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The "fifth element" is actually Spiral Power.
The power of life, driven by love... able to overcome anything...

The movie is an adaptation decayed live action Care Bears movie
Leelo defeats the big bad evil incarnate with a carebear stare, complete with countdown.

This isn't the first time Mr. Shadow got defeated this way
At the end of the climax, we are left with a shot of Mr. Shadow's dead body floating above the Earth, with the Moon also visible. Maybe the origin of the Moon is just another of Mr. Shadow's attacks? Or even another baddie like him?
  • Well it's supposed to happen every five thousand years.
  • The moon we all know just represents the only other time that we let Mr. Shadow get that close to destroying us. One would assume that evil that works on such a manageable time frame (every five millennia) would be relatively easy to repel. The other moons created by stopping Mr. Shadow were stopped too far out to reach orbit!
    • Indeed, all the materials were kept on Earth until fairly recently, and then the only reason there was such a time issue is because they ran into trouble on the way in.

That plastic...thingy on Zorg's head is a cybernetic implant
He's rich and I want to believe there has to be a reason for anyone to have that on their head.
  • No, that's just hair. Stupid, stupid hair.
    • No, the stupid, stupid hair is on the left side of Zorg's head. The plastic thing is on the right side. As to what it is... a dumb fashion statement. His henchmen wear similar purple-tinted ones.

The Mondoshawan are Starfish Aliens.
The Mondos wear protective suits, even when piloting their ships. Their actual form is completely inhuman, probably something unfit to any environment but their own homeworld. Maybe they really look like huge jellyfish or octopi. Their exosuits are actually the closest they can get to looking humanoid.

The Diva is actually not of an alien race, but is a genetically-engineered marketing gimmick for Listerine.
I mean, come on. Her blood looks just like the stuff.
  • Looked more like grape koolaid to me, very dark blue.

This film takes place in the Stargate-verse.
Seriously. The Egyptian stuff. The ships look like they could be using the same tech as the Promethius. The clothes of the soldiers does kind of look like that clothing worn by Quinn's folks.

The Mangalores were created to be warriors to fight on Earth.

This is why they are exceptionally good at disguising themselves as humans. They were meant to be able to infiltrate human armies and groups. However, they Turned Against Their Masters. This is why the airport on Earth has a machine that can detect them.

  • And Ruby is one of them! Remember when he's making out with the stewardess, he says he's never "felt this way" about a human before. He's a Mangalore in disguise who turned out to be a Minion with an F in Evil, after being ostracized for his high-pitched voice, because the Mangalores believe Evil Sounds Deep. So he used his high voice to start a successful singing and DJ career.
    • Explains why he's so much more terrified of them than anybody else. As a traitor to his race, they'd do a lot worse to him than the other civillians.

The black slime that comes out of General Staedert and Zorg is their inner evil liquefied.
It is the "badness" in them being made physical and drawn forth from their bodies towards the source of all the universe's evil - the Dark Planet. This also explains why Zorg had more of it than Staedert: we've all done something bad in our lives, and Staedert, a career military general of high rank, likely did some morally questionable things in his time (an idea supported by how readily he seemed to want to "shoot first" when the Dark Planet manifests - evil begets evil, as Cornelius says), but still doesn't leak as much "evil" as Zorg does despite being right in the Dark Planet's presence.
  • Alternately, General Staedert may have been under the Dark Planet's employ, similar to Zorg, and the black slime was indicative of the Dark Planet working his direct mojo on them. Hence the General's Too Dumb to Live moment. He literally didn't have a choice in the matter.

Father Cornelius was asleep at the switch.
He either had been ignoring the signs of the evil arising again or simply didn't believe it. That's why the government is informed when it's almost too late.

This film takes place in the Futurama universe.
Wacky aliens? Check. Casual Interstellar Travel? Check. New York being built over Old New York? In-process check.

Dallas has not had to deal with a long line of would-be armed robbers at his door
The huge pile of guns are all from the same guy, who tries (and fails) to rob Dallas on a daily basis. He's just too strung out and stupid, and Dallas is too awesome and badass, for it to ever work.
  • This Troper here, Handwaved it as Korbin Dallas's neighbour from down the hall.

The reason Korben is so lonely is that in the future, all women go for extremely feminine/metrosexual guys like Ruby Rhod and Baby Ray, while manly men like Bruce Willis are seen as unattractive.
Leeloo, being from thousands of years in the past, is immune to this and thus falls for him.

Mr Shadow is spawn of Ghroth.
They're sentient, celestial bodies who visit once in a while to cause mass death.

Mr Shadow lied to Zorg about his objectives.
To knowingly make a deal with a malignant entity that wants to destroy all life in the universe would be a stupid thing to do. Nothing said entity could possibly offer you would be worth agreeing to be a pawn in his/her/its scheme. What makes you think you'd be around long enough to enjoy whatever your "business partner" promised you? Why shouldn't such an entity betray and discard you once you outlive your usefulness?
  • There's actually a much simpler interpretation: Zorg did a deal with Mr Shadow because Mr Shadow offered him a lot of money. No questions asked. So why is he so scared of him I hear you ask? Because he's super intimidating and seems to be able to make people bleed from their scalp at will.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets takes place in the same universe.

There's nothing stopping it from happening. Alpha could well have been in orbit - albeit much smaller and pre-release into space - the whole time The Fifth Element was happening. Valerian just happens later.

Leeloo was originally Genderless/Intersex
Being a perfect Being, with DNA similar, but vastly more complex than ours, Leeloo probably wouldn't have anything we understand as full on "gender" however due to the reconstruction machine being a human made invention the process was "flawed" and with the remaining living cells in the hand being mostly XX, Leeloo was rebuilt functionally female, with any remaining XY cells being dismissed as contamination from the people handling the limb.

Mr. Shadow is the "Sixth Element"
And was originally the counterbalance for Leeloo, He was supposed to wipe out most of the current cycle and Leeloo would then seed the universe with life for the next cycle, the problem was Mr. Shadow was too competent at it's job, and grew to powerful causing it to be banished, Mr. Shadow is simply still trying to fulfil it's function, but is so Grossly Overpowered for it that it will wipe out everything instead of just enough to restart the cycle all over again.

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