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Nightmare Fuel / Beetleborgs

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  • With his Uncanny Valley makeup, the actors' sometimes desperate enthusiasm, and some occasional Special Effects Failure, Flabber himself can be quite off putting.
  • The Hillhurst monsters have more than a few times expressed the desire to feast upon the children and half of those times they have tried to act upon that desire. Its also questionable whether those kids are their first targets.
  • A particular scene from one episode where there's someone playing the organ, someone sneaks up to take a closer look and touches the mysterious figure on the shoulder, when we get a look at the figure playing the organ we see that it's the phantom who turns around and cackles maniacally like Jack Nicholson's Joker.
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  • Shadowborg is this. Not only is he powerful, his only wit or humor more or less deadpan mocking of the heroes as he makes it clear he's got them dead to rights and is just playing with them at that point. He's also the first villain who's attack on the town is played dead seriously and is actively aiming at people. Especially in contrast with the rest of the first season.
  • While partially Played for Laughs, the reveal that Mums was mummified alive by a jealous priest is kind of horrifying.
  • There's just something genuinely intimidating about Nukus. Especially compared to the Magnavores. Particularly the fact he flat out tries to kill Flabber.


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