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Tear Jerker / Young Wizards

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  • The end of Wizards at War, where Kit sends his dog Ponch to rescue his and Nita's families and take them away from Earth, while he (and Nita) stay and expect to die fighting.
    He threw his arms around the dog. One last hug, he thought. They have to let dogs into Timeheart, they have to.
    • Ponch is freaking out, because he knows that Kit is probably going to die, but Kit is determined to stay and fulfill his duty as a wizard to fight the Lone Power to the bitter end. He forces Ponch to go and save the two families, getting them and Ponch himself out of harm's way. Ponch has already watched at least three of their friends fall to the Lone Power in the course of the book, and was wrestling with the concept of the inherent injustice. Now he is being ordered to leave Kit, his own precious human to perish at the hands of a vengeful godlike force, so this is just unbearable to the loyal dog. His heart is breaking when Kit forces him to go, and before he leaves he lets out one last howl of mortal anguish over the horrible unfairness of it all.
  • The Wizard's Dilemma. Yes, the entire book. The book is about Nita struggling to save her mother from dying...and ultimately failing in the most heartbreaking way possible. It's infamous among the fandom for being one of the hardest books to get through, especially for readers for whom the long, torturous struggle to save a family member from a disease that will eventually win hits too close to home.
  • Fred when the kids read from the Book of Night with Moon.
  • Deep Wizardry. Ed's sacrifice.
    • Shortly after Nita learns that her role in the Song is to willingly kill herself, she calls Carl for help. The resulting discussion, with Carl going over her options and thanking her for her sacrifice, on behalf of everyone who won't get killed is heartbreaking. Especially since he's brutally honest: He doesn't want her to die, but as he lays out to her, they're wizards and he's a Senior. There just aren't any easy answers.
  • Wizards at War:
    • Roshaun's disapperance and Dairine holding his Sunstone collar and whispering, "Where did he go?"
    • Ponch's sacrifice and his goodbye with Kit.
    • Tears of happy relief when Ronan was going to live, Roshaun still might be alive, and Kit and the sheepdog...
  • A Wizard Alone, as Nita struggled with her depression. But the breaking point is at the end, when she's convincing Darryl to come with her and Kit:
    "It's better not to do it alone," Nita said.
  • Book of Night with Moon:
    • When Rhiow comes home and learns her human has been killed in a hit-and-run accident while crossing the street. Rhiow's reaction and denial, Iahe's grief, and their subsequent time dealing with the aftermath — Rhiow slowly creeps back into Iahe's lap, and he desperately hugs her as he breaks down weeping — are heartbreaking.
    • The trio of adult cats spend most of the story dealing with Arhu, the bratty kitten on Ordeal who doesn't seem to care what his Oath actually means. Then, finally, Arhu opens up: he's the last survivor of a newborn litter who were deliberately drowned by their dam's human, and after he was rescued by a passing human and taken in, the rescuer then abandoned Arhu on the street because of his PTSD issues. Arhu goes into horrifying, heartwrenching detail that will make you search out your own pets to cuddle and cry.
  • Games Wizards Play has Irina lay out that, yeah, being a Planetary wizard is awesome...and it also means that her job is to, constantly and consistently, send teenagers off to fight the Lone Power, knowing perfectly well that many will never come back, and those that do will often be traumatized.