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The competitors of the Fighting Masters tournament are gods.
  • Just think about it for a while: The characters are the strongest of their respective races, and are depicted as colossal sixty-something-feet giants, weighing thousands of pounds. But then, why do they appear as normal-sized in actual gameplay? Probably the Primaries shrunk them so they can't destroy the arenas with their "massive" wrestling moves, and to appreciate the "fights" better.

Kyubey is a Primary
  • Just because... No WMG page would be complete without a mandatory Madoka-related guess.

    On a (barely) more serious note, we know that the Primaries are depicted as an 'Omnipotent' race (Which probably eplains why Kyubey returns every time he's killed), so it is very likely that the Fighting Masters tournament were just one of many projects they had in mind (Because being omnipotent and all can be very tedious, y'know), so, after relocating the surviving race, they head to Earth to start a new chapter on their book of Almighty beings. This new project? Contract young girls, turn them into Magical Girls and make them hunt them, just for fun.

    So, wouldn't this imply that the Primaries are witches?

The surviving race is to be relocated on Earth.
  • And this relocation took place in prehistoric times, before men settled in cities. From this there are varied outcomes, depending on the winner:

    D I O: Being humanoid plants, they probably spread their seeds all over the world, giving birth to the jungles and tropical forests; D I O's race of man eating plants probably de-evolved into the Venus Flytraps we know today.

    Dirk: His manly race seems to be composed of aryan men, so they were placed in Europe, where they evolved faster than the average Homo Sapiens, giving birth to the Greek, and later the Etruscan and Roman civilizations.

    Equus: His race of Humanoid horses were relocated in North America and Eurasia thousand of years ago, right before the continents separated, they de-evolve into the horses we know today.

    Goldrock: His race of rock monsters were relocated in Egypt, and inspired humans to build the pyramids and the Sphynx. Ra, Anubis and several other Egyptian gods were their descendants.

    Grinder: Probably those who created him belonged to a race of super-intelligent people, and they were relocated in the island of Atlantis. Unfortunately all their technology and culture was lost when the island disappeared Under the Sea.

    Mastodon: His race of humanoid elephants were relocated right in the boundary between Africa and Asia, before the continents separated, but they de-evolved into the elephants we know today. The Hindi God Ganesh was probably Mastodon's descendant.

    Morin: Her female-only race was probably relocated in Greece, from which the Myth of the Amazons was born.

    Phoenix: His race of humanoid bat-winged eagles was able to colonize Earth thanks to their ability to fly, but they were repelled by humans and, after thousand of years, they took different paths in evolution: some of them became the eagles we know today, the most unfortunte ones de-evolved into bats.

    Rotundo: His race of humanoid jellyfish were spread all ove the oceans of the world, from which they de-evolved into the most strange sea creatures we know, such as octopi, squids and, of course, jellyfish.

    Uppercut: Possibly his race of Cyclops are the ancestors of the cyclops of the Classical Mythology, they also taught boxing and Greco-Roman wrestling to prehistoric humans.

    Xenon: His race of dragons served an inspiration for any story and legend involving dragons in Europe and China, given these places are where they were placed.

    Zygrunt: His race of humanoid Lobsters were relocated in Europe, in the Mediterranean Sea, unfortunately the oceans of Earth were not adequate for them, and according to the Theory of Natural Selection they became almost extinct, only a few evolved into the lobsters, crabs, and other crustaceans we know today. This, however, gives place to stories of legendary monsters such as Leviathan, or Kraken.

    Valgasu: Although he won, the Primaries punished him for all his crimes by letting his race of humanoid bulls be exterminated by the red sun turned Super Nova, and he became the Last of His Kind, was relocated in the Island of Minos, where we was known as a legendary monster, The Minotaur.

    And the rest is history.

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