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  • Big Name Fan: Robert A. Heinlein was a fan of the two books released before his death, and became a mentor to Duane, who had also loved his work since childhood. Especially popular is his letter to her commenting on Ed from "Deep Wizardry," "I'm a Navy man. We don't like sharks. You made me like that shark. That was a dirty trick."
  • Schedule Slip: Duane releases these books when she's good and ready, which has resulted in a few gaps between them to rival A Song of Ice and Fire.
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  • Technology Marches On: The first several books received "New Millenium Editions" in 2010 to clear up the issues with this. High Wizardry suffered especially hard due to its focus on computers.
  • Word of Gay: Tom and Carl, possibly. Testimony has Duane confirming to a small audience at a reading that Carl and Tom are indeed a gay couple — but added at the same time that she'd never say so explicitly in the books", but then after thatdenied being too detailed about their relationship for the sake of the privacy of the people they're based off of.
    • Following the passing of the real life Tom and Carl, she has officially confirmed that they are a couple.

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