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Drake is The Prisoner
This theory is as old as The Prisoner. They are very similar characters, though there are a few differences. Drake, for example, doesn't drink, but Number Six does. Drake is generally more mild-mannered than the very intensely angry Number 6. Of course, these could be easily explained by Drake being under stress due to being trapped in The Village. (It should be pointed out that Patrick McGoohan stated that Drake isn't Number 6, but he was a bit of a contrary fellow, and anyway, what would he know?)

There is a link between The Village of "Colony 3" and The Village of The Prisoner.
"Colony 3" features a seemingly innocuous English-style village set up in an unnamed Communist nation. Even though it's purpose is explained early in the episode, and lacks the surrealist touches of Number Six's prison, they are rather reminisent of each other. Perhaps it was a test-run for the real thing?

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