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     Pre-release Guesses 
Security Breach will be Bloodier and Gorier in comparison to other installments.
The Five Nights at Freddy's: Fazbear Frights story "In The Flesh", which is generally agreed to be about the events of Security Breach, depicts the AI Springtrap as a Sadist with unique kill screens such as biting off your face or slicing off your ear with a knife. Additionally, Vanny in Special Delivery is shown to research Cold-Blooded Torture on her work computer, which may mean she has a sadistic streak of her own. Finally, the update to Security Breach TV in between Episodes 3 and 4 of "Freddy & Friends" has red streaks across the desk that may or may not be blood. This may hint that the game will feature many gruesome ways to get a Game Over.
  • Jossed. It doesn't really show the aftermath when Gregory gets caught, and in the gorier endings, it employs discretion shots.

Luis Cabrera will make an appearance, even if minor.
Luis is the one character with a direct connection to Vanny who isn't also Glitchtrap. He also has a surprising amount of established characterization for a seemingly minor character, and already has some lore significance by Vanny manipulating him into giving her info about the IT system. Some possibilities:
  • As an ally: he is implied to be one of the few people who comes close to uncovering the truth about Vanny. As such, he could be another, unexpected ally to Gregory late into the game.
  • As a corpse: Let's face it, guy's... well, lovestruck. He might be willing to go with Vanny alone if he felt there was a chance with her or if he felt she was about to cough up answers. There's also a reason to kill him, as he's, again, the closest to uncovering the truth. This might be the subject of a minigame.
  • As a future antagonist: Luis has plenty of character flaws that could mean a villain turn down the road; he's easily manipulated, has (unrequited?) feelings for a woman to the point of potentially crossing personal boundaries, and has self-esteem issues. Maybe as a Sequel Hook it's revealed that at some point, Glitchtrap found a way to approach Luis and offered to help him be more confident and to be able to get closer with "Ness". He just has to do a few things in return...
  • As an Easter Egg: For example, one puzzle might involve finding an access card to be able to enter a specific area. When found, the name on it happens to be Luis's. This is, of course, one of many possibilities.
    • It depends. During one of her therapy sessions in an Easter Egg, Vanessa mentions talking to someone called Lewis/Luis.


The game will feature Video Game Caring Potential towards the animatronics and Vanessa
There have been references to being able to see the animatronics during 'daytime mode', which may mean we can see them perform or do nice things for them solely because we can. Additionally, Vanessa is implied to be Vanny out of costume. Given that Vanny is, well, reluctant, we may be able to show acts of kindness or mercy towards her. This may not just be a nice thing to do, but, if we get Multiple Endings, something that determines what ending we get. What supports this is "Freddy & Friends: On Tour". The first three episodes have the band running away from Foxy, but the fourth episode, which centers around Vanny, has him join the band after being offered pizza. This may hint that certain decisions made throughout the game, possibly involving a Relationship Values system, could lead to Vanny/Vanessa pulling a Heel–Face Turn and breaking free of Glitchtrap's brainwashing, becoming an official ally in the late game.

Gregory and Vanny knew each other long before the game's story
Interestingly, if you turn on closed captions for the teaser trailer, what is typically transcribed as "come out and we can play a game together" is instead "come home and we can play a game together" (emphasis added). If this is correct and we presume Vanny is speaking, this may mean that they know each other well enough for Vanny to drop Gregory off at his house. The tech demo also has her mention getting Gregory home and putting him to bed, which can be another hint. The one question is, what is Vanny's relation? Family friend, babysitter, older sister, mother, aunt? We'll have to see.
  • Vanny is 23, and Gregory looks and sounds at least 8-11, so she’s a bit too young to be his mother. All the other options are still possible though.
    • A possible solution could be that she's not his biological mother, but his adoptive guardian or other Parental Substitute. Maybe it was part of whatever plan she has with Glitchtrap?

Gregory only being stuck for one night is a Bait-and-Switch. He'll be stuck there a total of five nights, as per tradition.
While most promotional material suggests we'll only have one night, we may get more. Some evidence suggests that we may get to see the animatronics in 'daytime mode'. It's also mentioned in the 'state of play' trailer that the building will be closed for maintenance reasons for the next few days, which could feasibly mean five. And although the plan is to wait until the security doors open at 6:00 am, who, exactly, do we know who might have control over them? Vanessa, who is questionable, even if she says she wants to help him escape too. Poor Gregory might have to wait a bit longer...
  • Jossed. It's several hours one night, but there is a truckload of missions.

The Sun Animatronic was clutching its face in an effort to resist its Moon Mode.
It seems to be a theory in the fandom that the Sun/Moon Animatronic has a Split Personality, with the moon side being hostile. (The latter definitely seems confirmed by the trailers.) In the October 27th trailer, the Sun Animatronic appears, shrieking about the lights and warning someone, presumably Gregory. It's simultaneously clutching its face. Given that we see the animatronic switches modes with a head movement, it's possible it was trying to resist going into Moon Mode by physically preventing the mechanism from turning.

Vanessa will be an ally, at least part of the time.
Even if she is Vanny and not just a Red Herring (Scott is known for being difficult with theorists), several aspects seem to indicate she legitimately does want to help Gregory. Her image is overlaid with the word "PROTECT" just as the animatronics have various verbs and Vanny has "OBEY." Furthermore, one of the trailers features her trying to coax Gregory to let her help, sounding almost as though she's about to cry as she tells him that "they" will keep hunting him as long as he's in the Pizzaplex. While Vanny tries to sound friendly, her constantly serene tone is different from the legitimate emotion Vanessa is showing. Whether Vanessa is a separate person or Vanny's good identity, she will appear as a protective figure at least some of the game.
  • A common piece of speculation is that the two are the same person with multiple personalities, one good and one evil. If true, maybe the Vanessa persona will try to be as genuinely helpful as possible, providing ways to avoid the animatronics and her murderous other self when she's in control?
  • Jossed; The description at the Playstation Store directly states that Vanessa will chase Gregory in the same way Monty, Chica and Roxy will.

There will be a new variant of Circus Baby inside the Pizzaplex, whether as a drawn mascot or an actual animatronic
The tech demo shows an ice cream parlor area with a S.T.A.F.F. bot that has a similar white/purple color scheme as Ballora. What animatronic debuted in the same game as Ballora who also has a distinct connection to ice cream? Circus Baby. The FNAF coloring book also, among other things, showed a smaller-sized version of said animatronic performing alongside the Glamrocks. This could be a hint that we'll see Circus Baby as an official character in the Pizzaplex, though it'll probably not be the Circus Baby we've seen in previous games. And, well, if Music Man came back, there's nothing stopping other animatronics from getting a Pizzaplex update, too.
  • Confirmed. There is at least one S.T.A.F.F. bot that resembles Baby.

Freddy is not the only good animatronic
In a twist of usual FNAF fashion, it turns out that Chica, Montgomery, and Roxanne were all supposed to be good too, but Vanny and/or some other outside Big Bad has turned the rest evil, with only Freddy escaping the reprograming.

William will get Killed Off for Real, and we will be introduced to this timeline's version of Eleanor as the new Big Bad.
The Fazbear Frights may not be in the same timeline as the games, but they certainly have connections. And why would those books reveal a Greater-Scope Villain more evil than Afton if it will never appear in the games?

The Glamrocks are not acting against programming, or at least not entirely. They're mostly working as intended, just with a few tweaks courtesy of Vanny and/or Glitchtrap.
The Playstation blog post suggests that the reason why Monty, Roxie, and Chica are hunting you is because of a security measure ("The animatronics Roxy, Chica, and Monty have been enlisted by Pizzaplex security to hunt you, and their pursuit is a relentless one."). Normally, the animatronics wander the pizzeria after-hours performing security duties in case of trespassers. It would explain why there seems to be only one human security guard on the premises during the games' events despite the Pizzaplex being much larger than other Freddy's establishments, as the animatronics already do a significant amount of the work. It would also explain why some of the S.T.A.F.F. bots wear security hats. Additionally, as early as the second game we've had animatronics with face recognition to recognize criminals, so the idea isn't too far-fetched. Fazbear Entertainment also has been treating the various tragedies associated with the chain with a sort of ironic pseudo-self-awareness as a way to discredit the rumors as "ridiculous urban legends," so this could have been directly inspired by the various allegations about the animatronics after-hours behavior as a form of in-universe intentional Nightmare Fuel. There's also a quick shot of an "alert" screen from Glamrock Freddy's perspective in the "State of Play" trailer that seems to detect something "dangerous", showing a purple figure icon.

Perhaps what happened to the Glamrocks is something similar to the Toys: they were installed with various anti-crime measures, but were hacked so that they'd be more dangerous and also easier to cover up any crimes with the excuse that the animatronics were "glitching". In normal circumstances, their programming would recognize Gregory as a child trapped inside the building and escort him outside the building at the earliest possible opportunity, much like Glamrock Freddy. However, because of these alterations, they not only see Gregory as a violent criminal but are more willing to use violent force.

There will be a museum-like area in the Pizzaplex with memorabilia throughout Fazbear Entertainment's history.
Some released images show what appears to be advertising posters from the Fredbear's era. Additionally, the "Freddy & Friends" episodes are explicitly from the archives. Why would there be an extra emphasis on older material? Well, this could mean that one area in the game we can visit is a place where historical Fazbear items are on display. This would also be a decent, immersive way of clearing up some of the franchise's biggest mysteries, and may even be plot-important for Security Breach itself.
  • This is seeming likely. It could explain the vintage posters which got shared during Dawko's charity stream. My theory is you will possibly see the original Fredbear suit looking old and worn down.

When an animatronic gets defeated, they'll join the player's side
When an animatronic is defeated, their programming resets, freeing them from Vanny's control.
  • Consider the latest episode of Freddy and Friends on Tour, Foxy ends up finally joining their band.
  • It might even be possible to free Vanny from her possession and work with her to stop Glitchtrap.
  • Jossed.

Each hour/night will be dedicated to a specific mission
5 AM will be dedicated to boss fights.

The Pizzaplex will be built on top of the original Fredbear's Family Diner
If not outright confirmed, it will be hinted at. Steelwool would not be showing these posters for nothing, I'd think.

There is a plot reason why Gregory has a bandage on his cheek, as most clearly seen in the "Gregory and Freddy" figurine
It's not just a character design detail, but a reference to something we see in the game proper. Perhaps in a cutscene, we see either an animatronic or Vanny attack him in a way that results in a minor injury to his face.
  • We don't see what happens, because the game begins In Medias Res, but it's referenced in the game.

Freddy will eventually turn on Gregory too.
  • Possibly near the very late portion of the game. Removing your one true ally will hinder the player from both a supporting friend and a game mechanic to make you more vulnerable.
    • Jossed. There is a way to be killed by him, though.

Speculation on enemies' game mechanics and ways of 'evolving' throughout the game.
  • Glamrock Chica: Warm-Up Boss. Based on the extra focus on her, she'll probably be the first for us to deal with, and thus doesn't have any of the major difficulties later animatronics have. The scene of her getting crushed might be the end of a boss fight where she's Lured Into a Trap. The broken-down version of Chica is, of course, a later stage where she's more aggressive but otherwise uses similar mechanics.
  • Roxanne Wolf: Fragile Speedster. She's shown running after Gregory at a fairly high speed, but also is unable to break through a barrier that Monty can easily. She is also the closest equivalent to Foxy, another animatronic known for being fast. Thus, the difficulty with her is how quickly she can catch up with Gregory. She eventually gets blinded, which means you'd be able to walk in front of her more easily. However, she is more aggressive due to the loss of vision, and more sensitive to noise.
  • Montgomery Gator: The Juggernaut. He's strong and can punch through barriers, but slow-moving in comparison to his fellow Glamrocks. The State of Play trailer has two shots that could easily be part of his boss intro: one where he jumps from a ride onto a bridge, and another where he aims what appears to be a pitching machine offscreen. He also has a Freeze-Frame Bonus of his being damaged, hinting at another way he could 'evolve'.
  • Moondrop/Sunnydrop: It is smaller, has an Abnormal Limb Rotation Range, and is capable of climbing places the other animatronics would have difficulty with. Thus, the challenge with it is that he can easily climb and hide places the player wouldn't think to check. Moondrop is the animatronic's 'hostile' state, while Sunnydrop is a Helpful Mook.
  • S.T.A.F.F. bots: This one is already explained in the blog post. They're more support, and are not capable of personally jumpscaring you but can alert other enemies to your presence. The vandalized ones might have a higher alarm trigger, or are capable of giving a Game Over.
  • Giant Music Man: This one's tricky. Since he is larger, he'll probably be a boss fight or maybe a one-time encounter in a certain area.
  • Vanny/Vanessa: Since Vanny is not an animatronic, she'll have a unique set of mechanics, strengths, and weaknesses to fit. She might get tons of Artificial Brilliance where she'd be able to problem-solve her way through things the animatronics would have difficulty with, even with more obscure scenarios. For example, there might be a 'hiding spot' mechanic aside from Glamrock Freddy, and while the animatronics usually wouldn't think to check them, Vanny could in a way that would require the player to switch up tactics (maybe in a way that's similar to Clock Tower/Haunting Ground, Hello Neighbor, and/or Outlast?). However, things like the FazCam still work on her, due to her being a flesh-and-blood human. She starts out as the nightguard, and is more passive. Instead of a traditional Jump Scare, she has a Non-Standard Game Over where she catches Gregory and implicitly kills him offscreen. However, she evolves into the 'Vanny' state where she's more active and capable of providing a traditional Game Over, as seen in the teaser trailer. Her lines in the teaser and tech demo might also be in-game Enemy Chatter.
  • Glamrock Freddy: Non Standard Game Over. The compartment in his chest is legitimately used for storing cake, but that doesn't mean that it can't be dangerous. If Freddy is being hacked, there is a set period of time where Gregory has to escape from inside him. If he doesn't, he gets trapped inside and Freddy activates his mechanisms for storing food, potentially freezing, burning, crushing, or otherwise killing Gregory in the process, much like a makeshift Funtime.
    • Confirmed. Freddy can only kill you if he runs out of power while Gregory is still inside of him or if you screw up during the upgrade segments.

There will be animatronics in the game that don't appear in the trailer.
There will be secret animatronics for players to discover while playing the game. There will be a Glamrock Golden Freddy, a Glamrock Spring Bonnie hosting a copy of Glitchtrap, a Glamrock Bonnie, a Glamrock Foxy, a Glamrock Puppet/Marionette.
  • Only Glamrock Bonnie is confirmed to be a canon animatronic, although he was scrapped. But yes, there are animatronics that we didn't see in the trailers.

There Are No Therapists will be averted.
Interestingly, looking at reveals that one voice actress, Penny Balfour, was cast by Scott Cawthon. According to her own description, she's playing a therapist. Presuming this is for Security Breach, this could mean we get a scene where we talk to a therapist for some reason or another. For example, we could get flashbacks to Vanessa going to therapy in an attempt to deal with her mental health issues caused by Glitchtrap. These segments might play out similarly to Until Dawn or Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, where there's a certain amount of interactivity that can influence the game proper. Another possibility is a framing device: the therapist specializes in helping traumatized children and is interviewing Gregory after the game's events, with the actual gameplay being a series of flashbacks.
  • Confirmed. If you find a specific room, you can find CDs detailing Vanessa's sessions with the company therapist. We don't actually get to see anything, though.

Security Breach will give us new info about Elizabeth and/or the Crying Child.
Interestingly, both Vanny and Gregory have distinct parallels to two of the Afton children: Elizabeth and the Crying Child respectively. While we know about their relationship with Michael, we don't know much about their dynamic with each other. There have been a few hints that Sister Location may be called back to, such as the background score for the gameplay trailer sounding like a partial mashup of "Crumbling Dreams", so something related to one or both of them may end up of plot significance in Security Breach.
  • Besides one moment with the S.T.A.F.F. bots that might confirm Michael is the older brother, this seems to be jossed.

Dying isn't the only thing that can befall Gregory inside the Pizzaplex. He's potentially due for something worse.
Hidden text on Scottgames revealed what appeared to be a conversation between Vanny and Glitchtrap, with him asking her if she's 'selected one'. What 'one' is hasn't been revealed yet, but chances are they're talking about Gregory. However, this necessarily doesn't mean 'as a murder victim.' What could 'one' mean, then? Potentially a new host. Vanny is loyal enough to carry out William's wishes, but, as shown in the Special Delivery emails, she's prone to Fighting from the Inside, engaging in erratic behavior that's possibly harder to control and, if Luis is any indication, likely to draw attention. Help Wanted's true ending also has Glitchtrap seemingly interrupted while in the process of "merging," which is a possible plot point in Security Breach.

A child doesn't seem that advantageous to William at first, considering Gregory's size and age, but it does have some benefits with a few thoughts. Since Gregory is still a child, his psyche is much more malleable in comparison to the 23-year-old Vanny, making it easier for William to manipulate and mold to his liking. Additionally, the animatronics historically were inherently programmed to love and adore children, which is shown with Glamrock Freddy's apparent protectiveness. A literal child would work as a hiding spot, as it means that he'd slip under the radar of animatronics' security features without the need for any hacking or tampering. Also, William is obviously not the type to hesitate about hurting children.

There might be a late-game reveal, where we find out that Gregory is, for some reason, ideal for Glitchtrap to take control of rather than kill. Gregory becoming a new host could be a Game Over, or even a full-fledged bad ending.

  • Jossed. Gregory gets killed in one bad ending, but he's never taken over by Glitchtrap.

     Post-Release Guesses 
William Afton is not Burntrap and Glitchtrap is a mere copy.
  • So what does that tell us? Well, to me, it says that these are all possessed or controlled by the same being. My money is on the spirit in the blob running the show, whoever that is. But that's a theory for a different day. So why mention it? Well, because it throws a wrench into a few existing theories. Let's start with Vanny.

We know Vanny is being manipulated, and it's broadly assumed that she's a puppet of William Afton by way of Glitchtrap. That's an okay theory, and I had no reason to question it — until I considered the eyes.

You see, Glitchtrap's eyes aren't red. They're purple. Purple as our thoroughly mangled and smelly friend living in a tube in the basement, Burntrap.

So that right there pokes a hole in the "Vanny is Afton's puppet" theory, because if the eyes don't lie, then Vanny is not being manipulated by Glitchtrap. If anything, Glitchtrap has been forced into the body of Burntrap, for some reason.

So who's actually controlling Vanny? I couldn't tell you for sure, but my money's on whoever the red eyes belong to.

Then, what about our basement buddy, Burntrap, and his VR variant? Are they at least ol' Willy Afton like we've thought all this time?

No, they aren't.

Let's go back to the eyes. They're purple. Now, William Afton has been known as Purple Guy for quite a long time, so it would only make sense for you or me to assume that anything purple is in some way referencing him. However, we've seen Willy boy through several major events. In FNAF 3, his eyes were pale yellow. FNAF 6, the same, and in this game he burned. This is where his supposed reappearance in Security Breach confounds a lot of fans, because his sendoff was Epic, and it seems like Steel Wool studios has just buried that awesomeness in a pile of suspicious smelling not-meat product.

Until you look again at the eyes. William's were yellow. Burntrap and Glitchtrap though? Purple.

So, what does that matter? Well, we've only been shown purple eyes from one other character, flickering to life from within the silhouette of Rick Astley.

That's right, friends. Michael Afton. Specifically, Michael after being scooped out by Ennard and worn as a suit.

And the more I look at this, the more it seems to make sense. Ennard was an amalgamation of machines that got burned, and Glitchtrap came from salvaged used circuit boards. Purple is a color associated with computer issues across the entire pizzeria, which is obviously tied to Glitchtrap and our burned friend.

  • Michael isn't a killer, though (that one Deadly Prank which he may or may not be responsible for notwithstanding).

Vanessa is trying to protect Gregory from Vanny.
Because when Vanessa catches Gregory, she doesn’t kill him, she puts him in the office and tries to contact his parents, which is what a security officer is supposed to do. Her attitude about it could also be Anger Born of Worry, since she desperately wants to get him out, away, and safe while Vanessa still in control, because when Glitchtrap takes over again, things won’t be pretty.

The reason behind this isn’t hard to figure out. It’s possible that before the events of the game, Vanny lured a few kids back, much the same way William did, and killed them. When Vanessa regained control, she was horrified at what she did, and the ranting and scolding Freddy could possibly be her venting that panic and stress on him. As to why we never see those kids, is likely that Ol’ Peepaw Willy wised up about putting dead kids in animatronics, and covered his tracks better.

Gregory is an animatronic.
I thought they were seriously hinting at this when Vanessa said that she couldn't find any record of him, and shortly after when Freddy says the robots shouldn't be able to attack guests.
  • It also gives more meaning to Freddy's "I feel you are broken" line early on in that he's a machine that literally has to be repaired.
    • However, he does take him to a first aid station. If Freddy believed he was a broken animatronic, surely he would take him to the service bay, and we know Freddy knows where that is.
  • The first thing seen in the game is an animatronic start-up animation in "safe mode". We're presumably meant to infer that this is Freddy starting up, but we never see directly through Freddy's eyes at any other point in the game.
  • When close to Vanny, the visual distortions that appear on the screen are not ones that human eyes would experience.
    • A similar argument was made in the first game due to the appearance of static when the player character is killed, and was countered by Word of God.
  • How can Gregory see through Freddy's eyes when he's inside him? Freddy mentions that people were never supposed to ride around inside his stomach, so why would there be a screen there for Gregory to watch? If he could just plug into Freddy's camera feed, though...
  • It could also mean that the other animatronics aren't bad, but are just trying to get the rogue animatronic Gregory back under control.
  • Everyone whose name ends in -y is either an animatronic or pretending to be one.
    • I think you're forgetting about Henry, who has never been implied to be an animatronic.
  • It's also worth noting that after Freddy gets Roxy's eyes and gains X-Ray Vision, he says that Gregory looks different to him, but the game doesn't elaborate on this.
  • This may also explain how Gregory is homeless but somehow not underfed (at least by his appearance, he's definitely not underweight or hollow-cheeked). Robots don't need to eat after all.
    • In a cut line, he’s mentioned to be bleeding (the line was changed supposedly due to Sony wanting to censor violence). Robots can’t bleed.
      • True, but the word they chose to replace seems a little weird — "broken"; they could've just used "injured" or "hurt", but they didn't.
  • The Moral Event Horizon moment of "disassemble Vanny" rings very differently if Gregory is an animatronic. Rather than savagely ordering a human woman to be dismantled, he may have had no concept that she was a human — just thinking that she was a humanlike animatronic like him.
  • A possible addition; Gregory was supposed to be Vanny's first practice kill at hunting in William Afton's style. William told Vanny where to find the box where he had this particular plaything hidden away. Almost a perfect recreation of a child and the perfect test to see if Vanny was ready, which is why Vanessa displays so much anger at him, it's her fear of failure leaking between personalities. The past disappearances were the construction crew that went down into the foundation and encountered the blob along with the therapists Vanny silenced.

Springtrap and Vanny survived the fire and are working with Molten Freddy.
Considering the fact that Afton is the Big Bad of the franchise and has a proclivity to "always come back", it seems highly unlikely that he was killed off in Security Breach, and by a long-thought dead character no less, and doesn't even get an onscreen death. Speaking of which, he and Molten Freddy were allies in Pizzeria Simulator, so Molten Freddy would have no reason to suddenly attack Afton. It's possible that he was simply lifting Afton up so he could carry him away and make their escape so they can continue hunting Gregory and Glamrock Freddy.

There's also Vanny to be considered, as she is notably absent in the canon ending. Seeing that Vanny is Afton's protege and can communicate with her through his influence, it seems likely he advised her to escape the building in case things got nasty.

  • Here's the thing, though, is Molten Freddy ever stated to be working with Afton in Pizzeria Simulator? It's kind of implied that Molten contains the souls of the original 4 murder victims after the melted-down Remnant of the FNAF 1 animatronics were injected into it. So it's possible that the Funtimes' programming was what got destroyed in FPS, giving the children's souls total control, and giving them even more of a reason to oppose Afton here.
    • In fact, both the Funtimes and the murder victims suffered at Afton's hands, so why on earth would they suddenly be working with him in the first place? That's the main reason why I've believed that Evan (The Crying Child) was Molten Freddy for so long, but the downright confirmation that the murder victims are inside Molten Freddy only reinforced my belief. Evan was basically holding down the fort for the other souls, and preventing them from going berserk on his family back then, but only because Elizabeth would have been caught in the crossfire. She was the only reason, both emotional connection and physicality-wise, that Evan didn't just rip William to pieces on the spot. Now that she's gone, however, and Evan's sanity has taken an even further nosedive from the isolation of living in the ruins of the pizzeria, he would undoubtedly be filled with more rage and hatred than ever, and in fact will no longer have any reason to keep his father alive.
  • Is this thing even Molten Freddy in the first place?
    • Given Funtime Freddy's head and the numerous remains of possessed animatronics in it, it seems likely.

Roxanne was either originally intended to be, or was converted from a Glamrock Foxy model.
Foxy is featured in the in-universe marketing and in some places throughout the Pizza Plex, but doesn't have an animatronic. We know Bonnie used to be there as well, but was removed after a Noodle Incident and replaced with Montgomery, so the original quartet having been together once makes sense. If you had an anthropomorphic fox animatronic and needed to change the character, a wolf is awfully close. Case in point: one image shows Foxy with a long bushy tail, which Roxanne has. Even the name "Roxy" sounds like a quick replacement, and the "bad boy" image of Foxy was ported easily enough to a punk rock girl character. They simply added hair and a new AI personality, along with a new paint job and pseudo-clothing. She's even self-conscious about her hair! Oh, and on a meta level, what does she lose? Her eyes. Both Foxy and Funtime Foxy (Mangle) had a missing eye theme, as a pirate trope. No wonder Roxy suffers from an Inferiority Superiority Complex: she either has identity issues, or is just finding it hard to take the place of someone else…
  • Foxy never appeared in any marketing for the PizzaPlex, though???
    • The version from the Freddy and Friends cartoon is literally visible in the same corridor.
    • Since Foxy still has some sort of place in the franchise, like his own movie and a pirate-themed stand, it is possible he was once there. Perhaps another reason was that a pirate theme would be very out of place in a glamrock band.
  • Bonus points are that you can find a Funtime Foxy plush in Roxy's room.

The Glamrocks and the Daycare Attendant are made from, and still contain, the souls of the Toy Animatronics and Balloon Boy.
As Matpat first noticed within Security Breach's first few teasers, Glamrock Chica losing her beak is a trait shared with Toy Chica. These similarities only grow more within the actual gameplay, like how Glamrock Chica's voice box is necessary for upgrading Glamrock Freddy. In FNAF World, one of the many memes spawned from the game was a certain line spoken by Toy Chica involving her voice. There's also the Daycare Attendant's (Sunrise and Moondrop) presence in a Balloon Boy minigame, literally being right behind the stage they dive from in their introductory cutscene. This, along with the occasional Toy Animatronic poster in the gallery and bathrooms, seems to connect the Mega Pizzaplex in some way to FNAF 2. The Toy spirits possessing the Pizzaplex animatronics would also make sense, as they didn't really seem to be the souls the Puppet intended on freeing in Happiest Day, and they weren't really significant to the story after FNAF 4, so bringing them back here is Scott and Steel Wool's way of finally doing them justice.
  • The toys don’t have souls. They’re just busted AI attacking the player because they were damaged into thinking all adults present after hours are criminals.
    • They clearly are. The dead kids from "SAVE THEM" have to become someone, the Toys act just like the haunted classics (for one example, both sets have their eyes go black with white pupils), and the e-mails for Special Delivery even point out that Mangle is moving in a way that should be impossible… impossible, unless a pissed-off kid eager to get back at their killer is haunting it. Well, either that, or they've been given life by agony like Fazbear Frights implies.

Vanessa's presence on the rooftop in the Fire ending is meant to be symbolic.
As in that was merely a ghost of Vanessa overlooking her body after Freddy had cast both her and himself off the Pizza Plex's rooftops.
  • Additionally, she doesn't look at all concerned about being surrounded by fire. If she were a living separate person and not Vanny’s ghost, she wouldn't just be standing there!

Gregory is an orphan or runaway.
It explains why no parents or police are looking for him, and why he sleeps in an alley in the bad ending.
  • We're not told why he hid inside Freddy in the first place. It's possible he just snuck in to steal pizza after hours with his parents (if they're alive) having no idea that he's there.
    • We are told why he hid inside Freddy: he was hiding from Vanessa. He further explains that he was hiding from her because he was in fear for his life, which wouldn't have been his reason if he was just sneaking in to steal pizza. However, it would be his reason if he was Vanny's latest kidnapping victim who managed to get away and hide before she made him her latest murder victim.
  • Gregory's a resourceful kid adept at learning his way around and getting his hands on what he needs. Such a child sneaking into a place like the PizzaPlex would have managed to get his hands on an entry pass on his way in (they're complimentary, and the place to get them is right next to the main entrance). That he starts the game with no pass at all means he got in under someone else's clearance. Which has to have been high enough to get him into the backstage areas with the animatronics for him to be able to hide inside Freddy. Clearance belonging to a staff member… or a security guard.
    • Well, except that the "green rooms" are basically just window dressing, like the "Mickey's House" section at Disneyland; it's just to give the character somewhere to theoretically live on-premises, and doesn't actually hold anything important. That's why they're accessible with the free photo pass. Since both doors are closed and locked when we first take control of Gregory, it looks as though he entered through the vents.
    • To clarify, "backstage areas" in this context refers to the maintenance tunnels normally restricted to employees of the venue, not the Rockstar Row attraction located behind the main stage.

Gregory is not an orphan or runaway.
He's wearing a really nice polo shirt and Freddy Fazbear brand shoes (seen in closeup after you defeat Monty). Which is how a kid dresses when he's a fan of Freddy Fazbear going to Freddy's for a special occasion such as a birthday party, with a cake served by Freddy himself (which is how Gregory knew about Freddy's stomach hatch, despite knowing little else about the Pizzaplex). Which is the kind of thing parents treat their children to on their birthday. Which means Gregory had parents and a home.
  • So why was he sleeping in a cardboard box like a hobo in the one-star ending? Because he was a lost, sleep-deprived child with no way to get home. His Fazwatch only worked as a communicator and navigational tool at the Pizzaplex; he couldn't use it to map directions home or call his parents to come to his rescue.
  • The reason he doesn't have any passes on him at the start? They hadn't been purchased yet. Mom and Dad were still at the ticket counter looking at the brochures and deciding which passes to buy. Gregory was never logged into the Pizzaplex records as a guest because Mom and Dad turned around, found their son missing, and left to look for him, canceling the transaction. No records for Vanessa to find. No guest profile for Freddy to look up.
  • Another minor detail is the band-aids. It could be that Gregory stole them, sure, but it's also just as likely that someone has been taking care of him.

Glamrock Freddy is the only animatronic who is possessed, and that's why he's our ally.
It's all but stated outright that the other animatronics we encounter in the game are hostile either because they've been tampered with by Vanny, or at the very least are just following their programming. Freddy is an outlier, whose childcare protocols remained intact presumably because he crashed at the beginning of the game and rebooted in Safe Mode before he could be hacked. However, why he broke down is never fully explained, and can't possibly just be a case of luck.

It's possible that in true Freddy's tradition there is a haunting involved, but this time instead of being a case of ghosts turning the animatronics hostile towards adults, the situation is reversed: Freddy's glitch mid-show could potentially have been caused by a ghost latching onto him, which may or may not have been intentional on said ghost's part in order to ensure their new body wouldn't be compromised, as their mission is to protect children from Vanny's (and by extension Glitchtrap's) meddling.

So Glamrock Freddy remains friendly towards Gregory because he was never hacked and is still the friendly children's entertainment bot he was meant to be, on top of being inhabited by a likely-benevolent spirit who shares his goal of wanting to protect Gregory from the dangers of the Pizzaplex. This could also explain how he's so responsive and lifelike even for an advanced AI; while the other animatronics have behaviors and interactions which are pretty human-like, Freddy seems far more interactive and intelligent than the others and even shows signs of learning and developing his personality with how he goes from naive and optimistic to more solemn and wary as the night goes on. If he's possessed, the soul within him could be influencing and expressing their own personality through him gradually as time goes on. Finally, being possessed could place more weight into his declaration in the True Ending, "I'm not me", as it's a case of Freddy not only growing past his original programming, but also realizing to a degree that he's harboring another's soul within him.

As for who exactly is currently possessing Freddy, that's up to more WMG. Some potential contenders could be:

  • One of the original child souls who haunted the old Freddy's, continuing their legacy of protecting kids from hostile adults. This could give reason to why Freddy is rather naive at the beginning of the game with his optimism and belief in the goodness of his friends, as perhaps (assuming the other animatronics are not possessed as this theory goes) he might be thinking of his former friend group who protected each other and the children.
  • Henry Emily trying to finish what he'd tried to do in FFPS. It might also explain Freddy's fatherly demeanor around Gregory as Henry himself was a father, plus some of his later willingness to go literal Papa Bear over Gregory and even burn down the PizzaPlex just as he did to the FFPS location.
  • Michael Afton, making good on his promise to find his father and finish him off, just as he did in the old series. There's some interesting parallels between how Glamrock Freddy is hinted to have been lured/manipulated by Vanny to travelling below the Pizza Plex in order to do something to help revive Springtrap/William Afton; Michael himself did something similar in Sister Location when he travelled to the underground facility under the manipulations of his father and Baby/Elizabeth. This would make the True Ending and Freddy's monologue pretty badass, as Freddy's standing up to Springtrap and Vanny could be a reflection of Michael finally standing up to his family after all they put him through.

Vanessa is not just under the influence of Glitchtrap, but is also either controlled by or psychically tortured into believing she's Elizabeth.
The Retro CDs seem to delve into Vanessa's troubled childhood, until it's revealed in one of the last ones that the details don't match up. Although she claims that she had an Abusive Dad who coerced her into testifying against her mother in a custody battle, resulting in something happening to her mom, her therapist points out that, with a bit of research, Vanessa actually had a happy childhood with Good Parents. What's interesting is that the name she gives her dad is "Bill." Another CD has her mention she hates dark basements in such a way that suggests she has had bad experiences with them. While it may be inconsistent with Vanessa's backstory, these details line up with another character: Elizabeth. "Bill" is a nickname for William, who was definitely abusive towards her. We also don't know what happened to the Afton mom just yet, but she's been conspicuously absent. Vanessa's hatred of dark basements makes extra sense when you remember that Circus Baby was hidden underground for god only knows how long exactly with little human contact and regularly receiving controlled shocks. Additionally, while Glitchtrap does attempt a Grand Theft Me, normally identity theft and impersonation tend to be in Elizabeth's domain of villainy (her being the mastermind behind the plan to wear Michael's skin, her being an imposter Charlie in the novella trilogy, many of the things Eleanor does in Fazbear Frights, etc.) So, it's not too much a reach to suggest that Elizabeth has some control over Vanessa and was talking about things that happened to her rather than the person she's in control of. Another possibility is that Elizabeth isn't back, but Glitchtrap altered Vanessa's memories to make her think that many of Elizabeth's experiences are her own and that he's her father. It might have been an attempt to make her easier to control, a twisted desire to replace Elizabeth with Vanessa, or something else entirely.

DLC will release that will explain exactly why Glamrock Bonnie was Unpersoned.
  • Seems kind of unlikely, since we can theorize as to why. It’s because Monty destroyed him and took his spot in the band.

Gregory is the Crying Child, William's youngest son who was killed by Fredbear, reincarnated in a robot/android body.
Nobody knows who Gregory is and where he came from. Glamrock Freddy states that Gregory looks different after being upgraded with Roxanne's eyes. His mind is affected by Vanny whenever she is nearby. There's a hidden room that all but outright states it's where Gregory had been until now. His hair style and color and his clothes are a match for Crying Child's, especially in the endings where he's sitting on the hill with Freddy/Freddy and Vanessa. His body might have been created by Molten Freddy and his soul placed into it by Charlie to give him a second chance at life, or by William for an unknown purpose.

Monty was angry about the show being ruined by Freddy.
It could be why he is suddenly shut in his room and out of order. He was infuriated that not only did Freddy crash, but that upper management didn't decide to scrap him for it, which Monty is heavily implied to want based on one of his game's golf courses, as well as the implication that he played foul to decommission Glamrock Bonnie.

Gregory isn't a good guy.
When we first meet Gregory, he's somehow managed to slip into Freddy's room and into Freddy. Oddly, once he's out of Freddy's room, he can't get back in, as he doesn't have the complimentary PhotoPass that opens the door — something even Freddy finds odd. When Freddy finds he's cut off from the network, Gregory blames it on Vanessa, despite saying he doesn't know who she is, saying that "She won't let you call for help until she finds me". That's odd phrasing — Freddy was just trying to reach the office at this point, so why does Gregory mention calling for help?

It's possible Gregory is the patient on the Retro CDs starting with "46", the one who loves candy, doesn't like flowers… and is suspected of introducing a glitch into the computers of the PizzaPlex, followed by a subroutine to perpetuate the glitch. The patient who's "lost" four therapists by the last CD, with one of them found mangled by machinery. The patient whose last therapist outright suspected them of being a manipulator, and whose first therapist called them a "phenom" — a term normally applied to very young people. It's possible that Gregory's arrival was nothing less than a Wounded Gazelle Gambit that wound up getting out of hand.

  • Gregory’s a child, he’s not malicious. Plus, those tapes are more likely to be referring to Vanny, since she has motive to kill four therapists, and she’s outright stated to be the one who introduced the glitch in the deleted emails.
    • If Vanessa and Vanny are the same person, that's impossible — Vanessa is transferred on the last 71 recording, presumably to the PizzaPlex, but 46 continues with more sessions. Even if Vanny is a separate person from Vanessa, 46 is still not at the mall by their last recording, though it's mentioned that they've been spotted on video there.
    • You are absolutely right, 46 is probably not Vanny. However, that doesn't make them any more likely to be Gregory.

If the story continues following Gregory and Freddy, they will slowly be joined by versions of the other original generation animatronics for other locations.
The game ends in such a way that leaves equals open, and we can assume that if they were planing to continue following Gregory and Freddy, they'll be continuing to find themselves in Fazbear Entertainment-owned locales (perhaps the company itself will be upgraded to full villain status, using their animatronic attractions as cover for unethical experimentation with AI, Remnant, or even both). Given the heavy theme of found family between Gregory and Freddy already present in Security Breach, it would make sense to build on that theme by having them gain friends along the way.

Granted, this might reduce horror, but no one’s saying they all have to come in with you. They could serve as either a sort of mission control, or just have a tendency to get incapacitated or tied up like Freddy does.

  • Possibly this could mean the return of Glamrock Bonnie as well?

Freddy crashing is what saved him from being reprogrammed.
The alert he was having was likely Vanny attempting to hack his system, but something went wrong, which shut him down.

Glamrock Bonnie's death wasn't an accident, but it was not just because of Monty. The Afton we see in the True Ending is what's left of him.
To start, Afton has very specific tastes, so it's conspicuous that the animatronic who was decommissioned happens to be a Bonnie. It's implied that Monty played a part in what happened to Bonnie, based on his last appearance being in the golf course, Monty becoming the new bassist of the band, and the trashed Freddy in the golf minigame (suggesting Monty wants to become the new leader). Springtrap also has design choices that don't line up with any past incarnation, but some that do with the Glamrock generation (note the endo in particular), and is introduced inside a charging station. Bonnie's destruction is also implied to play a bigger part based on the myriad of references, such as Freddy's multiple lines about missing him and possibly experiencing some guilt about what happened.

Perhaps what happened was this: Bonnie was lured into Gator Golf and destroyed by Monty, whether through Vanny's hacking, her manipulating Monty using his ambitions, or in an incident completely unrelated to Vanny and Afton. Once Bonnie was 'dead', he was taken underground and used to help give Afton a new body. The Springtrap we see in the True Ending is Glamrock Bonnie after Glitchtrap happily 'moved in', with whatever remains of Afton's corpse shoved inside just to be certain it sticks.

This might tie into Freddy's monologue in this same ending. Perhaps he was also somehow involved in Bonnie's decommissioning and was underground after the incident while under the influence of being hacked. When Freddy launches into this monologue, he uncovers this memory, starts to put the pieces together about what truly happened to Bonnie and his involvement in it, and is understandably pissed. After all, if you and your friends were brainwashed into not only attacking children, but maiming another friend so that a Serial Killer could use his body, you would be angry too. Another Glamrock Freddy quote might also tie into this, specifically the one where he has an existential crisis inside Parts and Service. It isn't just for characterization or a reference to Vanessa's threat to scoop him, but another hint at what happened to Bonnie. Even if he doesn't entirely remember at this point, he's seen and done things that'd make that fear even more valid.

In the Truck Escape ending, Vannessa would be subject to being fired.
Gregory does a lot of damage to Fazbear Entertainment property, let's be honest. On top of breaking Chica, Monty, and Roxy, he also technically stole Freddy and the truck they drove out in. Management would be quick to blame Vanessa for not only letting an unregistered guest slip in, but also letting them commit theft and vandalism the whole night. They probably aren't going to believe her if she told them that Freddy was helping the boy, either.
  • Supporting this is one note that reveals that corporate has been firing people for the flimsiest of reasons to replace them with S.T.A.F.F. bots. Vanessa probably had a squeaky clean record prior to this, given that she's the only human employee we see, and they're gonna love having a reason to get rid of her at last.

Glamrock Chica binge eats because she misses Foxy and Bonnie.
Glamrock Freddie mentions missing Bonnie, and Roxy has insecurity issues which may or may not be due to replacing Foxy, so maybe instead of handling it well like Freddy, the stress of the situation (along with Vanny’s manipulations) caused Chica's eating disorder.

The reason Roxy's so insecure about her looks and worth to the company is because he's still Foxy, forced into an identity he doesn't identify with.
Perhaps there used to be a Glamrock Foxy, but Fazbear Entertainment started getting complaints about how Chica was the Token Female and the customers wanted more diversity, so they remodelled Foxy into Roxanne. The problem: the animatronics' AI has gotten so sophisticated that they may as well be sapient, and developed enough to have an identity for themselves. And the AI for 'Roxy' still identifies as Foxy. So as far as he's concerned, he's a male fox forced to live as a female wolf for 'marketing'. His pep talks about how good 'Roxy' looks and how 'Roxy' is so popular is him trying — and failing — to reassure himself that this change is for the best.
  • This would bring Freddy's existential crisis to a new light, as he questions the possibility that he is a Monty Endo under Freddy's shell.
  • Or, perhaps Foxy actually wanted to become Roxy, but is now nervous and insecure about how the transition has gone.
  • Interesting theory, but it has some holes imo; there's absolutely no hint about there being a Glamrock Foxy in the messages you find, which certainly would've been mentioned by someone if even Glamrock Bonnie was talked about. There isn't even a hint of Glamrock Foxy existing as discarded casings or other hidden-away residuals of his existence outside of messages. Roxy also never mentions any past history of being Foxy during her bouts of self-loathing or pep talks; her insecurity seems to be more in line with competitive spirit and being loved rather than her identity.
  • That could also explain the why Roxanne is a tomboy; she is actually a man trying to express his masculinity.

Bonnie and Foxy's relationships with Monty and Roxanne.
(Disclaimer: I think the above theory is cool too, I just thought of this one first, so meh)
  • For Monty and Bonnie, it's implied that Monty killed Bonnie.
  • For Foxy and Roxanne, the reason Roxanne is so determined to be the best is because she misses Foxy, and is trying to do everything she does for him, whether they were siblings, a father and his daughter, or even in love.

There will be more "nights".
The remaining 4 nights will be released either in the form of DLC or even as full-fledged games, and they will go more in-depth with the lore of the Pizza Plex.
  • Their stories will be based on whatever ending you got in the "first night".
    • And/or whatever ending that is left to achieve in the "first night" will be unlockable in the next one.
    • I'm personally hoping for another ending where it's possible to save all the animatronics. Imagine riding around in Monty.

Officer Vanessa is using a fake name much like Michael did before her.
Except the name is mostly fake, with her last name suspiciously starting with A (which may be Afton) being very much the real part of it. Why is this the case, you may ask? Simple; Vanny is confirmed to be named Vanessa herself, and the Fire ending shows that the two might be separate people, so unless there are somehow two people running around with the same first name that look remarkably alike, one of them has to be utilizing a fake name.
  • We’ve been given absolutely no reason to believe Vanessa isn't being truthful about her name.

Officer Vanessa and Vanny are twins and Vanny asked Vanessa to cover her shift.
Maybe using an out of town concert or something as an excuse, while in reality, she's in the Pizza Plex, using her twin as a cover. They've done this before, so what's one more time? After all, it's a night guard shift.
  • Vanny isn’t Vanny’s actual name. Also, no parent would ever name identical twins with identical names.
    • Actually, I have encountered a pair of twins named almost exactly, with just a slight variation. I won't say who, but one's name ends with -e, the other with -a. "Vanny" and "Vanessa" doesn't seem too far-fetched to me.
      • Again. Vanny isn’t Vanny’s actual name. It’s an alias. Her actual name, confirmed in the emails, is Vanessa. There is no variation between the guard’s name and the rabbit girl’s name. So that still doesn't work.
  • Given the other theory above, the implications of this theory is that Officer Vanessa is not really named Vanessa but using her twin's alias while covering for her and that they've done this kind of switch before and her being referred to as Vanessa is merely for simplicity's sake for the theory. Also the killer and security guard.

Alternatively, Vanessa and Vanny are twins but only Vanny knows it
Vanessa and "Vanny" are actually long lost twins seperated at birth and "Vanny" uses aforementioned name as an alias in order to make a rather obvious implication towards Vanessa as well as her choice of costume. "Vanny" also occasionally goes around impersonating Vanessa and has been slowly gaslighting her that she is doing things she doesn't remember doing and that she may be losing her mind. Vanessa's psyche being as it is due to "Vanny's" manipulations make her a lot more mean-spirited and possibly more susceptible to potential supernatural influence.

Hey, the Afton family can't be the only one with messy family issues.

  • Given the history repeats element and how Afton got Michael screwed over(repeatedly) with the implied family resemblance, its possible Vanny was chosen specifically by Glitchtrap because she had a twin that she could pull this off on.

Vanny isn’t derived from Vanessa and Bunny. It's derived from Van-E.
As in Vanessa and Elizabeth (aka Baby)... Or alternatively Evan, a potential name for the Crying Child from Five Night's at Freddy's 4.

The Blob is keeping people out, as well as keeping William in the ruins.
One log notes that an excavation team digging into the old location had gone missing, and The Blob has no hesitation in attacking Gregory. Yet, it still makes sure William stays behind to burn once more. Assuming the Blob is Molten Freddy and also assuming that the remnant inside it was not truly destroyed under the fire, the spirits of the kids implied to be within it are still there, acting as a sort of guardian to prevent William from ever getting out, as well as making sure no one ever frees him.
  • It doesn't necessarily have to be the spirits of the kids keeping him there. The AI of the animatronics that made up Ennard, the Funtimes, are presumably still active within the Blob. Unlike the child souls, the AIs have no reason to move on, and may even understand enough to know that Willam's release will only lead to more suffering. Given Security Breach's apparent focus on Artificial Intelligence, it would make sense. Having the kids still around also feel like it would undercut the ending of FNAF 6 a bit.
    • If it was the AIs in control, they would absolutely not try to stop more suffering from happening. The Funtime animatronics are killing machines, and the one in charge is Ax-Crazy and loves to kill.
    • True; however, their motive for keeping William down there dosen't have to be altruism. It's equally likely that they're keeping him down there for vindictive and selfish reasons. There doesn't seem to be any love lost between Afton and his creations, judging by the way it drags him off at the end, so maybe much like Cassidy they're just keeping him down there to torture him. Alternatively, they're simply very territorial and see anyone entering and taking something from them as a reason to kill. My main point was the kids' souls don't have to be trapped within the blob for it to still be guarding the location. The Funtime AIs have reason enough to do it on their own, and could reasonably survive the fire, as opposed to the souls who very likely would have had their remnant broken up by the fire. (Remember, Afton only got back because his memory got uploaded and his soul might have been trapped in limbo by Cass.)

Animatronics are allowed to roam during the day again.
In multiple logs, it's been noted that the Glamrocks have been doing things that are noticed by people, like Roxy attacking some S.T.A.F.F bots or Chica eating out of the garbage, with people being able to witness these events and file reports about them. Freddy also makes a remark that he chooses not to go to Bonnie Bowl of his own volition, which suggests that he wanders when not on stage. Furthermore, while it is just reaching 12AM at the beginning of Security Breach, it is technically still just before the night hours when Gregory and Freddy start their antics, and Vanessa's confrontation with Freddy has her more concerned that he is out of lockdown instead of him just being out at all. If it is the case, Management has either forgotten entirely about the incident that had the animatronics banned from roaming in day hours in previous Freddy's establishments, or they think the Glamrocks are so advanced that they cannot cause similar incidents.

Circus Baby will play a major role in a future game, but it will be the blue-eyed AI of the original animatronic, not the green-eyed Elizabeth.
It's implied in the games that when Baby killed Elizabeth and the latter possessed her, the two merged into a single entity. It's possible that the fire in FNAF 6 could've degraded their remnant enough to force the two apart again. Given Security Breach's focus on AI over spiritual possession, it makes a certain amount of sense to explore this facet of Circus Baby.

Potential ideas and plot points:

  • We'll see that Baby's personality without Elizabeth is more or less how she presented herself in Sister Location, being genuinely helpful and sweet to Gregory, but with a slightly childish and oblivious personality, implying that Circus Baby's more malicious qualities were actually Elizabeth's.

  • It's possibly implied that Baby was the one who came up with the plan to scoop one of the night technicians; however, she didn't really understand that humans couldn't live without organs. She did realize at some point, but by that point, Elizabeth's personality had become the dominant one.

  • If Elizabeth is still around and serving as an antagonist, we'll also see her as an individual. As mentioned, Circus Baby's more malicious qualities will now be shown in her, but we'll also see her desperate need for approval for either her father William or some other authority figure (it might even lead her to clash with Vanny if she's still around too), yet we'll also see her ability to read and control others is very much her own.

  • If they're still stuck sharing a body, Elizabeth will emotionally manipulate Baby into playing along, mainly by guilt-tripping Baby over having killed her in the past.

Security Breach will receive DLC where we play as Vanny.
In the trailers, we hear a line from Willam telling Vanessa that she was nothing without him. This never appears in game, and while you can write it off as a trailer-specific line, it's possible that the line was actually part of a second campaign. This would also explain why Vanny was weirdly absent from the True ending; she was off having her own ending to her story.

  • This second story will patch many of the plot holes present in the current story (explaining what's up with the new Burntrap, exploring Vanny more, and in general just explaining things that went unexplained in the main game). When this would take place is a bit of an issue, as the Glamrock animatronics don't seem to be hostile to Vanessa, and Freddy can't see Vanny, but it's possible the Blob could provide the enemies for this chapter, reviving old animatronics to hunt down and stop Vanny from bringing Afton back.

  • Obviously Afton will serve as Freddy's counterpart (story-wise; we won't be hiding in him) for this campaign. He'll talk to Vanny for most of the game, giving the most deep version of his character seen in the games so far. The game could also explain that Afton was only able to come back because Cassidy held his soul in a limbo, thus confirming that Henry's plan would've worked, quelling some of the complaints about FNAF 6's ending being retroactively ruined. I think Afton will be surprisingly supportive of Vanny, though in a twisted and abusive way. It would also be implied that he is projecting his feelings for Elizabeth onto Vanny in some way. There would also be some implications that he knows something about Gregory that makes him desperate to get ahold of him specifically.

  • The expansion would end with the reveal that the entire creation of the PizzaPlex was a sort of sting operation to draw Afton and Vanny out by Fazbear Entertainment. It would also be revealed that after the events of FNAF 6, Fazbear Ent. was purchased by a new parent company. This parent company would immediately capture Vanny and Afton, usurping them as main villains, and setting them up as the true villains for the rest of Steel Wool's FNAF games.

Monty became vicious out of a fear of death.
He was probably created as an antagonist for Foxy, who had joined the good guys and thus needed a villain. Foxy is, after all, a pirate with a hook hand, thematically linked to crocodilians. (They went with an alligator instead because they're native to the United States and already have a cartoon stereotype of a Ragin' Cajun.) Props of Foxy in storage also show him in a familiar Jungle Japes environment. But when he was replaced by Roxy, before or after the place opened, Monty had no purpose and was afraid of being decommissioned, so he took out Bonnie to ensure he'd have to be kept. Getting away with this is why he wants to usurp Freddy, just as Hook's crocodile and stereotypical other predators go after humans once they've tasted their blood.

  • In spite of being generally friendly, Freddy attacks Gregory if he makes mistakes while repairing him or runs his battery down to zero. Both these actions could be equivalent to killing Freddy, so it's possible that even his "safe" AI will do anything to save his own life — in which case it's quite possible that Monty would too.

Gregory has been living in the Pizzaplex for a while now.

This troper posits that the places that looked lived in aside from Vanny's room that can be fond throught the pizzaplex is an indication that Gregory hadn't just snuck in recently and that part of the reason Vanessa first began searching for him was due to finding him in one of said locations.

Plus, Gregory doesn't seem all too surprised that the pizzaplex has an underground area filled with trash and bots, this could as well be explained by the messages that can be found through a playthrough but it could also be explained by the fact that one of the lived-in looking spots can be found when leaving the area after falling down with Chica.

  • It would explain why he’s wearing some Fazbear merchandise (taken from gift shops to replace his own worn out shoes), and why he thinks Vanessa is out to get him. As the security guard, she would already have been trying to catch him for trespassing.

Glamrock Freddy is possessed — specifically by what remains of Charlie.

First, let's compile the facts:

  • The Puppet was possessed by Charlie’s Remnant. The Puppet, in turn, was captured by Lefty and brought to the FNAF 6 fire.
  • Freddy has a similar capture mechanism as Lefty’s, repurposed as an ‘oversized birthday cake hatch’, but still able to fit a child inside. In fact, from Gregory’s ‘meat pretzel’ comment, it seems that Gregory’s arms are stored inside Freddy’s moving arms rather than the stationary stomach compartment, just like we see with the Puppet held in Lefty.
  • Freddy has several behavioural similarities to Charlie as the Puppet: A protective instinct over children, trusting a child over a security guard, and calling the FNaF 6 animatronics his friends.
  • Freddy is more resistant to reprogramming and Afton’s possession than the other Glamrocks, and has the free will to leave the Pizzaplex and live with Gregory in the good endings.
  • Heat/fire doesn't destroy Remnant. Instead, it seems to warp it, corrupting (in the sense of data corruption, not morality corruption) the souls attached and reforming them: Afton survives two fires, but the second seems to spawn Glitchtrap; the FNAF 6 animatronics survive one fire but become the animalistic Blob; and the original five animatronics were intentionally melted by Afton to create the Funtimes.
  • The Blob is seen to contain parts from many different animatronics present in FNAF 6, including Baby, Molten Freddy, and even the Puppet — but not Lefty.
All that said, here’s how I imagine the timeline:
  • The Puppet, possessed by Charlie, is captured by Lefty and taken to the FNAF 6 fire.
  • The fire warps Charlie’s Remnant and transfers it onto Lefty, destroying Charlie’s individuality and memories in the process.
  • Lefty spits out the inanimate remains of the Puppet (which are assimilated by the Blob) and escapes the FNAF 6 location.
  • Lefty is found aboveground, endoskeleton mostly unharmed, and is repurposed into Glamrock Freddy.
    • Additionally, we know Charlie isn’t in the Puppet anymore because the puppet’s mask remaining inside the Blob has no tear streaks, and the tear streaks represent Charlie’s possession.

Glitchtrap killed Vanny after being transferred into Burntrap in the true ending.

Once Vanny finished uploading Afton's ghost into the remains of Springtrap, he no longer had any hold of her, freeing Vanessa from his influence. This would be a problem, as she might decide to warn the authorities about the murderous robot zombie beneath the PizzaPlex, so he had to silence her. (However, this only happens in the true ending, which is the only ending in which Vanny has time to transfer Afton's essence and isn't more preoccupied with hunting down Gregory.)

Roxy's insecurities stem from the fact that Gregory chose Freddy, and not her.

Roxy's always had a mean competitive streak towards anyone she perceives as a threat, and fears any challenge she can't surpass. But taunting Gregory even under her corrupted programming seems harsh and contradictory while often asking "I bet I'm your favourite?" to soon bawling her eyes out when she can't catch him. In a case of What If?, had Gregory chosen to seek sanctuary with her instead, she wouldn't have descended into The Berserker but gladly protected him as much as Glamrock Freddy does. Perhaps the same could be said for the other animatronics as well.

  • Roxy has been shown to display insecurities even before Gregory meets her, hyping herself up in her room in her introductory scene. It's implied she'd be desperate for validation from anybody and that her issues predate the game's night. Furthermore, Vanny's hacking rules out the possibility of the other Glamrocks helping Gregory. Freddy is the one helping him because Freddy is the only one who didn't succumb to the reprogramming. It's also unlikely the other Glamrocks, at least Roxy and Chica, could have helped Gregory if they were safe. Gregory needed to hide, and Freddy has a hiding spot built into him, making him Gregory's choice.

The Blob is not Molten Freddy.

Alright, here is my theory. At the end of FNAF 6, Henry's plan worked perfectly; the spirits of the children were indeed released, finally able to go to the afterlife, and Afton was dragged to hell by Cassidy as expected. However, something that Henry didn't anticipate is that the agony (the negative counterpart of remnant, introduced in the Fazbear Frights books) brought by William and the remaining animatronics was far more powerful than he expected, and he didn't fade away when the fire finally stopped and the old place was nothing but ash and ruins. Instead, the remains of Molten Freddy, who was the most intact out of the FNAF 6 animatronics, came back to life in the form of a disgusting animal, filled with nothing but hatred and a large instinct for survival. They started to gather pieces and remains of other animatronics to stay alive, stuck deep underneath the remains of the old pizzeria… until the Mega PizzaPlex was constructed above them.

  • This would explain why that thing is so feral when it comes to humans; the Blob sees them as nothing but food and a source of agony/remnant to feed and survive… which would also explain why they attacked us at the end of the game. They are drawn to Gregory by sheer hunger, but also because, since they are nothing but another animatronic, they are also susceptible to Glitchtrap/Afton's control, adding another explanation on why they attacked us and not the other animatronics. Afton is using it as an attack dog against any intruder who would come disturb his slow reconstruction/resurrection… like the poor search team who investigated beneath the PizzaPlex and never came back.

  • This also means that at the end of the game, the Blob didn't attack Afton, but instead saved him and escorted him away, far from the fire and towards safety.


The Blob is not possessed by Molten Freddy, but by Cassidy.

Cassidy, as we know, didn't accept rest like the other souls, and instead dragged Afton into his personal version of Hell for her own sadistic vengeance. Unfortunately for her, Glitchtrap (a digital version of Afton) escaped and started trying to rebuild himself/bring back Afton from the afterlife. Sensing this, and being beyond pissed, Cassidy brought her spirit back to the mortal world and possessed the one animatronic that might contain enough remnant in it to sustain her possession: Molten Freddy's body. However, it wasn't enough, and so Cassidy, feeling the presence of Afton grow stronger, decided to upgrade her body, taking parts and remains of other animatronics to create a new abomination, the physical incarnation of all the hatred and agony that Afton had inflicted on the innocent children: The Blob.

Unfortunately, Cassidy was never the most pragmatic person, and her vengeance clouded most of her judgement, so when she was finally able to block Afton below the Pizzaplex and brush Vanny away, she was unable to reach him. Instead, she stayed, waiting for him to come out, like a cat waiting for a mouse to come out of its hole. This caused her to eliminate anybody who would come down there, not allowing friend or foe to reach Afton before she could… like a search team or even another kid.

This, of course, comes to an end when Gregory was finally able to burn out the hiding spot of Glitchtrap, forcing him to escape, only to be taken away by Cassidy, back to a new hell where she could torment him for all eternity. For now, at least.

After all, he always comes back.

Vanny has access to illusion disc technology.
For those of you unfamiliar, illusion discs are a plot point in the novella trilogy. They are capable of emitting a series of high-frequency pitches that overwhelm the subconscious, resulting in the perceiver seeing what they expect to see, not what something actually is. With the Twisted Animatronics in particular, they look cute and friendly at first glance, but become distorted and monstrous once the viewer knows their true nature. It is also accompanied by feelings of sickness. Vanny's Interface Screw doesn't just happen when she chases you in gameplay, but also when she bounces by earlier in the game, suggesting that it isn't just a stylistic choice, but a literal event. Said Interface Screw also is accompanied by a Drone of Dread and happens even if Vanny is not in eyeshot, such as the Lost and Found scene. This may suggest that Vanny is using similar tech while hunting Gregory. While he still sees her as a woman wearing a rabbit costume, his terror distorts his vision and makes his surroundings look red and hellish. The droning background score is actually diegetic, representing Gregory being influenced by the Brown Note. Even the blurriness could represent Gregory being nauseated by the noise. Why would Vanny use this tech? Well, it'd make it easier to grab him since he's more vulnerable. It's also established in the Fazbear Frights books that agony is the emotion that garners the strongest effects, so keeping Gregory in an extra state of terror would have bonuses.

The Blob has Remnant from Henry.
And Burntrap/William ("I always come back") being dragged off was Blob/Henry's way of saying, "And I will always be there… old friend."

Glamrock Freddy is at least partially possessed, but it's not by Charlie or by Michael, it's being possessed by the whatever the Fredbear Plush from FNAF 4 was
It's been noted at this point that Gregory bears more than a passing resemblance to Evan, with some even theorizing them to be the same person brought back through some means. Whatever the case, it would seem odd then that Gregory has no direct parallel to Evan's most iconic item, the Fredbear plush.
Except he does, except instead of being made of cotton and six being inches tall, Gregory's teddy bear is metal and about six feet.
The Fredbear plush is openly shown trying to protect Evan throughout FNAF 4, giving him advices and words of encouragement. This is a role similarly filled by Glamrock Freddy through FNAF SB. They both also seem to consider themselves their respective boy's friend, and are very protective of them.
This also explains why Freddy's eyes are yellow after rebooting (it's not just the lighting, look at the comics in the bonus ending). That's the same color as the Fredbear Plush was too!
It also might explain why Freddy's original programming seems to be mostly intact. We can assume Freddy, like the other animatronics at the PizzaPlex, has a hard AI that nears sentient levels, and his personality shown throughout the games seems to fit with what is expected. However, his protective instincts for Gregory seem something new that even he does not understand.
Assuming Gregory is a revived Evan, it makes sense that whatever the sprit in the plush was would follow him back to protect him again, and this time it has a much more powerful vessel to do so.

Luis Cabrera is the one who’d been living in the secret area by the daycare.
One of the duffle bag messages is from a person who’s desperately begging for more time to win all three Princess Quest games and save the princess. Maybe Luis put two and two together and figured out something had happened to Ness/Vanessa, and was trying to fix it. But since there’s no sign of him in the game, it can be assumed that he failed, tragically becoming just another missing person.

How did Gregory escape Vanny and wind up inside Freddy? Vanessa let him out.
One of the trailers is voiced over by Vanessa, making us think that she'll be an ally in the game. While she obviously isn't, there is also plenty of evidence that points toward her being brainwashed and still trying to resist Afton's influence. She may have had a moment of clarity and told Gregory to run from her before she lost control again.

The therapy tapes are not just recordings of Vanessa's sessions; there is another person in them who is the real mastermind behind the events at the PizzaPlex .
If you listen through all of "Vanessa's" therapy tapes in the game, you'll notice that in half of them she talks to the therapist, and in the other half she doesn't talk at all. This is because the person not talking isn't her. There are several details that point to this:
  • First, the way the therapists talks to the patient changes across tapes. They talk rather normally when we hear Vanessa. But when we don't hear Vanessa, they talk in much the same way an adult would be talk to a child. (One of the therapists even mentions to the speaking Vanessa that they work with schools.)
  • Second, the things the silent patient likes are different than what the talking patient (Vanessa) likes.
    • The talker likes being outdoors, the silent one doesn't.
    • The talker likes looking outside the window, the silent one likes the window closed.
    • The talker likes the flowers that are put in the office, the silent one doesn't
    • The talker turns down the offer of candy, the silent one goes for it immediately.
    • During inkblot tests, the talker sees a treehouse and beetle (outdoor things), while the silent one sees a mask. ​
  • Third involves their pasts. One of the tapes outright states that Vanessa's parents had a very messy divorce, with her manipulative father Bill using her to emotionally hurt her mother to the point of giving a false testimony that caused her to commit suicide. One of the therapists even mentions that they read the court file of trial. It is also clear that Vanessa is having a a bit of a nervous breakdown when talking about the trial. In the silent tapes, however, a therapist mentions something awful happening to both the patient's parents, which the patient has no problems talking about (to the point of seeming unreasonably detached from the event). Then another another therapist reveals that they looked into past files and discovered the patient had very kind and loving parents, but lied about them being abusive. If the silent person was Vanessa, any past documents (like the court files) would not have indicated that.
  • Fourth: the talk of the patient being a gifted hacker and spreading a glitch through the PizzaPlex only comes up in the silent tapes. If that person was Vanessa, then she absolutely would have been fired or arrested. If it was someone else, then it would explain why Vanessa would still have her job.

This second person is seemingly a child. They don't talk to others, and tend to self dialogue. They are an expert hacker, who was able to sneak into the PizzaPlex multiple times and spread a glitch throughout the animatronics that caused them to start going insane. They have been speaking in encoded messages with Vanessa, manipulating her into doing something. They have been seen on security footage talking to someone or something with rabbit ears. They have also lied about their past, and are incredibly detached from whatever tragic event happened to them.

It is tempting to think that this person could be Gregory, but if that was the case, then it would odd for him to be having so much trouble throughout the game when he could easily hack into the system to get what he wants.

There is, however, a character we already know who this could be: Elizabeth Afton/Circus Baby. In the Fazbear Frights stories, there is a Circus Baby like doll named Eleanor. In one story, she ends up stealing the identity of a small girl. Eleanor has a device similar to one described in The Twisted Ones, which allows her to mess with the perception of those around her, making them see her as something else. It is possible that a similar case has happened with this silent patient: Elizabeth killed a child's family and stole his/her identity. That would explain why they sound detached from the event, and why they lied about their family. It would also explain her motive behind hacking the PizzaPlex.

It is also possible that we have seen this person in game. If the patient is Elizabeth and has a similar device to create "illusions", it is entirely possible that the Vanny we see is actually her. It would explain the intense static effect that happens whenever she is present, and would also make the Roof ending where we see Vanessa staring down at Vanny quite literal.

  • You had me until the end. If Elizabeth is patient two, who has been meeting with a rabbit-like figure, that means she’s meeting with Vanny. And thus can’t be Vanny, herself.

Someone inside Fazbear Entertainment is aware that William Afton is back, and they want him for something.
Let's go over the Therapists one last time to start things off.

The first therapist actually realized there were two minds hanging out inside Vanessa's head. She learned enough to directly address the Glitchtrap part of her, Vanny, and asked uncomfortable questions while asserting she knew who it was. She probed and attempted to force a confrontation with the second mind inside of Vanessa clearly aiming to get something from it while it remained silent. Then she disappeared mysteriously and was replaced by someone else.

Each successive therapist there after grew increasingly hostile and condescending to Vanessa while prodding her past traumas. This doesn't make a lot of sense if you're trying to help someone, however if they were trying to encourage the process of Vanessa becoming the subordinate party in this relationship while William/Glitchtrap became the dominant party this would actually make sense. They're doing everything they can to push Vanessa behind her own mental defenses. They also only seem to disappear when they show some direct knowledge of Afton communicating with Vanessa making them enough of a threat for him to risk discovery of his sleeper agent by taking them out.

Following that, let's consider how Vanessa got her current job. Her application was fast-tracked by someone very high and hidden inside the Fazbear Entertainment company, even though she was the opposite of an ideal candidate. She was given access to children, equipment, and the old location where Afton's remains were hidden. There is no good reason this should have happened unless someone knew something about the situation.

Also of note, Fazbear Entertainment is still clearly piggybacking all their stars off of Afton's original designs! They're being programmed by someone else, clearly, but the same general mechanics are all in place. They've even retained the child kidnapping compartment, though it has been repurposed to do something else.

It seems pretty clear putting it all together that someone inside Fazbear Entertainment has somehow become aware that William Afton has clawed his way back into the living world. They had therapists try to force him to the surface of an innocent young woman's mind regardless of how many lives it took to do so. They even placed the person who was his unwilling host into a position that would be like heaven to William, ensuring he would act out. But they did so while trying to keep him on a leash inside an enclosed space that goes into lockdown every single night. That means whoever is behind these actions wants Afton for something, which, given he's managed to come Back from the Dead repeatedly, would make a lot of sense.

The threat Freddy was detecting when he collapsed was Vanessa/Vanny, and his glitching out accidentally saved someone besides himself.
The distraction of the performance would make it easier for Vanny to lure a child away (perhaps with an offer to sneak them backstage or something). When Freddy collapsed onstage, it ruined the show and may have forced the customers to find something else to do, something that made it impossible for Vanny to carry out any more of Afton's programming. Whether consciously or unconsciously (depending on whether you believe Vanessa is ever actually present and awake during the game), this played into her frustration with Freddy when she later finds him out of his room during her watch.

Sun and Moon only clean up messes they know to be messes.
That is, if Sun and Moon were introduced to a room that was messy when they first arrived, they wouldn't recognise it as "messy", but think it's the normal state of the room. This is why they don't clean up their own room — they are simply unaware it is "messy".

Connections between the blob and the Stitchwraith
The Blob and The Stitchwraith actually share a few connections. So in the Fazbear Fright novels the Stitchwraith is seen in the stingers, where it causes people to die from its touch, has been collecting items from the previous stories and it has multiple spirits stuck inside of it. Now look at the Blob, as heard in the game it has been stated that several workers have gone missing while excavating underneath the Pizza Plex. A ton of items in the museum section of the pizza plex have gone missing, indicating that the blob has been going through the pizza plex to collect those items to allow it to grow and get bigger. Which explains why parts of Bonnie, Chica, Mangle and endoskeleton parts have been seen inside the mass of the Blob. And lastly, it is seen that some of the eyes of the animatronics stuck inside of the blob are still lit up, which could indicate that there are still some spirits within the blob. Possibly Cassidy, Charlie and Elizabeth as they seem like the most likely suspects to still be stuck in the mass and unable to leave. Now looking back at the Sticthwraith, it is stated that due to Andrew holding onto William Afton to punish him for what he has done. Now look back at UCN, William Afton was being kept in that situation by a vengeful spirit, Cassidy. And in both situations, it leads to William escaping from coming back as a new being. So what this could suggest is that after the fire from pizzeria simulator Cassidy didn't just hold onto William, but also the other spirits nearby. Ensuring that none of them would be unable to move on and truly die, just like what happened with Afton in the Fazbear Fright Stories. What this could potentially mean, is that The Stitchwraith is the Fazbear Frights version of The Blob, and the books had been teasing the existence and plot relevance of the Blob right from the very start.
  • The Puppet's mask lacks its iconic purple tears, and we know from the Security Puppet minigame they appeared only after Charlie haunted it. This implies Charlie's soul has moved on. Baby's mask is also the only face in the Blob that doesn't have glowing red eyes, implying Elizabeth also moved on.
    • In that case, it would simply imply that it would only be Cassidy, since UCN showed her continuing to torture William, and possibly the souls of the children who in the bad ending are shown to have gone missing around the Pizza Plex, to be inhabiting the Blob in a similar way to how the Sitchwraith was operating.

Monty framed Bonnie (and Foxy) for things he did to get them decomissioned
It seems strange that Bonnie would be decommissioned due to simple damage. They seem fine to repair Monty repeatedly, so why not repair Bonnie? Why decomission and totally replace him? This means that either Bonnie was the one who attacked Monty, or Monty framed Bonnie. It seems more likely that Monty framed Bonnie, because Monty is noted as constantly going above Monty Golf and getting damaged by the Hurricane Hole-in-One, and Monty Golf is where Bonnie was last seen prior to decommission. Monty got Bonnie above Monty Golf, and then made it seem like Bonnie pushed him off. Monty's legs shattering was probably just happenstance, and to save money/effort, Monty was just given Bonnie's legs and Bonnie was decomissioned for supposedly pushing Monty. This is probably why Monty is depicted with purple feet even though everyone else is barefoot, and possibly why a his outfit is the same colour as he is (compared to everyone else- Freddy wears red and blue, Chica green and pink, Roxy purple and red) and is a gator is wearing what looks like gatorksin pants- they were all Bonnie's. Because he's noted as doing this repeatedly, it's possible he's why Foxy isn't around, either. He did the same thing to Foxy long before that he did to Bonnie, but just didn't get an upgrade because he didn't sustain enough damage (and possibly, Foxy had nothing to offer as he wasn't a performer). It's likely he planned to do this with the others as well, and not just Freddy, considering the fact he goes up there enough that there's a duffel bag notice about him going above the golf course so often.

Luis is Patient 46
He seems like a more likely candidate than Gregory, and he’s the only unaccounted-for living character. Luis has computer skills from working IT like how 46 has been hacking. 46 is implied to be talking to Vanny, so it’s possible Luis is trying to get Vanessa away from the Pizzaplex. As for those therapists killed by machinery? Vanny doesn’t want Luis talking to therapists about her, so she is sending her glitched animatronics after him and his associates. Some evidence, as compiled partly from here:
  • The therapist says 46 had a happy childhood. Meaning they are currently an adult.
  • Vanessa, who is 71, is more talkative, loves flowers and the outdoors, and only works with computers as part of her job. 46, on the other hand, doesn't speak, feels more comfortable inside with the curtains closed, is more skilled with computers, and is generally characterized as an introverted loner who prefers computers over people. Additionally, during the inkblot tests 46 sees a 'mask', which prompts the therapist to ask if he likes the feeling of being invisible or taking on another role. While this does potentially allude to Vanny, it also can be another hint towards 46 being shyer and quieter. This fits Luis, a man who has issues with loneliness and boundaries who implicitly bonded with Vanessa over his interest in IT.
  • One of the therapists notes that the chair doesn't fit 46, but it doesn't seem to be as much as an issue with Vanessa. While the initial presumption might be that the person is smaller (and thus a child), all this really indicates is that the person has a different build than Vanessa. Luis, being male, is statistically more likely to be taller than Vanessa, which would make it uncomfortable to sit in a chair that's too small for him.
  • Vanessa doesn't take the candy, saying that they have "35 calories," but 46 does without hesitation. It's implied that Luis has a particular fondness for at least chocolate, with him joking about being made to comply using chocolate chip cookies and requesting a chocolate cake for his birthday. This suggests that Luis might have a Sweet Tooth, and that his chocolate chip cookie joke might mean he has less restraint. Also, Vanessa is described as being more relaxed and sleepy, while 46 is more alert. What was the thing Luis wanted to do with Vanessa again?
  • 46 is described as "not a troublemaker at first glance, but if you read between the lines you have a rebellious side." This actually fits Luis, as he contacts Vanessa about her odd behavior on her personal email while asking her out for coffee, an act that higher-ups probably wouldn't approve of. He also lets her skirt the rules and implicitly gave her too much information while talking about IT with her on accident, which allowed her to impersonate a Senior IT member. So, it's not out of character for Luis to bend the rules, even if it's out of romantic interest.
  • 46 is mentioned as talking to someone with bunny ears. While the initial reaction might be to presume this is Glitchtrap/Burntrap or even Glamrock Bonnie, it would make sense if Luis tried to hold a conversation with Vanny to snap her out of it.
  • The therapists also mention that 46 has a habit of doing weird things around the Pizzaplex in general despite not working there, to the point of the technicians being suspicious of them. This would make sense if we're talking about Luis, who worked elsewhere, and thus would be out of place.
  • There's an adjacent theory that Luis is the ex-employee who rambles about the arcade machines, particularly about "saving the princess", and is the person living in the hole near the daycare. Some evidence for this has the person mention that 'she doesn't recognize me', implying that it's someone Vanessa would know. If you look around the area, you can see adult-sized Fazbear merchandise and glasses, implying that it's specifically an adult, not a child, living there. Another hint that Luis is the ex-employee in question is the fact that the key to her freedom is a series of games called Princess Quest, which are about, well, a princess. While the princess in those games is the player character, traditionally princesses in classic arcade games are damsels in distress and love interests who get whisked away by the villain which serves as an incentive for the hero to begin their adventure (think Princess Peach). If Luis is trying to save Vanessa, this is an apt metaphor for what he's trying to accomplish.
  • Relatedly, 46 is described as having 'fantasies.' This makes a ton of sense if Luis knew about the Princess Quest arcade machines and was trying to free Vanessa. Let's face it, trying to explain to someone "my crush is being controlled by an undead serial killer from the 80s into becoming a copycat killer and I need to play these arcade games to free her" would make anyone look bizarre. The therapists simply aren't validating it, and are treating it as more a symptom of someone having an overly active imagination, perhaps as a particularly weird Conspiracy Theorist.
  • Vanessa is both talking to Luis and "someone else" (presumably Glitchtrap). However, 46 also has odd conversations, though as possibly "the manipulator." Luis may have been trying to lure Vanny out, which may have looked weird to an onlooker without context.
  • The behavior on 46's account could not actually be their doing, but a Frame-Up. Remember, Vanessa used Luis's trust to gain Senior IT access. 46 might not be a hidden villain, but a victim of Vanessa and/or Glitchtrap setting him up to take the fallout.
Vanessa IS an Afton. but not directly related to Williams side of the family.
It is possible that she could be a great niece or a somewhat distant relative. Though there is little evidence to suggest William was not an only child.

Some of the game's glitchiness is deliberate, to attract the attention of streamers.
An important factor in the original FNAF's popularity was its appearance in streaming videos due to the visual entertainment value of jumpscares and the streamers' reactions to them. With jumpscares no longer original, making the game contain hidden bypasses and continuity breaks resulted in many more streams and videos being made.

The game contains deliberate Christian references.
  • Gregory is a historically significant Christian name, being frequently used by popes.
  • The PizzaPlex itself could represent Vanity Fair, a location in Pilgrim’s Progress, a novel that Scott Cawthon has previously written a game about.
  • The three hostile animatronics correspond to Deadly Sins:
    • Chica represents gluttony; her desire for food leads her into a trap and her voice box, connected to the mouth with which she ate, is taken from her.
    • Monty represents wrath; his claws, with which he caused harm, are taken from him.
    • Roxy represents pride and vanity; she is obsessed with her own appearance and superiority and this leads her to take a foolish risk to catch Gregory. Her eyes, that she admired herself with, are taken from her.
  • There’s a room underneath everything else that’s permanently filled with fire.

William/Burntrap was assimilated into the Blob in the true ending
It's possible that the Blob in the true ending isn't anything more than a mindless pile of wires attacking any sort of sentient being that it sees. It's stated in the game that an excavation group went down the cavern beneath the Pizzaplex and found the ambandoned Freddy's Pizza Place; given how long it's implied the Blob's been hiding down there, as noted on the fridge horror section for the game, it's possible that it killed the team and assimilated them into it (with how big it is, there's a solid chance that there's organic materic hidden inside somewhere).
This is the Blob's real reason for attacking every sentient thing it sees on sight; it's attempting to assimilate them. It was trying to do this with Gregory throughout the final boss of the true ending, and then it found Burntrap while he was chasing after Gregory, so it promptly grabbed William and dragged him off to assimilate him into its being. Given the nature of his character, William may end up mantaining personality and potentially end up in control of the being, giving him his new form for the next game.

Monty's sunglasses originally belonged to Bonnie.
We can see a child's drawing of Bonnie one room, with stars around it. While it's possible he has a star around his eye, like Glamrock Mr. Hippo, it's also possible these are sunglasses. Plus, in most of the artwork we see around the PizzaPlex (with the exceptions of Monty Golf and his party room) Monty doesn't have his sunglasses: Even in Fury's Rage, he doesn't have them. So, it's possible they were never his and he took them from Bonnie after he replaced him.

The Blob will be the main antagonist of the DLC or least the next game.
If The Blob does actually end up killing Afton off for good and takes his parts, he may end up be the series's next Big Bad alongside Vanny or Nightmare.
  • It's possible William could be able to take over the Blob after whatever's left of his mangled endoskeleton becomes part of it, making him resemble the massive black bunny goop thing seen at the end of the original Princess Quest.

Glitchtrap from Princess Quest is the original Shadow Bonnie.
In FNAF AR, Shadow Bonnie is possibly a clone of the original Shadow Bonnie. In a FNAF 3 Minigame, a version of Shadow Bonnie is purple and glitches out like Glitchtrap. Glitchtrap's appearance in Princess Quest also resembles Shadow Bonnie. This could be a coincidence, but it could mean something.

The S.T.A.F.F. bots that resembles the Afton Family may be more than an Easter Egg, and could give William Afton a Freudian Excuse/a redeeming feature.
While he is a Complete Monster, the robot's modeled after the Afton family could hint he has some care for his family, which would affect his status. It's never been confirmed or implied he was an abusive father. Although he didn't stop his employees from electrocuting her and even ordered it, it's possible he tried to bring her back. If Henry could bring Charlie back as a robot, why can't William bring Elizabeth back? This would explain why certain S.T.A.F.F. Bots resemble Baby, who is Elizabeth. In UCN, one of Circus Baby's quotes was "I guess you forgot about me, which could imply William forgot about Elizabeth possessing Baby. If a prequel is ever made, it's likely from William's POV.
  • Jossed, it seems to have been confirmed Ballora is Mrs. Afton.
  • We see a flashback of William abusing Elizabeth in Five Nights at Freddy's: The Fourth Closet, which gave her a massive complex even though she was still in kindergarten. She became so obsessed with Circus Baby that she stole her teacher's lipstick in an attempt to look like her and thus gain her father's approval. Their relationship in the present isn't much better, either. It's implied that it's not too far off from game canon, as Elizabeth is a Daddy's Little Villain who wants to make her father proud. Additionally, William not only confined his daughter to be repeatedly shocked in a dark basement but implicitly sent Michael down to CBEAR to take the heat and seemingly doesn't intervene when his children start bullying each other, implying neglect. The sort of things Michael does to the Crying Child also goes far beyond Sibling Rivalry and into downright cruelty, which, combined with his reaction, suggests that he's specifically a troubled teenager acting out rather than an inherently cruel child. Since we know what his dad is like, this can be interpreted as a hint that, at the very least, Michael witnessed his father abusing others, if not was the subject of it himself. So, if William did care about his family any, even in a twisted kind of way, it wouldn't change the fact that he's an abusive and neglectful parent both explicitly and implicitly.

The Blob is the game version of Stitchwraith.
It's possible that both have multiple beings possessing them, and both also are a mish-mash of various animatronic parts. Alternatively, it could be related to the Amalgamation at least in similarity.

Vanny is responsible for the presumed death of Glamrock Bonnie.
Fans theorize Monty was envious of Glamrock Bonnie and took him out to take his place. However, Vanny is able to hack the animatronics, so she can easily take control of, say, Monty to do the job. The animatronics being hacked is also likely the reason for things like Monty's Hair-Trigger Temper and Roxy's Inferiority Superiority Complex.

Sun is a Stepford Smiler and/or Sad Clown.
Considering how intelligent and sentient the animatronics are in this game, maybe Sun is aware of just how much people dislike it? Maybe it thinks that if it acts friendly and positive enough, people in-universe will like it, but its attempts to do so accidentally come off as forced and unnerving.

Gregory WAS the mastermind of the plan, but Vanny crossed the line.
Going off the idea that Gregory is Patient 46, he originally masterminded the plan to take over the Pizzaplex. And while he was at best aware and at worst actively responsible for the deaths of the therapists, child murder was still a bridge too far. After finding out the true depths of her goals, Gregory attempted to talk her out of it. Likely stating that he didn't intend this to really hurt anyone, and that he just wanted to have fun. Which of course is why from then on Vanny asked "Are you having fun yet?"

The only real problem is Gregory's reaction to Vanny's face in the Fire Escape ending, but given all the weirdness in that ending, it's possible he was reacting to something else. Such as the body being a fake, the eye color being wrong, etc.

The DLC will be about the night Bonnie got decommissioned.
To start, it wouldn't be too hard in terms of game mechanics to replace Freddy with Bonnie with a few changes. The security log message also shows Bonnie leaving his green room around 12:24 and entering Monty Golf at 4:12, feasibly meaning that the events of Bonnie's decommissioning started at 12 and ended around 6 — much like the events of the main game. Outright showing what happened to Bonnie would also be a good way of clearing up some of the mysteries, as there are still some unresolved plot points floating around. The DLC could be a prequel about Bonnie, whether paired with another child or Fazbear employee, or even by himself.

There has already been an investigation at Mega Pizzaplex involving kids.
In the memo "It's happening again" the writer is someone questioning why the Place is reopened. Noting that everyone remembers what happened to the kids.At face value. It can just be seen as a callback to the 1987 incident. However, the wording "Reopen" Instead of "Bring Back" makes it sound a tad like its talking specifically about Pizza Plex. Perhaps there had already been dissaperances/murders around the location that we didn't see. Possible evidence here is the newspaper Gregory is sleeping under in the bad ending. Mentioning several missing children in the area.

Patient 46 is Tape Girl.
She fills a similar niche as Luis: a character who is unaccounted for in Security Breach but has the potential to play a significant role. Her ultimate fate is left ambiguous, but judging by what happened to Jeremy and Vanessa it probably isn't anything good. Some evidence for this is the fact that in the International release the CDs are generally translated in a way that suggests 46 is intended to be female. There are also a total of 16 CDs, which is also the same number of tapes in Help Wanted. Security Breach: Fury's Rage provides further evidence with its Dual Boss "The VR Sisters". Since that game featured Foreshadowing for multiple plot points (such as The Reveal the Pizzaplex was built on top of the Pizzeria Simulator), this could be symbolism for both Tape Girl and Vanessa: two women who are connected by the fact that they were exposed to Glitchtrap.

The "Princess Quest" minigames are essentially a Soul Jar for Vanessa.
So, why exactly does playing the games free Vanessa from Glitchtrap's control? Simple. Glitchtrap somehow took something from her, either part of her consciousness or her actual soul, and placed it inside the games. Why would he do such a thing? It'd make her easier to control. Vanessa is, well, reluctant, so he'd have a piece of her to practically keep hostage in order to get some more leverage over her. The steel door seen in Help Wanted and "Princess Quest III" represents Glitchtrap 'sealing' her away. It's also suggested that the arcade games are alive in some of the notes, which can be another hint to the idea that Vanessa is being partly stored inside one. This also explains the Fire Escape ending's Stinger, as Vanessa is technically already haunting the games, so killing her body doesn't necessarily kill her.

So when Gregory beats all three games, it reopens the steel door and frees Vanessa's soul, which in turn causes her to be restored back to normal.

The Arcade Easter Egg was not Monty's doing
Usually Easter Eggs are so abstract that it's impossible to fit them in-universe, but this is an actual level in the actual game. How could Monty have reasonably put that there? His lines don't reflect a desire for fame, and the fact that Bonnie could leave his room at all is incredibly bizarre.

The in-universe explanation for the glitches in the game
The bugs and glitches that, along with countless other reasons, make the game the worst game in the series (subjectively) are caused by, you guessed it, Glitchtrap. He is able to not only brainwash people, but bend reality to his will, although he has yet to perfect this ability.

Moon does not actually kill Gregory when it catches him.
Since it treats Gregory like one of the kids it watches over, it tries to forcefully put him to sleep. Since Sun still acts “normally” trying to play with Gregory and making sure he’s happy, maybe Moon is trying to carry out its protocol in ensuring the kids are sleeping.
  • To add to this: if Moon doesn't kill Gregory, then why does being caught cause a Game Over? Because Gregory being asleep allows Vanny or one of the hostile animatronics to catch up to him.

The Glamrock animatronics represent a Four-Element Ensemble.
  • Freddy represents earth. He is a bear, an animal that lives in the woodlands. As the only animatronic to resist Vanny's hacking, and therefore the only stable one, he's the most grounded.
  • Chica represents air. She's a bird, an animal that flies. She's colored white, a color associated with the element of air. And her personality is light and bubbly.
  • Monty represents water. He's an alligator, an animal that swims underwater. His in-universe advertising portrays him as a Mellow Fellow, but the truth is, he's actually temperamental and destructive. This is similar to how water can be peaceful (lakes, ponds) or destructive (floods, tsunamis, hurricanes.)
  • Roxanne represents fire. She wears red, a color associated with fire, she has a wild hairstyle that looks a bit like flames, and she's associated with motor vehicles. She also has a wild and rough personality.
    • But everything changed when Roxanne attacked.
    • The above sentence is particularly ironic when one recalls that the alleged Token Evil Teammate of the Glamrocks is Monty, not Roxy.

    "Ruin" DLC Guesses 
At least a part of the DLC's story will involve saving the Glamrocks.
The first teaser for the DLC is called "Chica Chowda", and the next teaser shows Chica still alive, albeit looking worse for wear, so Chica is likely to have a big role. One YouTube comment suggested Chica being our guardian in this DLC, as she and the others are (presumably) free from Afton's control. In addition to saving Gregory, Chica and the new protagonist will also likely try to find and help Monty and Roxy as well.

The teased protagonist is there to save Gregory.
If you look at the teaser image, it shows a series of screens with Gregory on them, one with the caption "HELP ME." Maybe the DLC's premise is that Gregory is once again captured — whether by Vanny, what's left of William, or something else entirely — which prompted her to go into the ruins of the Pizzaplex to find him. Perhaps she's a fellow street kid who noticed his disappearance, and, after realizing that no one else would help, decided to risk life and limb to save him?

The DLC starts where the Burntrap ending left off.
Freddy and Gregory fail to escape and get buried underground, with Gregory managing to activate the security cameras to gain attention.

Vanessa is the DLC's player character.
Vanessa has several Dummied Out voice lines that could hint at her originally being intended as playable, including grunts of exertion. She's also conspicuously absent from the True Ending, and still has some mysteries surrounding her. The possible protagonist in the teaser looks like she could feasibly be a blonde, so one possibility is that she's less literal and more symbolic of a younger Vanessa, possibly at the age where she claims to have been coerced into testifying against her mother. "Ruin" also fits FNAF's perchant for the Double-Meaning Title, as it can both describe the literal ruins of the PizzaPlex as well as Vanessa's trauma from both Glitchtrap and her possible Dark and Troubled Past.

Related to the above, the girl is Vanessa's relative, most likely sister or niece.
If Vanny is a separate character from Vanessa and bears a resemblance to her, she must be her sister and by extension the mother of that girl, or the younger sister of both.

Chica might be repaired.
Earlier teaser images of the DLC centered on Chica, which may indicate that she might be repaired by the girl or someone else, and assist her in helping Gregory.

Montgomery will become The Atoner.
It will be revealed he really did murder Glamrock Bonnie pre-hacking, and he will acknowledge that he got what he deserved, and he wants to make up for it by saving Gregory and (possibly) Freddy.

Sun and Moon will come back as one.
Their AIs will have basically melted into eachother, joining their worst qualities into a whole new personality — Eclipse.

Ruin will be a more intense horror experience in comparison to the main game.
A common criticism of Security Breach is that it isn't as scary as past games. Some things point to the DLC possibly addressing this by upping the potential fear factor:
  • Unlike the main game, we are not in a Crapsaccharine World indoor amusement park, but a ruined and abandoned building. No more will we be in a neon-lit setting, but instead a dark area full of Scenery Gorn.
  • Because the Pizzaplex presumably has low lighting, it'll mean you may have to rely on a flashlight more often, allowing for enemies to more easily sneak up on you.
  • Speaking of the enemies, they not only start out withered but, if Chica is any indication, look worse. It's possible we may see a lot more animatronic Body Horror.
  • While it's speculated that Chica will play a similar role to Freddy in the main game, it's still, well, speculation. It's entirely possible at this stage we have no one to help us. No comic relief or fun bonding moments with a Parental Substitute, just you and you alone dealing with this. This would also mean a lot of Freddy's mechanics are altered or removed for obvious reasons.
  • If you combine this with the 'Vanessa as player character' theory, this can offer potential disturbing sequences Through the Eyes of Madness.
    • Confirmed in the interview with Steel Wool, although we still don't know what to expect.

Gregory will still be playable
We have the teaser showing a young girl, but no actual gameplay footage on how the DLC will play out. She may be a Red Herring for what to expect and instead could be a secondary character for the game.

Guesses for the identity of the girl in the teaser
  • One of the previous games' characters reborn (be it Charlie, Cassidy or even Elizabeth), possessing someone else's body or an artificial one.
  • A normal girl who came to the Pizzaplex for the same mysterious reasons as Gregory, merely designed to resemble one of the previous characters just as Gregory was designed to resemble the Crying Child.
  • A younger version of Vanessa, manifesting in the crazed eyes of a still-possessed Vanny.
  • A friend or sibling of Gregory's, who may have even helped him enter the pizzeria in the first place and entered to look for him when he didn't come out before midnight.
  • Patient 46, overlooking the damage her tampering with the pizzeria caused before being attacked by Animatronics.