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    Travis from Origins is related to Travis Touchdown 
  • From No More Heroes, supported by the fact that Travis can get a luchador costume.
    • Since their first name is thus their family name, which is (among others) a Japanese naming convention, along with the Mexican masked wrestler costume, does that mean he's an arrancar? It might account for the weirdness increasing thanks to his spirit power, and why he was attracted to such a "spiritual" place.

    Alternately, Travis from Origins is related to Gordon Freeman 
Travis father looks like he could be Gordon Freeman's long lost twin brother or something, and Travis himself is a badly done attempt at The Stoic (except, like in the case of Henry, the animators missed the mark and ended up with Dull Surprise), and all three men have severe underlying psychological problems that very well might be running int he family. (If I recall correctly, one of the weapons you can pick up in Origins is a crowbar, or at least a wrench...)
  • Additionally, during the cutscene before the final boss, Kaufman looks like he may be the long lost twin brother of the "G-Man". Coincidence?

     Pyramid Head is The Butcher's kid/fanboy/apprentice. 
The "kid" theory is at least a popular meme on deviantart. I could also see PH as an Ascended Fanboy / Jack the Ripoff who liked the Butcher's methods, but thought the headgear was lame, so he did some research and decided to base his costume on the executioner outfit instead. Or, alternately, PH studied under the Butcher (like how Amanda studied under Jigsaw).
  • I've always thought of Pyramid Head and The Butcher as being different manifestations of the same entity, actually, along with Valtiel.
    • I believe Pyramid Head to be a creation of Silent Hill based off of the Butcher, which was created by the town by pulling it from Travis Grady, and which the town is thus unable to create without Travis present. Pyramid Head is, in fact, stronger than the Butcher, as Pyramid Head is unkillable, but the Butcher is not.

    In Origins, the monsters killed by Travis aren't monsters. 
The idea that the monsters the heroes see throughout the games aren't monsters, or are connected to the real world in some fashion, goes all the way back to the original game, with the hidden audio clip of a poor dog barking, then meeting a violent end (implying that was the real fate of the 'dog monsters' Henry faced.) Considered in this light, 'The Butcher' ending makes a lot more sense — after all, you earn it in the first place by slaughtering lots of monsters, and Travis hears voices of confused people screaming in agony as they're cut down... He never leaves Silent Hill because he's been arrested for mass murder. And this puts him solidly in the cult's hands, with all the nastiness that implies... They've got plenty of time and ways to punish him for setting their plans back.
  • This is backed up in Silent Hill 3, when Vincent off-handedly remarks to Heather: "Monsters? They look like monsters to you?"
    • That is referring to the Missionary and the Scrapers, who are actually cult hitmen dressed as monsters or altered by the power of their god.
  • It doesn't help that if you come back to the place where you killed your first monster in 2, it will be surrounded by police tape. What exactly did you bludgeon to death with a loose board, James?
    • Except they are monsters. That is, unless we assume that Walter has Mind Control powers, is able to teleport people, able to somehow be in two places at once where one of said instances is dead...yeah, Occam's Razor says that they are actually monsters.
      • You're trying to apply OCCAMS RAZOR to Silent Hill? Jesus christ...
        • As the below comment suggests, it also has precedent. Eddie pretty clearly wasn't seeing icky creatures coming after him...
      • ... But Walter does have Mind Control powers, the ability to teleport people and is able to be two places at once where one of said instances is dead. Or at least Room 302 can teleport people, but he still canonically has mind control powers.
      • Ties in with the Theory of Henry being the Murderer in Silent Hill 4 as well, considering that there is no 'Walter', just Henry's twisted point of view as an Unreliable Narrator.
      • When you're in the hospital and solve the mannequin riddle by putting in the plastic parts, you come back to the room and find a body with no eyes -you took the plastic eyes to open another door- I don't know how many commented on this before, but it is probably the moment that made me feel more uncomfortable of the whole series -not the creepiest but it made me doubt what I was doing and Vincent's voice came to me directly-,
    • This has always been an underlining mindscrew in a lot of the Silent Hill games. Sometimes the monsters are totally out of place and weird, but other times the monsters are twisted versions of individuals or animals that could really exist in the area your character is in, leaving you to wonder if perhaps your character isn't surrounded by monsters but is instead on a killing spree after going crazy. (Those child sized monsters in the school...) However, rather then being anything your character worries about this is generally more of a player mindscrew, other then the time it is brought up to Heather in Silent Hill 3.
    • I actually got the impression that Vincent's "They look like monsters to you?" remark was actually the somewhat more benign but still unsettling implication that the cultists actually saw the "monsters" of Silent Hill as more angelic or divine beings, since they're ostensibly servants of the cult's god and therefore, see them in a better light.
    • I would hope that whatever law enforcement is on hand in Silent Hill would do a better job of stopping all these mass murderers before their kill counts hit the third digit.
      • If they're in the cult's pocket, they'd have to make sure the killings aren't part of one of their rituals first.
      • What everyone seems to have forgotten is that Vincent's "they look like monsters" comment was a joke by Vincent to freak out Heather. He even says so.

    The Butcher and Valtiel both dress up as Pyramid head to screw with the player characters. 
Probably Mind Screw, but other possibilities exist. Valtiel started it, then The Butcher became The Mask after copying it to mess with the PCs and see the wird through Pyramid Head's eyesmask.

    Travis has the same kind of powers as Alessa 
Travis is unique among Silent Hill protagonists in that he can enter the Otherworld voluntarily. Everybody else gets dragged in. So why is he able to when nobody else is? It's likely a manifestation of his power. A book in the school in Silent Hill 1 mentions that while such manifestations are not at all common, and usually happen around adolescent females when they do occur, it doesn't say that they are exclusive to them. This would also provide an explanation as to why Alessa used Travis against the cult. Having similar powers, albeit not as strongly as her, would allow him to act in her stead, including doing things which shouldn't have been possible.
  • His family had a thing with mirrors, because Travis' mother claimed to hear from a being in a mirror. Very possibly, they are related to the founders of the town.

     Travis is related to Alessa 
Building upon the above folder, there is also the matter of Travis' mother, who is implied at one point to have had the same power to enter the Otherworld, long before Alessa was even born. If that is true then Travis' ability is likely an inherited one. And if it is something he could inherit then it is something Alessa might have inherited as well. As for why Dahlia didn't show any overt signs of the power herself, I can't be sure. It's possible though that the power can skip generations. It's also likely that until Alessa was born nobody in Silent Hill had a strong enough power to become the cult's desired Mother of God.
  • This may be inadvertently Lampshaded by the backstory with Travis's mother considering Travis a "demon". She even attempted to end Travis's life (and her own), but for different reasons than The Cult intended for Alessa's case.
  • Assuming OP means that Travis may be Alessa's father, some more evidence is the fact that Dahlia also knows his name. He even asks her how she knows it...
  • Then there's incriminating lines in the game's opening song, O.R.T., which is from Alessa's point of view:
    Is it lonely where you, in there, Dad? Does the darkness know your name... does Mom? (Considering the above, yes, Mom may very well know Dad's name.)
    She said, "Her blood turns to ash," laughing... Dad, do you know what you've done this time, to me?
    Did you have that dream again? Release. Breathe. "You're receiving what you sent," said she.

     Travis from Origins is really Laurie Driver from the Viz. 
Think about it, both are truckers,in the bad ending, it is revealed he was/is a serial killer of women, just like Driver. so, i figure he cut his hair short, dyed it, lost a few pounds and sorted out his bad teeth to avoid the police. think about it...


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