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Awesome / The Tomorrow People (2013)

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  • For Ultra, it's Jedekiah almost immediately spotting what Stephen was up to (one of his mooks found the electronic bug almost immediately), and using it in a Batman Gambit to lay a trap that succeeds in kidnapping Cara, who is one of the major figures in the Tomorrow People resistance movement.
  • For Stephen, it's succeeding well enough as a double agent to appear to be willing to throw his fellow Tomorrow People under the bus in service to Ultra, while in actual fact injecting Cara with a perfectly harmless saline solution.
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  • John deciding enough is enough and throwing down the gauntlet to Jedikiah.
  • Cara flinging Kurt across the room and depowering him when he's revealed as the traitor who sold them out in the club massacre.
    Cara: You're not one of us anymore.
  • John's creation of out of the way resting spots for long-distance travellers.
  • Stephen calling Darcy's bluff since he knows she wants to see her sister.
    Darcy: I could report you right now, for not turning in a breakout through the proper channels.
    Stephen: But you're not going to, are you, Darcy?
  • Jedekiah managing to get one over on Russell while captive. Plus he shows he's pretty good at playing mind games with his opponents.
  • Stephen purposely going into cardiac arrest and near brain death to seek out his father. And on the way, being willing to set aside John's biggest crime and his biggest lie.
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  • Cara, upon assuming leadership of the Tomorrow People, immediately begins ratcheting up the boldness of their covert war on Ultra, putting into motion John's promise to Jedikiah. And being willing to use Morgan, Jedikiah's girlfriend, as "collateral": she leaves John behind because he can kill her if it comes down to that.
  • John, to Jedikiah:
    John: You know, one day, Cara's going to order me to kill you. And I won't say "no".
  • Cara firmly reminding the Tomorrow People that Charlotte will not be forced to leave their hideout.
  • Charlotte using her ability to telepathically "shriek" into an entire room or building to incapacitate Julian and his gang.
  • Cara handling getting Stephen and Astrid to safety, then Cara and John's exchange in the hotel while under attack by Ultra:
    John: Damn it, you're stubborn.
    Cara: Well, I'm in charge now, remember?
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  • Stephen's Mom blocking a Kill Squad when they came after Astrid and her father at a cafe, revealing she's a HS as well.
  • Cara's plan to trap Julian, and the beautiful "The Reason You Suck" Speech she gives him with every word and glare.
  • Russell commandeering the truck that would have taken Charlotte to the Citadel.
  • Russell in Superhero near the end, tossing a pair of handcuffs at a fleeing mafia boss and teleketically cuffing him to a pipe.
  • John and Stephen storming the Founder's base.
  • Jedikiah and Marla, under far less than optimal conditions, managing to bring Roger Price back from near death in cryogenic suspension.
  • Also, Stephen getting his father back from the Limbo plane. Considering he was under severe stress - the machine shouldn't be used by anyone not in tip-top condition - and at risk of serious injury, this decidedly qualifies as awesome.
  • John taking Roger's place to be captured, and resisting his de-powering with all his will, although it does fail in the end, leaving him unable to contact Cara.
  • Marla teleketically manhandling a majority of the traitorous Tomorrow People. If they didn't take Luka hostage then she would've won hands down.
  • Stephen living up to his "Chosen One" appellation and proving that he is the legitimate inheritor of Roger's potential and powers, and in the process being able to destroy the Machine, sending its pieces and The Founder to some alternate dimension.

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