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Beetleborgs Metallix ends without resolution because the monsters finally ate the kids.
Once the Beetleborgs no longer existed, the door to the 2-D universe was sealed, meaning the Crustaceans could no longer sustain their existence.

Alternatively, the series' resolution happened offscreen...
...And it was with Zordon's energy wave destroying the Crustaceans and taking away the Beetleborgs' powers once and for all.
  • While the former is possible, the latter is iffy. Unlike the original powers, the Metallix powers aren't explicitly connected to the Crustaceans or vice versa, both sets having been independently created from one another (unlike the Magnavores, the Crustaceans were all created individually by Les). It's entirely possible they could continue to exist even if the Crustaceans were wiped out.

Those early ads where all this originated from space...
...Are of the in-universe comic, which would of course have a different story from the show.

Beetleborgs will receive a reboot adapting Kamen Rider Kabuto
  • Why not? Saban has filed a trademark, plus the costumes are pretty much unknown in the US.
    • Let's hope Hasbro remembers they may have scored these trademarks now...

In this universe, the Metal Heroes are the equivalent of Valiant Comics to the established Marvel and DC

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