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Waldo/Wally's Canadian.
Just... LOOK at him! Always smiling, that striped sweater, and the beanie/tuque. In Red and White, too. Every time I look at him, I expect to see a maple leaf on his hat.
  • Ehh!
  • Plus, nobody ever notices him unless they look REALLY hard.

He's Roger from American Dad!
He's always moving from page to page super fast, and the reason for finding him is unknown to you, but you do it anyway.

Waldo is a serial killer
The Reason you try to find him is so you can give him "The chair".

Waldo is a Time Lord!!!
I couldn't believe no one has said it yet.

He's the serial killer Tom Ripley from Ripliad.
They're both skinny but athletic glasses-wearing nerds that are good at hiding from others.

Waldo's full name is Wally Waldo.
Because why not?

Every book is a Where's Wally/Waldo book.
If you haven't found him in War and Peace, Harry Potter or Fifty Shades of Grey yet, you haven't been looking closely enough.

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