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Similar to Help Wanted, the person in the launch trailer isn't Markiplier.
Rather, much like the totally-not-Scott Cawthon from Help Wanted, he'll be someone who just happens to LOOK exactly like Mark. Possibly even being credited as a Let's Player hired by Fazbear Entertainment similar to the "Indy Developer" was hired in the previous game.

Human masks?
Most of the weird searches Vanny/Ness has done seem to have an obvious purpose for William's plans, such as how to induce compliance and how far you can cut someone open before they die. So what's with the 'realistic human male masks?' This might be far-fetched, but what if William/Glitchtrap's endgame is to force her to build him a hyper-realistic human robot body? We know it is possible in this universe based on the events of the books, and if part of his soul is stuck in the digital world, the one way to 'always come back' is to just upload his data into a new body he can control.

Either the Puppet/Charlie or Glitchtrap/William is involved somehow in the "malicious machines attacking" crisis.
I mean, between these "unfortunate circumstances" and Springtrap not having been intended to be added to the game, plus there not being a lot of possibilities, it seems very likely that they are.
  • We know Vanny works for this company, and some of the unreleased emails talk about her gaining access to the animatronics and making them hostile, so it seems more likely to be the work of Glitchtrap

The animatronics were Cassidy's fault
He learned of Glitchtrap, so he created software viruses of his own, and sent them to dispose of him. But they gotta get through your phone first.