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Nightmare Fuel / The Tomorrow People (2013)

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  • That serum which removes a Tomorrow Person's powers. Beyond the horrific pain it causes when injected, how many people's lives did Ultra throw away on perfecting it?
  • Cara, in a fit of anger at Jedikiah, threatens to throw Morgan to the wolves by purposely dropping her at Ultra's HQ, Morgan's terrified because Ultra would probably rip her mind apart searching for the Tomorrow People's hideout.
  • Homo Superiors who use their powers to hurt others to the limit of their abilities. It's terrifying enough being stalked by a human being before being attacked. Homo Superiors can take that Up to Eleven.
    • In "Rumble", we learn of a Homo Superior named Julian, who took in Cara just as she was about to be caught by Ultra when she first reached New York, but she later left his criminal gang. Even six years later and knowing full well what they do to people like him, she still wants Ultra to get him. That has to say something about just what kind of person he is.
      • At the end of the episode he gets away and approaches a little girl to recruit her, giving some disturbing similarity to Child Predators. Considering we don't see her again it's even more troubling.
  • The Citadel. Human experimentation, complete with sadistic orderlies, is a routine feature and leads to the place being like a Bedlam House.
    • From "Rumble":
    Charlotte: (after an intense nightmare brought on by her PTSD) Every time I close my eyes, it feels like I'm back at that place.
    • From "Things Fall Apart": Cara learns that the Founder conducted memory-wiping experiments on his own daughter with extremely painful side effects.
      • It gets worse. He has her tortured in a machine designed to amplify her powers for some grand plan. When Stephen finds her again, she's mentally broken and unresponsive.
  • Things John probably saw during his years in Ultra. Seeing someone he knew get executed was probably just the tip of the iceberg, as he later actually had to watch medical experiments involving siblings, where one had powers and the other didn't.
    John: I've seen what Ultra does to humans who know too much.
    • Corollary: What is Stephen having to witness that we're not being shown? After all, Jedikiah once had a recruit forcibly de-powered in front of Stephen and some other new Ultra trainees as a rather unsubtle object lesson about Ultra's utter disregard for the human rights of Homo Superiors.
  • Julian's Mind Rape of Charlotte was downright terrifying. Even Jedikiah was disturbed after he left her comatose.
  • What happens when you apply telekinesis to a normal person when Time Stands Still? They shatter to dust.

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