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Lt. Bush is a Time Lord
  • Lt. Bush is a Time Lord. C'mon, someone had to say it.
  • Alternatively, Mariette is one. "Maria" is just the name she took after her regeneration.
  • Or perhaps Archie is one. The fade-out after his death was just offscreen regeneration.
  • Hornblower is a Time Lord. Archie and Bush are his companions. Here is the proof.

Captain Sawyer believed it was Hobbs who pushed him down the hold
  • Remember how Hobbs, the man undyingly loyal to his captain, said he couldn't say who pushed Sawyer? Wellard told him who Sawyer suspected, so why couldn't he? Who did Sawyer blame? We can rule out Wellard - too small, as Sawyer said. Had Wellard told him that Sawyer believed it was Hornblower, then he would've said so, probably, since he knew Sawyer for years, Hornblower only for a short amount of time. The same would've been true if Sawyer had believed it was Archie. Lieutenants Buckland and Bush weren't there. So who else was there with Sawyer? Hobbs was. After Sawyer had been pushed, but nevertheless he was there. And remember what mental state Sawyer was in, confusing Archie for Admiral de Brueys. It would be relatively easy for him to confuse the two incidents, especially since the memory of his fall was still vivid when he was there with Hobbs. He could associate the fall with Hobbs, and come to the conclusion that it was Hobbs who pushed him.

Midshipman Clayton's name is Clayton Clayton
  • Unlike being a sad case of Only One Name or No First Name Given, Clayton has an Awesome Mc Coolname, which is Repetitive Name and which consists of Two First Names. His name is Clayton Clayton, or perhaps Clayton "Cool Middle Name" Clayton. Clayton is obviously his surname as he introduces himself to Horatio as such. Horatio says: "I must thank you for your earlier kindness, Mr...?" — To which he replies "Clayton", and Captain Keene called him Mr Clayton. However, it is also his first name. It explains why both Archie and Horatio call him Clayton while he calls them Archie and Horatio. It is also consistent with Jack Simpson's calling him Clayton and Clayton's calling him Jack.

Midshipman Wellard is a girl
  • Remember how Wellard said to Captain Sawyer "I am no boy"? Have you ever noticed how feminine this Pretty Boy's looks are? He really is no boy. He is a she, a girl secretly disguised as Midshipman serving aboard the Renown.note 


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