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  • Ear Worm: Big! Bad! Beetleborgs!
  • Ending Fatigue: It's impressive that a show with No Ending can suffer from this, but after the Astral Coins saga, the show kind of loses its drive. Many of the episodes following it are just the Beetleborgs and Crustaceans fighting and summoning their Humongous Mecha, who also fight each other. Most of the final episodes don't even feature a unique Monster of the Week.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • Dr. Frankenbeans showing genuine love to Frankenbeans is this, especially given that how the monster was treated by Dr. Frankenstein in the original story.
    • In the episode "Mega Borg Power," the Beetleborgs trick the Crustaceans into losing the Astral Ax. The Titanium Silver Beetleborg gets ahold of it and Boron switches to the good guys. Before they team up to fight Repgillian, Boron states that he'd prefer fighting on the side of good instead of evil.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Trent Mercer, the White Dino Thunder Ranger, has the same civilian power as Josh Baldwin, the white Beetleborg.
    • Fangula, in an episode where he can see the future, predicts the Cubs will never win the World Series. Come 2016...
  • Idiot Plot: There would be no villains in the show if Flabber had not, by his own admission, "made a boo-boo". (There would be no heroes if the three main characters had not succumbed to peer pressure and gone to the haunted house, but children do that sort of thing all the time).
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  • The Scrappy: Little Ghoul is abrasive and troublesome, but for some, the episode "Who's That Ghoul" really pushes her into Scrappy territory. She has done nothing for the protagonists but gotten them chased by the house monsters, but when a bounty hunter comes looking for her- for a crime she definitely committed- Flabber and the Borgs go to great lengths to defend her.
  • Spiritual Adaptation: Has one in PJ Masks, and the closest you'd get to having an animated adaption of the show.
  • Stock Footage Failure: It's very noticeable in the first season, due to the fact that the Sonic Lasers would change color during the same fight in certain episodes. The US prop was a red/purple color scheme, like the US toys (which were changed for safety reasons). While in the B-Fighter footage, the gun props were silver and black, like a real fire arm (with the exception of the big blue keypad on the side). The Data Lasers were less noticeable due to the US props not being changed from the silver-and-black scheme. They were changed for the toy again, this time colored white and blue.
    • At least one episode showed the Beetleborgs defeating the Monster of the Week in US footage with the plain Sonic Lasers- and when they cut to a B-Fighter shot of the monster exploding, the Beetleborgs were then shown holding the Sonic Laser Sabers!


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