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Everything beginning with Pam Ewing waking up to see Bobby in the shower, including the two reunion movies, is just a dream.
There is no plausible way that Pam could have dreamed a full season of episodes in eight to nine hours of sleep. Also, she would have to have known that there was a mysterious woman stalking Bobby before the "dream season" began, and we saw no hint of that at the time.

But it is acceptable for everything seen by viewers since the end of the "dream season" to be the dream of a comatose person who has been unconscious since 1986. Perhaps someone shot J.R. and was successful.

This is supported by the fact that the dream revelation was ignored by the spinoff series Knots Landing.

  • Jamie and Sue Ellen were both in explosions just before Pam woke up from her 'dream'. Maybe it's one of them. It's most likely Sue Ellen because she was a major character. The scene with her explosion showed her walking into the room and then cut to an exterior shot of the window exploding...

J.R. Ewing wasn't really suicidal at the end of the series.
I don't buy J.R. as somebody who can be told what to do. Especially not by some figment of his imagination. But he was freaked out by his hallucination, and in the end took up violence against it by shooting the mirror instead of himself.
  • Effectively Jossed in light of the 2012 reboot series.

John Ross is not J.R.'s biological child but Elena Ramos is.
Elena has been around Southfork her entire life and she'd certainly be the right age to be the result of one of J.R.'s affairs. She clever and good at finding oil, Sue Ellen has taken a shine to her and it would make a very satisfying end to the Bobby/J.R. feud if their children (who are not biologically related to each other) end up together. Obviously neither Elena nor J.R. are aware of this at this point.

As for John Ross (who could be Cliff's son afterall) it would be equally satisfying to see his talk about being a real Ewing to Christopher blow up in his face.

  • Well, we now know that John Ross isn't Cliff's son, because Rebecca is Cliff's daughter.
    • Satisfying? Sounds like incest if the children of two brothers end up together.

The creators' long-term goal is to Pass the Torch to the younger generation (Christopher, John Ross, Elena, etc.).
Hence Bobby's intestinal cancer and J.R.'s (allegedly) weakened health.
  • At very least, have them take over if and when the actors from the original show meet their inevitable end, and have in a good justification for their demise.

John Ross will take several levels in Magnificent Bastard next season.

With the news that Larry Hagman is dead, this is about the only way to prevent the series from becoming a real snooze-fest real quick.

  • Well they'll probably put Cliff on to regular because he's the closest to one at the moment because John Ross is blinded by his love of Elena and one thing that never pulled JR down that he didn't care if he hurt anyones feelings love or anything he only managed to get women because he's JR
    • jossed as John Ross took several levels in bastardary and Cliff's in jail

A number of characters in Revolution watched this show before the blackout occurred.
If Jeremy Baker is familiar with
One Life To Live, then it's not a stretch that a number of the older characters in the cast are familiar with this show.

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