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  • When you are looking for Samuels in chapter 12, you see him interacting with one of the hostile Working Joes. When it refuses to help him, he beats it down with his bare hands in 2-3 seconds flat, implying that all of the dead Working Joes you saw in this level — including the ones that had been torn in half or had their heads ripped off — were his doing.
    • Samuels in general, who is one of only a handful of synthetics in main Aliens canon not to turn on the protagonist at the behest of Wayland-Yutani. Out of everyone he is one of the few AI to actively assist humans against the xenomorphs. Here's to you Samuels.
  • Amanda escaping the now freefalling Gemini labs module: She turns on the airlock, hurriedly puts on a spacesuit, and lets herself be shot out towards the space station, all within a couple of minutes.
  • That wonderful feeling of power when you pull out your flamethrower and the xenomorph hesitates to approach you. It's short-lived, but after seeing the alien being basically invulnerable, this feels amazing.
    • There's even an achievement/trophy for it: "Back off!"
  • The scene of Sevastopol dying is Scenery Porn at its finest.
  • The introduction to the Xenomorph. Ripley and Axel have just run away from some guys and find a quiet area. Suddenly, Axel hears a sound and sees some sticky stuff on his arm. It goes dead quiet...and then a tail bursts through Axel's chest and carries him into the vent. Ripley goes to activate a tram, which seems to take forever, while you wait in a nearly pitch black room while the Alien continues to shriek in the distance and the music builds and builds and builds. And with that, the Alien became terrifying again.
  • Well, hello, Sigourney Weaver. Welcome back. We have missed you.
  • When going through the hive, unhatched eggs will open if you get too close. If your timing is good, you can melee the facehungers coming out, killing them with a single hit from the maintenance jack, and making Amanda the only human in the entire Alien franchise who has killed a facehugger in melee combat.


  • After the horrible mess that Aliens: Colonial Marines degenerated into, Creative Assembly single-handedly washed most of the bitter taste from the fanbase's mouth, in a unfamiliar genre to boot!
    • Not to mention delivering one the finest displays of Enemy A.I. ever put into a game. Completely unscripted, yet never coming across as dumb as a result, it keeps you on edge for the entire game as to when it will show up. And that's before you realize that it learns from your behavior patterns and playstyles.
    • To prove the development team went the distance, their developer diaries mention that they got access to the original source material. Fox released the original soundbank, props, and set photos so that the artists and sound designers had a solid reference for everything about the aesthetics they could translate into the game design. They even got the original voice cast for both in-game audio logs and the DLC involving stories on the Nostromo (save for Ian Holm as Ash).
    • The fact the Creative Assembly, rather only known for creating the strategy franchise Total War, managed to create a fine survival horror is already awesome enough.
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  • Beating Nightmare Mode. There's no achievement for it, but you go ahead and give yourself a round of applause anyway. The game wasn't even trying to be fair, and you still won.
  • The "My Turn" achievement. Yes, it IS possible to kill a Working Joe with melee attacks. If you sneak up behind them, you can get in a hit or two easily before they can fight back — simply run and hide, then sneak up on them again until they go down. And once you do, you get a nice, shiny virtual reward that all your gaming friends can see.


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