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  • "Limbo":
    • John "helping" Stephen with pratfalls that nonetheless manage to get the ball into the hoop.
    • Then, later on, after John has had to administer CPR to Stephen:
    John: (to Cara) Well, now we've both technically made out with Stephen.
  • "Thanatos":
    Russell: (awed) Is that an Eames chair? Why do bad guys always have such great style?
    (Jedikiah's room looks a bit like a 1960s-era Bond Villain's hideout - tastefully decorated, and very expensive)
    • Jedikiah refers to Tim as:
    "Obsolete! The 8-track tape of A.I.!"
  • "Death's Door":
    (John has just sent a copy of Jedikiah's photograph of him and his Homo Superior girlfriend to TIM)
    Russell: Oh God, he's even creepier when he's happy.

    (Later, Cara has seen Morgan again and discovered that Jedikiah faked her death)
    Cara: I have to admit, he is an evil genius.
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  • "The Citadel":
    (At the council of the Tomorrow People)
    Stephen: What's going on?
    Russell: Don't ask.
    (a moment later)
    Russell: Where have you been?
    Stephen: Don't ask.
  • "Rumble":
    Cara: (to another Tomorrow Person) I need you to organize an afterhours grocery run because Russell only brings back junk food.
    Russell: Are you calling me fat?
    Cara: I'm calling you lazy.

    Russell: (commenting on the fact that Ultra is currently putting Stephen up against two other trainees) Didn't know Ultra had its own Triwizard Tournament.
  • "Sitting Ducks":
    TIM: (discussing Peter, Stephen's Mom's boyfriend) Peter Henry MacKenzie of 510 Cornelius Street in the Village. No criminal record. No outstanding taxes. Nothing too untoward in his browsing history.
    Cara: (exasperated at Russell's moaning while Stephen has a more serious issue) No one cares about whatever smut you're looking at on the Internet.

    (Stephen has just expressed some rather deep concerns about what Peter could do)
    Cara: Wow, we went straight to the dark place, huh?

    (Stephen is admitting he shoved Peter off a cliff)
    Stephen: But when I forced his hand...
    Cara: Wait, what do you mean, forced his hand?
    Stephen: (haltingly) Um... I might have accidentally shoved him off a cliff.
    Cara: What?!
    (John looks amused)

  • "Things Fall Apart"
    • Cara and John having a little tete-a-tete:
    Cara: This is just sad. You rescue Astrid from Ultra, you can't even clean yourself up.
    John: (amused) Are you here to make fun of me?
    Cara: Me? No, you look pretty pitiful enough already.
    • Cara and Stephen talking:
    Cara: (discussing telepathy) So you felt her? The same way that you felt me? (realization) Not what I meant.
    • Russell having the hots for the "new breakout".
    • Steven confronting his brother about his "secret"...which turns out to be a bong.
    Steven: A bong? That's you secret?

  • "Brother's Keeper"
    • Discussing a breakout who has killed people, not apparently a product of the Annex experiment: (It turns out he has a twin, and the human twin is the killer.)
    Cara: We can't rule out the possibility of an evolutionary mutation.
    Russell: Whoa. You think Mother Nature created, like, a Tomorrow Person 2.0? A Day-After-Tomorrow Person!
    (Cara tries to restrain a laugh)
    • Russell sleeping on Cara's shoulder. It's kind of heartwarming and amusing at the same time.

  • "Enemy of my Enemy"
    Cara: We've got fresh food for three days. Canned goods to last us a week. Plus, we're running low on medical supplies.
    Russell: Plus, we're out of the totally important stuff like beer and gummy bears.
    • It really shouldn't be that hilarious, but the way Jedikiah mocks Julian after injecting him with the nose explosive is absurdly funny.
    Jedikiah: You won't have to worry about that headache anymore. Boom.
    • TIM telling Stephen that Cara and John are "together and indisposed".

  • "Superhero"
    John: (to Cara) I respect your authority. (beat) In and out of the bedroom.
    (a scene later)
    Russell: It looks like someone just had a horizontal jaunting match.
    (John and Cara are not amused)
    • Russell's subtle cracks throughout the scene and in the bar are pretty amusing, especially with the "E.T. Phone Home" imitation.
    Russell: Tonight is about you. How you need some rebound frivolity.
    Stephen: I'm sorry, Russell. I'm less interested in talking up girls, more interested in finding my dad's body. (realization dawns on Stephen) Ew! That sounded super weird.
    • Hilary's less than impressed at Stephen:
    Hilary: Pull yourself together, you smell like a frat house.
    Hilary: (pointedly eyeing the wrist band Stephen still has on from the bar) Your bluff sucks. God knows how you convinced the bouncer that you were 21.
    • A bit of a meta-giggle when you remember Robbie Amell was 25 when the episode aired.
    • The utterly hapless "conspiracy theorist", especially when he falls all over himself to insist the "white powder" he sent to the Governor was just baking soda.
    • Russell trying to deny deeper feelings for a Tomorrow Person who happens to be Ultra's Villain of the Week. It turns out to be someone else, but she's using the same rose and code number as Talia.
    Stephen: So you fell for her?
    Russell: Russell does not fall.
    TIM: (interjecting) I'm sorry to report, Russell, but my search for recent records on Talia has proven fruitless.
    • John and Cara looking quite parental when they're calling out Stephen and Russell, lampshaded later by Mallory as she snarks, "Sorry I got you in trouble with the 'rents".

  • "Endgame"
    • Discussing the mission to assassinate the Founder:
    Russell: So we're gunning for a paranormal supervillain holed up in his secret hideout with government-grade defenses? Hallelujah. (later, after finding out that intruders to said hideout will very likely die in short order) That's not gonna work for me. Barely started on my bucket list.
    • John has a surprise for Russell:
    John: (rude boot to Russell's shoulder) Russell, wake up, buddy.
    Russell: (reluctant to wake up) Is it zero dark thirty? Five more minutes.
    John: We don't have five minutes.
    Jedikiah: Get up now, Russell.
    (Russell jolts awake, a comical expression of shock on his face at hearing Jedikiah)
    • Russell and Jedikiah arguing over Protocol 77 and then Russell griping about the mutual love-fest between TIM and Jedikiah.

  • Smoke and Mirrors:
    Stephen: Cara, John, where are you guys?
    John: (slight smirk) Oh, good. (beat) A three-way.
    Cara: (frowns) That's not funny.
    • Russell's snark is a pretty subtle shout-out:
    Stephen: ... you might not have to live down here anymore.
    Russell: Hello, Tribeca.
    Cara: That's one hell of a big "if".
    Russell: Way to get a guy's hopes up.
    • Stephen, Hilary, John and Cara are all in the same bar:
    Cara: I heard this Monty guy's supposed to be great. A real breakout star.
    (Stephen chokes on his beer)
    • Actually, pretty much all of Russell's one-liners this episode are pretty funny.

  • Modus Vivendi:
    • Hillary and Stephen are exchanging some words with promises of more:
    Hillary: Is your mom working tonight?
    Stephen: Yeah.
    Hillary: Where's your brother?
    Stephen: Soccer tournament.
    Hillary: Oh. Well, I was thinking that maybe I could come over and we could approach training from a different angle.
    • The entire scene involving Russell and the Founder. Especially the Brick Joke when he blatantly eyes up an attractive Ultra employee, only to find her again at the social gathering of Tomorrow People and Ultra workers, and start off the dancing.

  • Son of Man:
    • Russell joining Stephen and Cara and jokingly grabbing Stephen's hand before the latter yanks his hand away.

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