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Heartwarming / The Tomorrow People (2013)

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  • Stephen's speech about being a better person near the end of "In Too Deep".
  • "Girl, Interrupted" has Cara talking down Emily, one of Stephen's classmates, from committing suicide by train. It's all the more poignant because Emily blames herself for her sister's death, and Cara accidentally killed a boy trying to rape her when her powers manifested.
  • Stephen finally confessing to Astrid at the end of "All Tomorrow's Parties".
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  • Darcy being reunited with her sister; some part of that was clearly genuine even if it was a feint to arrest her and take her back to Ultra either for power removal or, under duress, becoming an Ultra agent.
  • Cara defending John to the Tomorrow People, as well as John being willing to back Stephen up regarding his father.
  • John counselling Charlotte, helping her get over her PTSD from The Citadel.
  • John being willing to back Stephen up when he's worried about Astrid. And later, sharing with Stephen a memory of Roger Price.
  • After Stephen lets John crash on their sofa over Marla's objections, the next evening John fixes the Jameson family a home-cooked meal (a rarity for them) and tells Marla exactly what Stephen's been doing with Ultra.
  • John helping Astrid get over her fear in the aftermath of two assassination attempts. And Astrid returning the favor and telling John to return to the Tomorrow People.
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  • John and Cara reconciling.
  • In "Superhero", John and Cara meeting at the top of the courthouse, and John telling Cara her "superhero outfit" is kind of hot.
  • Mallory "passing on the mantle" to Russell, followed by Talia reuniting with him, albeit briefly.
    • Also, the fact that Talia praised Russell so highly to her fellow travellers, who all don the same superhero outfit.
  • John leaving Russell in charge of Jedikiah in "Endgame" is this when you consider that Russell accidentally let Jedikiah loose when the latter claimed to be "choking" while in his chair.
  • Cara calls Russell her "top lieutenant". That's definitely a change from being mere comic relief and a Butt-Monkey. This continues as Russell is entrusted with safeguarding Tomorrow People who decide to go to Ultra. He even goes to the extent of volunteering himself as a guinea pig for the "tracer" (which for all he knows, is the depowering serum colored to look different) in place of his girlfriend-of-the-week.
  • Astrid giving John a pep talk after he's been depowered. They end up kissing.
    • And in a later scene, John kissing Astrid in what he thinks are their last few seconds of life. He even gets it so they're frozen together as time stops.
    John: "You know what the best part of being human was? ...You.


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