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  • During the "Dream Season", J.R. gave Bobby the best salute possible: he arranged for Bobby to be posthumously named Oil Man of the Year at the annual Oil Barons' Ball.
  • Also during the "Dream Season", J.R. and Sue Ellen's reconciliation, when he apologizes for "taking her for granted".
  • At the end of Season 10, when Wendell buys the Ewing Oil building, he tries to remove Jock's portrait. J.R. pointedly stops him, then takes it himself, shows it to his son John Ross, and says, "This is Ewing Oil."
  • J.R.'s funeral is full of both this and Tear Jerker moments, often combining the two.
    • It’s also a fictional heartwarming moment involving real-life people, with respects being paid by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, and Dallas Mayor (at the time) Mike Rawlings.

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