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The identity of the Man behind The Secret Society
  • So my theory is that the leader of the Secret Society is the Outsider from Flashpoint who managed to survive the continuity merge and emerged around the time the Justice League first formed.
    • Confirmed. Part 1 of Trinity War revealed a tarot card of him labeled The Outsider.
      • It might, however while this might be The Outsider, it's yet to be confirmed that this is Flashpoint's Outsider. He just might be a new version created after the new universe.


The Outsider
is working for someone.And that person is the Bigger Bad of Trinity War. Who would he be?

It seems he's working for the Crime Syndicate of Earth 3.

Trinity War's stealth plot is the reveal of Earth Three and the Injustice Society of Amerika
  • Dimensional displacement? Evil Society? Knowledge of Batman's home address and his secret stash of anti-Justice League goodies? That's because the mysterious man who broke into the bat cave is Bruce Wayne from Earth 3. Further, the identity of the Mysterious leader of the society is none other than his faithful Butler Alfred in his long ago villain identity of the Outsider.
    • The last part is semi-confirmed in Justice League 22, The man in the hat is the Outsider, but no evidence it's Alfred.
      • Yet!

The mole for the Secret Society is Wonder Woman
  • Even if she is unaware of this fact. A potential hint towards this fact is how Booster Gold vanished from the timeline completely once Superman and Wonder Woman had their first kiss, as seen in Justice League International. Based on Booster's own words, it was never meant to happen. In the current issues, Wonder Woman is also very adamant about seeking out Pandora's Box, despite having been told it is not the source of Superman's illness and loss of control over his power. It is only a possibility, but I think it is worth considering.
  • Addendum: Considering how meta Booster Gold's comment on Supes/Diana sounds (very few fans support the romance), it's possible that this will somehow tie in to the huge disparity in characterization between Diana in her own book and Diana in the greater DCnU. Some kind of duplicate, perhaps?

Jossed. Atom (or Atomica) is the mole, and Cyborg is an unwilling and unwitting mole too.

Zatanna is the mole
  • In previous issues of Justice League Dark, Zatanna has told Constantine that he is a hero who pretends to have an agenda. After joining the Justice League, she accuses him the opposite. she is actually a shape shifting Secret Society member that wants to get Wonder Woman to Pandora's Box.

Jossed. Atom (or Atomica) is the mole, and Cyborg is an unwilling and unwitting mole too.

The Outsider's identity.

One of the above is Confirmed: The Outsider is Earth 3 Alfred.


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