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Alternatively, the Alien isn't tougher, the tech is weaker.
Aliens die easily enough in the second LV426 incident, but that's set about half a century after the events of this game. Weapons technology simply improved more, which is why the marines can oneshot xenomorphs with shotguns or roast them with flamethrowers.
  • It's also possible that all the ammo available on Sevastapol might be reduced loads; we know that weapons and ammo are permitted (there are several adds for an ammo brand called "Hornet" throughout the station's public areas), so it might be that the only ammo permitted is very low powered to reduce the risk of someone accidentally damaging something important or putting a hole in a window.
    • Well, Gorman stated that the M-41A pulse rifle's ammo was "Ten millimeter explosive-tip caseless. Standard light armor-piercing round." That means that the M-41A pulse rifles were sporting ammo that was designed to punch through armor. Gorman is seen later on in the film, while trying to rescue Vasquez, firing off a handgun with the gunshots bouncing off the alien's dome. This suggests that Gorman's gun had regular ammo while the M-41A had ammo that could cut a xenomorph in half. So the above possibility exists, since the game takes place on a space station in the middle of space. Having ammo on board that could cause potential damage to systems and puncture the hull would not be the best of ideas (but turned out not to be the best idea anyway against the alien or even normal enemies anyway).
if there is a direct equal, or DLC set immediately after the end of the main story, and the initial environment appears to have more advanced technology, there could be in-universe justification without involving a time skip (which probably wouldn't fit in the timeline anyway) the M-class Startship (Nostromo, Torrens) are slightly Dated Commercial haulers/transports, where-cost efficiency and other concerns come FAR ahead having bleeding edge gear (not to mention technology developing in different areas at different rates to OUR timeline, ala Advanced Biotech and AI,both required for teh more advanced androids in the series while most PERSONAL computer tech is clunky), and sevastapol is a dated, dilapidated station, in a 2nd rate location, built by a second rate company.
the most likely ID for the ship that MAY have picked up Amanda is a Modern,Top-of-the-line W-y ship, the Torrens likely being initially dispatched since it was ready to go and fueled/supplied at the time, also explaining its VERY lucky timing, since it probably left shortly after the torrens, and the company wanted to have a Plan B this time.anyone got any thoughts? might be fun to start watering our epiliptic trees, and try and outguess the developers!
  • Such a setup even has an element of Truth in Television to it. Real Life spaceships do not have bleeding edge computer equipment on them, instead relying on comparatively more primitive technology to function. The reason being that their reliability is a known quantity and that they're much more durable. Perhaps the hypothetical ship proposed above, though still fairly new, is still technologically behind the times compared to more Earthbound technology in the setting.
The xenomorph (or xenomorphs) that hatched from Marlow's wife turned into a queen.
We know that drones can turn into queens under the right circumstances, so it might be that it sensed that there were enough hosts to form a hive and developed into a queen inside the reactor. Ripley just never ran into her.
  • Wordof God seems to support this; Gary Napper stated here that they intended for a Queen to be responsible for the eggs, but were unable to find a way to put a Queen in the game without detracting from the focus on horror and the first Alien film (because players would want a boss battle against the Queen, which would be more like Aliens than Alien).
Verlaine survived
In the final part of the game, Amanda tries to get in touch with Verlaine, only to encounter the game's final xenomorph, implying that Verlaine was killed. However, it's possible that Verlaine was hiding from the creature, and couldn't answer Ripley for fear of being discovered. Once Amanda and the xenormoph were ejected from the Torrens, Verlaine quickly did a scan of the ship to ensure there were no more aliens aboard, and then flew over to pick Amanda up, and the two of them (along with navigator/communications officer Conner, if he survived) headed back to Earth.
  • I'd say this is the only version of events that makes sense. In Aliens Amanda is mentioned as dying of natural causes years later so she must have been rescued and it's hard to imagine any ship other than the Torrens getting there in time to do so. Plus the only other ship likely to come would be another Wayland Yutani ship which would have captured the Xenomorph before rescuing Amanda (if they bothered to rescue her at all) and in Aliens they still don't have a specimen. My guess would be Amanda cooked up some story so Wayland Yutani wouldn't believe she knew anything about the origin of the Xenomorphs, hence why they didn't find the Space Jockey's ship until after Ellen Ripley was found.
    • Assuming that the information given to Burke about Amanda Ripley's death was real. Also, due to the Digital Series that was released that adapted the game and continued the story after the events of the game, Amanda spent hours trying to contact the Torrens after using the airlock with no luck, indicating that the implied death of Verlaine is canon. Amanda was rescued by another vessel and taken to Mendel Station (setting up the events of the Alien: Blackout).

The Alien is a teenager and the Hive is a frat house.
spoiler: think of it from the Alien's perspective: when you descend into the Hive, and begin messing around in it, you are breaching an area that the Xeno's made specifically to get drunk, have Pre-marital sex and impregnate people. then you activate the core explosion and all the Guys that he was just hanging with a minute ago, all explode for no reason. no wonder he's pissed. you ruined Friday night Football.You just don't see the TV because it's hidden, deep in the bowels of the hive. you bastard
If a sequel is made, it will start out stealthy, but the final act will gradually escalate into something more action-oriented.
At first, Amanda (or whoever replaces her) will be just as helpless as they were in the first game and reliant on stealth and gadgets to keep the Alien(s) off her back. Towards the end, however, they'll find a cache of Colonial Marine quality weaponry and mow their way through the growing hordes of Aliens. It won't last, however and the climax will be a cat and mouse between a now ammo-depleted Amanda and the surviving swarm, possibly even the Queen herself.
  • So, basically what was done with Aliens, taking the haunted house/horror movie aspect of the story and add action into the mix. Would be more interesting if a second game actually has you assume the role of Newt during the events of Hadley's Hope being taken over by the xenomorphs, forcing you to witness the horrors of what happened to her family, friends and other colonists in first person, all the while still retaining much of the first game's stealth gameplay.
Amanda has lung problems.
Assuming that Weyland Yutani are telling the truth and Amanda did die of cancer at the age of 66, then it makes sense why she starts seeing red when she holds her breath in the lockers. She has lung problems and eventually develops lung cancer and perishes from it.
The Alien on the Torrens at the end is the "main" Alien
It's thematically fitting that the very last xenomorph to appear in the game was the same one that threatened Amanda throughout the story, in part because it's been stated that the reason it keeps hunting Amanda is because it's grown to resent her, personally, as an individual, out of a sense of injured pride from being unable to kill her for so long because she keeps outsmarting it. The one that was dropped into the gas giant as part of Waits' trap was a different xenomorph, since it's well-established that there's dozens of aliens on Sevastopol by the end. This final Alien was also the one that first appears when Amanda is trying to detach the Torrens from Sevatopol.