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  • Most of the major characters get one at some point, but one standout is Dairine in High Wizardy. She's going head to head with the Lone Power and trapping it within the darkness of her soul, which she does by stopping the expansion of the universe, causing all of the photons trapped in the expanding space-time to suddenly get wherever it was they were going much faster
    • Nita's mom in Wizard's Dilemma:
      "This is my universe, and I say what goes here, and she does not have my permission.... My daughter and I are fighting the same battle. Maybe I do it in more ordinary ways. But we're on the same side. And you, if I recognize you correctly, are no friend of mine. Get off my turf!"
    • Kit has a Big Damn Heroes moment in this same book, where he turns up right when Nita has pretty much given up her wizardry, bringing along the old version of Neets's name, before she had made her Deal with the Devil, fixes it into the spell with the glede or "dragon's eye" and blows all the cancer right out of Nita's mom's system. Unfortunately this isn't enough to save Betty . . .
  • Nita in A Wizard Of Mars turning back a flood and then kicking the ass of the person who tried to kill her
    • More specifically, laying out and fueling the Gibraltar Passthrough, a transoceanic passthrough designed and used by the famous hydromage Angelina Pellegrino. She then proceeds to control two huge snakelike structures of water and threaten to wipe her rival's city off the face of Mars "like dog poop down the driveway"! Then she engages in what's supposed to be mortal combat with Aurilelde, tells off Aurilelde and "explains" to her the real meaning of love, and then yanks the kernel out of 'Lelde after Aurilelde had become the "war goddess" of Mars, and proceeds to calm down Mars, tell off the "Martians," and decide to save Aurilelde's life instead of following through with the prophecy.
  • Nita's Big Damn Heroes moment in A Wizard Alone where she pops into Darryl's universe with the kernel (which she's fixed so that nobody can mention Darryl being an abdal,) explodes all the glass windows with her energy weapon and manipulates the Lone Power into letting Kit and Darryl go.
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  • Dairine organizing and leading a team of alien wizards to fix the Earth's Sun without any guidance or input from Senior wizards in Wizard's Holiday, closely followed by Roshaun's Moment of Awesome, stepping out of the protective wizardry and into the center of the Sun itself to tweak it on the molecular level, risking his own life for a star that wasn't his own. Good thing he's a master of star-based wizardry.
  • In the Feline Wizards book Book of Night with Moon, the main characters become incarnations of the Powers That Be, with Ith enacting the role of the Bright Serpent, to fight the Old Serpent.
  • And then the sharks came.
      • So rage, proud Power, fail again, and see my blood teach death to die!
  • Nita and Kit in the very first book reading out of the Book of Night with Moon AND making all the statues in NYC come to life and Fred's sacrifice. Oh, and Nita redeeming the Lone Power by changing its nature with her enchanted pen. She literally changes reality by writing in the Book of Night with Moon, which defines it!
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  • In DW, it's the battle of the krakens and, y'know, everything during the reenactment in the underwater canyon.
  • Nita takes several magical blasts from The Lone Power without even flinching in Diane Duane's High Wizardry.
    • And then she reveals that she's powering that shield with a year of her life per shot.
  • The climax of So You Want to Be a Wizard falls under this trope, especially Nita's reading of the Book of Night with Moon to keep all of New York (and the world, and the universe) in existence, and the coming to life of all the trees and statuary in the city, including Prometheus of Rockefeller Center and the lions from the Public Library steps. ...and it's all frickin' incredible.
    • And then Nita finds the Lone Power's name in the Book that controls and sustains the universe...and edits it
  • Ed the Master Shark from Deep Wizardry oozes raw awesome. Especially at the end of the book when He sacrifices himself in place of Nita, which results in the gathering of many many sharks which proceed to attack the avatar of the Lone Power.
  • Dairine had hers in High Wizardry when she stops the UNIVERSE EXPANDING to provide more light!
  • In A Wizard Alone Darryl manages to trick the Lone Power into being trapped in a universe he created himself!
  • Ronan gets his own Moment of Awesome in Wizards at War. Three words: "But I would!"
  • Nita's mother in The Wizard's Dilemma.
  • Anytime someone says "Fairest and fallen, greetings and defiance", you are pretty much assured that a Moment of Awesome is coming.
  • Almost all the wizards in Ireland, wielding four legendary weapons (including a spear they forged by channeling the heart of a star) marching to war in the Lone Power's alternate world based on Irish mythology. When one of the weapons is destroyed and it seems like they've lost, they're given a chance to win by a tiny white kitten getting up and calling the Lone Power out with epic poetry.
  • While Wizards at War is so full of Moments of Awesome that everyone gets at least one, Ponch the dog gets one near the very end. Ponch had been growing in intelligence and general power throughout the series because he hung out with Kit and Nita so much. After all of the wizards on earth (excluding the adults who had all become powerless thanks to spreading darkness) were unable to stop the spread of the Pullulus (the darkness), he starts howling and in doing so gathers the strength of every dog in the world, and grows into a gigantic Dog-shaped shadow full of stars. He then proceeds to lay a smackdown on the Pullulus while fulfilling a previously mentioned prophecy: "The Hound taking His old enemy by the throat and throwing him down, yelping, against the floors of heaven."
    • Please note that the above takes place on the damn MOON.
    • And of course, it turns out that he wasn't just a dog. He was the Dog Who Is God.
  • Nita telling off the Lone Power in Wizard's Holiday, then forcing it to do what she says.
  • Roshaun in Wizard's Holiday when he leaves the protective wizardry bubble to walk into the heart of the sun to fix it, in order to save the planet he claimed he didn't even like (Earth). Coupled with his regal calm, the scene becomes pure Moment of Awesome.
  • Carmela, despite not being a wizard, gets her fair share of Moments of Awesome. She attacks the Lone Power with a laser eggbeater, stops prickly Roshaun from engaging a bunch of teen punks by holding his hand, and subdues an entire squadron of gun-toting aliens using only a chocolate bar. .
  • And who could forget Rhiow in The Book of Night With Moon? "WHAT HAS BECOME OF MY CHILDREN?"
  • The owl's rescue of her tree in Owl Be Home For Christmas, creating the Strigid Word and then taking on - and beating - the Lone Power. Not because she needed the tree, but because the tree needed her.
    We're going to get my tree back. We're going to put things right.

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