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Shout Out / The Tomorrow People (2013)

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Shout Outs

  • Quite a lot of the character names are Shout Outs to characters in the original series, as well as others.:
    • John Young is a combination of original series character John, played by Nicholas Young.
    • Jedikiah (a name reused from the original) has the last name Price, referring to original series creator Roger Price.
    • And of course, John's father's real name is Roger Price.
    • Cara's name is reminiscient of original series Carol.
  • A possible Shout-Out to Roman times is the name "The Citadel" for Ultra's "research center". At least one reference indicates that Roman prisons were called citadels.
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  • In the opening scenes of the pilot, we see Stephen has a London poster on the wall of his room, a nod to the original series' British origin.

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