"Well met on the common journey."

“Dai stihó, cousin.”

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