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  • Sometimes, the Working Joes will do a little dance which looks like the "She's A Maniac" routine from Flashdance.
    • Ash was seen to do this, seemingly to fight off cold, in the original film.
  • After he jettisons you from the main ship, you tell Waits that you want to "discuss" the ethics of his actions. This is immediately followed by you finding a shotgun.
  • Working Joes' condescending threats sometimes descend into Black Humor, particularly if they nag you about how they're not going to chase you into vents.
    "You and I are going to have a talk about safety."
    • Working Joe, meet Alien. "What are you?"
    • After receiving a pretty brutal beating from Samuels:
      "Weyland-Yutani synthetic registered. Attempted unauthorized access."
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    • Shooting them will occasionally have them say "Really?" in an exasperated tone.
    • If killed, they may sometimes utter a completely random "To sleep, perchance to dream."
    • One of their "giving up searching" lines is, "They're gone. How inconsiderate."
  • Sometimes, while hiding from it in a locker or in a corner, if you're lucky, you'll catch a glimpse of the Xenomorph walking past in its typical animation cycle with an added bonus... as it pulls away, a traffic safety cone seems to have gotten stuck on its tail.
  • There's a certain spot in the game where a hallway has a stack of crates that you can crawl though, but the Xenomorph inexplicably can't—it won't even try to jump above them. It can bypass it by using the vents, but it still makes for a very fun way of teasing it by moving back and forth between the crates.
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  • If you throw a noisemaker or flare, and both the Xenomorph and a Working Joe see it, the Joe will ask the Xenomorph "Is this yours?" or if it wants to tell the Joe where it came from. It can be quite amusing.
  • When heading to the detachable Gemini lab, you can find a child's toy robot in a break room that talks when you get close to it. After asking standard kid questions about playing games, drawing pictures, singing songs, and the like, it starts to spout Seegson propaganda.
    "Seegson androids are designed to help."
    "When I grow up, I want to be a Seegson android."
    "Have you tried using Seegson crayons?"
  • Right before you find the bolt gun in the Engineering Decks, you come across a bulletin board with three letters of complaint on it and an angry message from Chief Porter underneath them, reading: "I don't want to receive another of these. STOP fucking weaponizing the tools!", which suggests that messing with the tools is a favourite pastime for bored engineers.


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