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Tear Jerker / The Tomorrow People (2013)

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  • Stephen's memory of his dad leaving him permanently.
  • Cara reading her father's mind, and learning that her father felt they would be better off without her.
  • Darcy being gunned down to help her sister get away.
  • Russell's last memory of his dad is watching him get tortured, then disappearing on his dad after a successful piano recital.
  • John murdering Stephen's father, Roger, and in that moment, getting his Heel Realization. On top of that, Roger all but forgives John as he lays dying.
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  • Errol (one of the victims of the Citadel) discovering his wife has moved and remarried. His breakdown, in part is because he realizes it's been at least three years' worth of hideous experiments on him. And then he dies defending Cara.
  • Astrid can't go home again since Ultra would kill her. The heartbreaking way she says its Stephen's fault that she's in this mess was enough to bring tears.
    • Earlier, we have Astrid almost in tears as she tries to keep John alive.
  • John seeing one of his few friends, the kindly newsstand man, gunned down for "knowing too much".
  • John refusing to return to the Tomorrow People at Cara's request because of everything they went through and that she has done in that episode alone.
  • After being mind-raped by Julian, Charlotte was going to be sent back to the Citadel.
  • Hilary's story about her family dying in a break-in gone wrong.
  • Endgame is full of them:
    • Cara's sister Sophie can't live with Cara or stay in her world.
    • Cassandra gets killed by accident when John shoots at the Founder and he deflects the bullet. Even the Founder seemed to have broken down when he realizes what he did.
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    • Stephen almost crying when he realized he can't bring back his father because Jedikiah, the only one capable, has to flee.
  • A Sort of Homecoming:
    • John loses his powers as a result of protecting Roger from being captured.
    • Hillary gets a Heel Realization and kills herself with a suicide vest so she can take the Founder with her.

  • Kill Switch:
    • Seeing Russell struggling with the fact that he's been given an ultimatum that means his death or the death of others for Roger. He's torn up for the majority of the episode and when he ultimately betrays him he's heartbroken and horrified once he learns that if they had waited then Stephen and Cara would have succeeded and it wouldn't have been neccessary.

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