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Trucks are Good, Skulls are Bad. DESTROY SKULLS!
Trucks & Skulls is an Angry Birds clone developed by Appy. Instead of flinging birds at pigs, you're launching Trucks into Skulls.

It's noticeably a lot Darker and Edgier than Angry Birds with the setting being a world themed after gothic/punk rock themes and lots of Stuff Blowing Up. This game takes Rated M for Manly and runs it Up to Eleven.

This game provides examples of:

  • Artillery Game: Just like with Angry Birds.
  • Cool Car: The player's characters; All six of them.
  • Game-Breaking Bug: If you have a newer OS, chances are the game will fail to load any of the levels, crashing in the process.
  • Level Editor: The HD version of the game incorporates one.
  • Made of Explodium: Every skull that you successfully kill will cause it to erupt into a mushroom-shaped vessel of smoke reminiscent of an atom bomb explosion. The explosion doesn't do anything to the structure itself and is just for show.
  • Rated M for Manly: Trucks & Skulls drives this trope into the ground.
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  • Smart Bomb: Get anything inside a Mr. Meltdown and it will self-destruct, destroying absolutely everything in the level.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Each of the playable Trucks has abilities that are reminiscent of an Angry Birds character:
    • The main truck, Thrust Monster, plays identically to Chuck, with a boost that launches it forwards in the direction it's traveling at an increased speed.
    • Doomstone is Terence with the ability to perform a Dash as well, in the from of a somersault attack.
    • Bombzilla is Matilda. However the bombs it launches travel at an angle because the truck itself is also angled when it's launched.
    • Insanerator is Bomb. It's timer starts ticking immediately when it's launched, as opposed to the instant it hits a structure. However it must always be moving. Allowing it to stop at any moment will render it unable to explode.
    • Triclops plays like the Blues. However his three-way split shoots the triple shot forwards (instead of keeping it's original movement speed/angle) and with a slight downwards angle.
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    • Diveosaurus was at the time the only character with an entirely unique move; he performs a loop in midair and then goes charging directly downwards. Later, Angry Birds would introduce Silver, which amusingly performs the exact same maneuver of looping before diving downwards.

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