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Nightmare Fuel / Silent Hill: 0rigins

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Travis enters the room where his father killed himself, and finds his hanged corpse still there. And then it begins to talk. And after he finishes speaking, his head begins to twitch as he mutates into a horrifying monster.
    Memory of Richard Grady: "I'm not sleeping, son. You knew I wasn't sleeping. Why did you stand there for so long? It wasn't right. It wasn't healthy, son. Time you faced up to what happened. Your mother... and I... will see you in Heaven, son."
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  • Carrion. Slow moving skinless parodies of roadkill, dragging themselves across their ground with their hind limbs. They don't look like much, but running into more than one of them in the Otherworld with no warning and having half or ALL your health knocked out in a matter of seconds ups the Nightmare Fuel considerably, the fact they're near-impossible to fight in melee doesn't help.
  • Twoback. A perversion of the "lonely trucker" stereotype, it constantly twitch-spasms and either spits acid at you or attempts to strangle/crush poor Travis to death.
  • When Travis has those weird... flashbacks. Everything suddenly shifts to black and white and muffled voices both familiar and foreign begin to speak. They come out of nowhere and break the silence, fading back to normal just as quickly.
  • The Otherworld Library in the theater was definitely one of the creepiest locations in the series. It feels like something out of Lovecraft's Cthulhu stories, with all the oddly ancient books in the room (which are perhaps made of human flesh?) and the mention of unrecognizable languages.
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  • Nowhere. The streets of Silent Hill have shifted into the Otherworld, it's pitch black, and they're swarming with all the nastiest monsters in the game.
  • The music for the Otherworld Hospital is the very definition of High Octane Nightmare Fuel.


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