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The 'Consercativ Christen' Smashers were only pretending to work with Sara
  • In reality, they were trying to get rid of her. They set up many dangerous situations intended to stop her from altering Smash Bros. any further. They set up a match with which they intended her to lose, not counting on her God-Mode Sue powers, hoping the loss would make her quit. This is also why Master Hand starts trying to keep her out of matches, since that plan didn't work, and they don't want her to win more matches, and boost her confidence. Later, they contacted Brock from Pokémon and had him pose as Obama(Hence the spelling of Brock Obama at one point), in an attempt to scare her off, including having some other people pose as Satan, Hitler, Mao Zedong and King George III, as well as calling in Sara's science teacher, and her English teacher, also having the English teacher pretend to be on her side, with the science teacher pretend to one of the Four Horsemen. As the plans fail, they set up a Civil War recreation, and bring her to it, hoping to off her in it. In the REEL Sekwel, they make a new plan, and try even harder to take her out, such as actively bringing her in themselves, as it cancels out her powers, not counting on her clone retaining her powers as a Satan Mode Sue. Eventually, even Master Hand decides he's had enough, and breaks the plan and becomes Master Core to try and finish it himself. After that fails, Crazy Hand disguises himself as Satan, and attempts to deal with Sara in the area they set up to look like Hell. This explains why in a number of important battles, the other Smashers just stand there while Sara gets nearly beaten to death.
    • Woah. Though that poses the question of why Shulk bought her back in the Sequel. Knowing alot of the Smashers, if there was an option so that their enemy wouldn't be killed, they would pick that one. And if anything, the heroic Smashers would have snapped at committing genocide.

  • Basically confirmed by a comment replay from Princess America on The Ethical Adventures Of GamerGate, "I was originally going to wait about a year after the end of the last one and then write a story about a reformed Sara angsting about how horrible of a person she was, but that seems kind of boring, really."

Olimar, Mr. Game and Watch and ROB ran away as soon as Sara showed up.
  • It's weird that Olimar, Mr. Game and Watch and ROB are never mentioned in both the original and The REEL Sekwel. Granted, by that logic, they should be "libruls" because they're not among the "cristens" that attack the White House in The REEL Sekwel, but at least characters like the kongs, Villager and Wii Fit Trainer are mentioned at least once. However, Olimar, Mr. Game and Watch and ROB are nowhere to be seen anywhere in both fics.

Sara may write a THIRD story of this series, and it'll still take place during SSB4 time.
  • With Mewtwo pretty much confirming the possibility of DLC characters, it's very possible that Sara might write yet another story to add to the series as DLC characters get added.

At least the female Wii Fit Trainer is a "liburul"
  • When you think about Sara's standards on what makes a straight girl, the female Wii Fit Trainer fails all of Sara's standards.
    • WFT never wears stylish clothes. Regardless of the reason why she doesn't wear stylish clothes or dresses, she's still considered a lesbian because of it.
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    • Sara also views sports as a man only hobby. WFT is seen hitting soccer balls with her head.
    • The most damning evidence that the female WFT is a "liburul" can be found in her reveal trailer. Who did she send flying with her Warrior pose? Mario, Link and Kirby, all of which are the "cristens" in the story.
    • And let's not forget, the role of a Fitness Trainer is to help people get fit, and we've seen how Sara feels about helping people, the Irony of her learning about helping the Xenoblade NPCs by asking Becky for help notwithstanding.

Villager is a "liburul"
  • Villager fails two of Sara's standards as to what makes a character a "cristen".
    • The fact that Villager is surrounded by humanoid talking animals and is perfectly fine with it can be a reason. The reason why Fox and Falco are "liburuls" (but strangely not Sonic) is that they're talking humanoid animals. Since Villager lives in a town full of them, it can be viewed as supporting "evilushun".
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    • The most damning evidence comes from a mechanic in the Animal Crossing games, where the Villager can help an animal NPC with their problems. In the author's notes of chapter 15 of The REEL Sekwel, Sara states that doing sidequests in Xenoblade Chronicles is a "liburul" thing and thinks that the NPCs are lazy and should solve their own problems rather than asking the party to do it for them, regardless of the reason. That is exactly what the Villager does with the animal NPCs, which in Sara's standards, is "liburul" behavior since helping people in any way is considered encouraging laziness.
    • This is practically all but stated to be true, considering that in Bowser and Fiora's wedding, Nana was the flower girl instead of any of the four female Villagers, even when the Ice Climbers were confirmed to be cut.

If there's a third story, Sara will become a "lesban"
  • Upon which the story switches to her Mii Fighter self trying to turn her back into a "strate christan gril".

When it comes to playing Smash, Sara only attacks using a character's specials.
  • Not only does she claim that unlocking Falco was difficult (when in reality, she just sucks at the game), but all the other Smashers only use their specials when attacking when they obviously have other options. This is especially true for Kirby, who only uses his hammer and never uses his signature Inhale.
  • Inhale is a special...
    • Then again, by this story's logic, the Power Copying that comes with Inhale would probably turn Kirby into a 'librul'.

Rosalina could've been a "librul"
  • According to Christian standards, the ideal family consists of a husband, a wife and their children. Considering this, Rosalina couldn't fit those standards because she claims to be the mother of the Lumas yet she isn't married, making her a single mom.
  • This however was averted, as Rosalina is a supporting character in both The REEL Sequel and The Ultramint War Against Librul Evil.

Bayonetta would have been a "librul" on sight
I mean, come on, an angel hunting witch? Just try and tell me that such an occupation wouldn't be Sara's worst nightmare. Not to mention her reveal had her targeting Pit, one of the "consercativ" characters, which would obviously give a bad first impression to Sara.

If Sara ever wrote a story around 2016-onwards, she would have supported Donald Trump wholeheartedly.
This needs no further explanation.
  • Confirmed! The reboot appears to be centered on rescuing Trump.

Inkling would have been a "librul"
Take note of the Smash Ultimate reveal trailer. We see Inkling getting presented with a rather threatening sight of the Smash logo on fire, with silhouettes of Mario and Link looking ready to fight. Two of the main "consercativs" apparently attacking someone would probably give Sara a misguided inkling on the personality of that character.

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