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Tear Jerker / Dallas

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  • In The Early Years, Jock goes to visit his mentally-unstable wife, Amanda, after Ellie asks him to marry her. He tearfully tells Amanda that while he still loves her, he'll have to get a divorce because he has to marry someone else. Amanda is blissfully unaware of what is happening, and simply stares out at the sky as he tells her that he'll always support her no matter what.
  • J.R. going through his emotional turmoil after confirming Jock Ewing's death.
  • Bobby Ewing's death, even if it did codify All Just a Dream.
    • While everyone else had the usual emotions, J.R.'s expressions were priceless, and solidly in the "this can't be happening" range.
    J.R.: Don't do this to me, Bobby. Don't leave me.
  • In 2012's "Revelations", J.R. to an unconscious and critically ill Bobby:
    J.R.: Come on, wake up, you hear me? Wake up and you get better. And you keep fighting. You keep fighting me! Now I'm gonna tell you something you never heard me say before: I love you Bobby, and I don't know who I'd be without you.
  • Bobby breaking down and crying after J.R.'s funeral.
    • Just J.R.'s funeral in general.
  • Pambecca miscarrying her twins. Cliff's move of ordering the explosion on the rig, even after finding out she was on there, definitely means he's crossed the Moral Event Horizon
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  • Six words: "I shot your father, John Ross."
  • This, for John Ross, after Sue Ellen wrongly suspects him of sleeping with his secretary Candice, and later lashes out at him ,while drunk, no less.
    Sue Ellen: Once a cheater, always a cheater. I should have learned that lesson the first time around.
    John Ross: You don’t know what you’re talking about, Mama. Yeah, yeah, Candace was in my office and the crazy bitch was all over me. And I turned her down!
    Sue Ellen: BULLSHIT! I know what I saw!
    John Ross: You don’t know, because you’re drunk! I am telling you the truth!
    Sue Ellen: Even drunk, I know the sound of a lie, and you are an expert at it, just like your father.
    John Ross: I AM NOT MY FATHER!!! Are you so hell-bent on punishing J.R. for his sins that you’re willing to destroy the relationship with your only son? Damn it, I need you Mom, and you sided with them. I’m your son. You remember that? Or are you too damn addled to remember who I am? [Reaches for the bottle, holds it up] Why are you doing this to yourself again, huh?
    Sue Ellen: [Sobbing] Don’t you get it? You did this to me. You and your father.
    John Ross: No, Mama. You did this to yourself. You’re so busy seeing the ghost of J.R. in me that you cannot stop to take a hard look in the damn mirror. You want me to take responsibility for my actions? Then you take responsibility for yours. [Walks away, leaves the house, slams the door behind him]
  • Meta: The 1981 death of Jim Davis (no, we do not mean the comic artist who created Garfield), who played Jock Ewing.
    • Barbera Del Geddes's passing in 2005.
    • Larry Hagman's death in 2012.
    • Ken Kercheval's death in 2019.

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