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The show is all in Daphne's head.
Personally I don't like such theories, but I knew someone would eventually write one, so I decided to write this one. Daphne is a deaf girl from a tough neighborhood with very few family members. She dreams about being a part of a big and rich family while keeping her mother and grandmother, and even winning back the father who left her, making up a brilliant excuse for why he did so. Why did she kill him in her imagination, then? Maybe she wanted to remember him as an ideal person, without giving him a chance to disappoint her again. Maybe it's a reflection of her blaming her mom in real life for him leaving. In her fantasy, Daphne is able to get away with anything and is even on her way to becoming a doctor.

The series was planned to have a LA-area setting and it was moved to Kansas City sometime after The Pilot was shot.
The cars in The Pilot have CA plates genericized with "Drive Safely" in the same font as the "California" that would normally be there, Carlton's campus is more open-air than one would find in even the Lower Midwest, and the Kennishes' lifestyle suggests a large chain of car washes.

Melody will become a Shipper on Deck to Daphne and Emmett if/when she finds out about Daphne's interest in him.

Emmett's arrest will be not only for painting Bay's art on the billboard, but all the graffiti Bay's been doing.
  • So far that hasn't been brought up but the $5000 fine does seem more than a little bit high for one tagging of an empty billboard. They must at least suspect he's the source of it.
    • But remember how in the first episode, Ty says that the penalty for graffiti is a ten thousand dollar fine and thirty days in jail? Presumably, Emmett got of light. Which brings up certain Unfortunate Implications...
    • They do have a case that the police escalated to excessive force that would've been unnecessary had they not failed to identify themselves in a way a deaf person could comprehend (which would've been a simple matter of switching on the red/blue roof lights).
    • There's also the matter that the city straddles a state line with possibly very different penalties depending on whether they were able to connect him with graffiti in Missouri, Kansas or both.

Daphne, Bay and/or Regina will lay a verbal smackdown on Travis' folks for not even bothering to learn to comminucate with their son in the future.
Tell me I'm not the only one that wants to see this happen.

But seriously, Regina and Bay both went to great lengths to learn sign language to comminicate with a deaf loved one, and if the last episode of Season 1 is of any indication (not to mention that this is an ABC Family show), there does seem to be a bit of a Love Triangle brewing between Travis, Daphne and Wilke. Daphne certainly seems to have taken some interest in Travis. Only time will tell though...

Bay is not connected to either family but is actually Ally's long lost sister that both sisters don't know.
The real Kennish child is Ally Dawson, but was switched before the actual birth switch. But this family then moved to Miami, and neither sister knew who was the real one.

The Kennishes'll set up a foundation to buy Carlton from the city and run it.

Regina's death in the 'other timeline'.
Regina couldn't handle both girls being taken away from her, and the fact that John blocked any access, so got really drunk and either committed suicide or decided to go visit the girls on their birthday and got into a massive car accident (keeping in line with her two previous DUI).I also wonder if there's a timeline where John allowed her access, she got her act together and moved into the guest house.
  • Yes there is - that's the timeline we've been watching all along.
    • No, I meant a timeline where Regina tells them about the switch when the girls are 3, and has Daphne taken away and given to the Kennishes, but John decides to still allow her access, rather than banning her from seeing the girls.

The other girl Natalie told Bay about is Daphne.
Why else bring it up, not to mention it would bring in good chunk of drama

Toby and Lily's baby will be Switched at Birth in the hospital in the series finale, bringing the story full circle.

Daphne suspected Regina wasn't her mother
They have too many differences between them to be explained by Angelo's blood. Obviously, Regina didn't encourage her to investigate it.

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