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The depowering serum came about as an offshoot of Jedikiah's research to give himself the abilities of a Tomorrow Person.
It's fairly obvious he's very envious of his brother and others with the abilities. All of his closest associates are Homo Superiors or closely associated with them. He probably wanted to give himself the genes that create the powers and wound up learning how to take them away instead.
  • Looks like it's confirmed. Jedikiah has performed many medical experiments trying to transfer powers from a Homo Superior to a Homo Sapiens. None have ever worked. Then, when he gets the chance to do it to twin brothers, he's more upset at the fact that one is dead than at anything else.
Cara and the Citadel
Cara's telepathic abilities are nothing to sneeze at. Could she have been experimented upon for the brief time she was under arrest by Ultra? It would definitely explain her intimate knowledge of what they do to Homo Superiors.
  • Or, John could have told her from his Ultra days - which raises the question, was John ever thrown into the Citadel? Jedikiah has shown he's willing to treat any Homo Superior as basically disposable.
John is ACTUALLY Jedekiah's Son

I know this is a little far fetched, but I think it may be possible that John is really jedekiah's biological son for a few reasons.

1. John's parents were never actually shown in the show (not yet anyway)

2. When Jedekiah went to pick up John, he did it almost by himself using a comforting demeanor towards John instead of barging in with a SWAT team like how Ultra did Kurt.

3. Then there is the fact that he shows a more caring side toward John than he does toward any other HS, even going so far as to keep the other HS from learning John killed Stephen's father when he was held captive.


4. And there is his girlfriend Morgan. It hasn't been stated how long they were together, but judging by the photo Stephen found, it could be possible that they've been a couple long enough to already have a kid that is John's current age.

My whole theory is that while Jedekiah and Morgan were together in their earlier years, Moran at some point became pregnant and, after the required amount of time passed, gave birth to John. However, both Jedekiah and Morgan knew they couldn't raise him with Jed working with Ultra and all. So they decided to sneak John into the foster system, but when John's powers awoken and he started stealing food for himself and his foster friends, Jedekiah picked it up and decided to grab him before anyone else found out. Like I said, it is just a THEORY.

  • Still, that's... disturbingly plausible. Normally Ultra would have just sent some field agents - and even if this was in the "kinder, gentler" era of Aldus Crick's Ultra I still can't see Jedikiah personally taking time out of a busy schedule to pick up John unless he has some kind of attachment to him. It also would explain why John has his abilities, if it's at all genetic in origin (though, I should note that the series plays fast and loose with biology and the 1970s show was even worse.)
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  • Something to consider in support of this theory: The actors Luke Mitchell (John) and Mark Pellegrino (Jedikiah) bear enough passing resemblance to each other for the characters to plausibly be related.

Stephen's brother Luka isn't breaking out, his mom is a Tomorrow Person too.
She has shown a level of suspicion and hostility to Jedikiah and made a remark about protecting Stephen from more than he knows. She and Roger faked their breakup and her belief in his and Stephen's mental instabilities so that she could remain undetected and protect Stephen. The events with Peter were her finally letting her control slip after too many years of being alone.
  • So confirmed.

Synergists can all communicate with each other and naturally block off anyone else from "listening in".
From "Things Fall Apart", it appears that when a Homo Superior is born to two parents who both have Homo Superior abilities themselves, the child's natural abilities are heightened, and such heightened-ability H Ses are drawn to one another, telepathically. For example, Cassandra can contact Stephen, but Cara can't get a fix on her.
  • And later, Stephen was able to contact Cassandra (weakly) when she was in the Citadel.

Stephen's mom and the Founder have a prior relationship.
Their brief interaction in Jedikiah's office ("Have we met?" "No.") all but screams it. It seems especially likely now that we know that Stephen's mom is also a Tomorrow Person. Bonus points if they're immediate family or past lovers. Stephen and Cassandra being cousins or half-siblings would also explain their immediate bond.

Season 2 Speculation
Now that John has his powers back and been mind-wiped by Jedikiah, the Season 2 arc will be a showdown between the reinvigorated Tomorrow People and Jedikiah Price over his use of brainwashed paranormals to becomes super-soldiers. Stephen, having taken a leap in his power potential, will need to be their main protector and leader in a way Roger Price was never fully able to realize. But he may have to kill John... and Tomorrow People usually have the Restraining Bolt, which he still does.

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