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Visual Novel / fault - SILENCE THE PEDANT

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fault - SILENCE THE PEDANT is a Cinematic Visual Novel with Point and Click Adventure elements that takes place 5 years before the events of fault milestone one. After her grandfather, the Royal Guardian to the king, loses his life in the line of duty, Ritona starts to become disillusioned with the notion of honor and duty to serve one’s country.

Why would one devote their life to a King or a Princess that ultimately has no emotional bearing to their lives? What is honor, and what is devotion? What does it mean to be patriotic?

A 14-year-old successor to the title of Royal Guardian struggles with these questions.

The demo is currently available to play on Steam, with the full game set to release when it is ready.


fault - SILENCE THE PEDANT provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Cool Loser: Despite being at the top of her class at manakravte and qualifying to take the Fectolle Exam, Ritona still doesn't have many friends. This could also be because her peers feel intimidated by her, or simply because she thinks making friends is too much of a hassle.

  • Famous Ancestor: The entire Reighnvhasta family is known across Rughzenhaide as the lineage of Royal Guardians who immigrated from Vhastoralkat to serve the monarchs. In fact, that's why there was such a stir when the possibility arose that Ritona might not be continuing her family's legacy— it was an ongoing tradition for 8 generations!

  • Hates Being Alone: Zigzagged with Ritona, since she's "dreadfully lonely", but "doesn't want to deal with people". This contradiction is most likely due to the depressive state she's been stewing in.

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  • Innocence Lost: Ritona originally revered the position her grandfather served in, Royal Guardian, until she received the harrowing news that he died carrying out his duty. This dramatically changed how she perceived the military and the country who sent him to his demise.

  • Jade-Colored Glasses: After her grandfather died, Ritona began to view the world through the lenses of cynicism.

  • Limited Social Circle: It's evident that Ritona doesn't have an extensive network of friends, given that she doesn't go out to socialize often. There's also the implication that her renowned last name and talent in manakravte has created a rift between her and others her age.

  • Running Gag: What food doesn't go well with eggs?

  • The Hermit: Smothered under the weight of her grief, Ritona cooped herself up inside of her house to work on glasskravting, only occasionally going outside to run errands or attend CLOQKS classes. This understandably worried everyone close to her, leading to speculation on if she was going to discontinue the long-standing Reighnvhasta tradition to become a glass artisan instead.

  • Thousand-Yard Stare: Being on the receiving end of learning that your last remaining loved one died certainly did this to Ritona.

  • True Craftsman: If it's not obvious enough from how many glass articles clutter her home, glasskravting is Ritona's craft of choice. She detests the GKG (Glasskravters Guild), thinking they ridicule those who deviate from their teachings, and wishes to show them up one day.

  • Utopia: The Kingdom of Rughzenhaide appears to be this. All forms of destitution have been eliminated, so much so that the country doesn't even need a currency system to operate. Not to mention that racism, sexism, and bigotry as a whole are practically nonexistent. Quite an improvement from when Rughzenhaide and Vhastoralkat squabbled over their cultural differences in the past!

  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Flora and Ritona share this kind of relationship. They're frequently at odds with each other, whether playfully or not, but they're always supportive when things are down and out.

  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: Adia is a good example of this trope. She is often upbeat and happy, bringing cheer into any interaction. Moreover, she is such an extreme idealist that Ritona can't help but comparing her to "a character lifted from a flowery storybook".

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