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  • Toby's attempt to do Bay's name sign, with excessive primping and hair tossing.
    "That's your sign for Bay?"
    • From the same scene:
    "This is 'gun.' This is 'sister.'"
  • Wilke running out of the car wash after betting Toby $20 he could go through.
  • "I feel used. I wish you'd use me more often."
  • Kathryn signing "make out" instead of "make coffee" to Daphne.
    "I just asked our daughter to make out with me."
  • One of Bay's ditzy classmates misunderstanding what "switched at birth" means:
    I just met Daphne. She is so cool! But I don't understand. Why doesn't she look like you?
    You do know the difference between "separated at birth" and "switched at birth", right?
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  • "If vampires can date humans, I really feel like Deaf people can date hearing. At least neither of us wants to suck the other's blood."
  • Bay signing "get circumcised" instead of "hang out" to Melody.
  • Emmett being asked if he speaks English.
    *signed* "No, Japanese."
  • The results of the case against the hospital, in a way: in favor of the plaintiffs in both cases. $1 for the Kennishes, $5 million for Angelo.
  • After Angelo buys everyone expensive gifts, John complains that he's being cliché:
    John: How 'bout that car? Is that a cliché? Win a bunch of money, buy a sports car.
    Kathryn: Want me to put the [golf] gloves in your Porshe?
  • Melody comes home a day early from a trip to find Travis and her son, Emmett, entertaining two girls, who think that Melody is Emmett's older ex-girlfriend. She declares that she's not sure what the boys are to have learned from the experience, but asks that they all declare they learned it, and to never speak of it again.

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