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Pewdiepie's Pixelings is a Real-Time Strategy game with RPG Elements for IOS devices. The game was developed by studio Outerminds in their third collaboration with PewDiePie. Pewdiepie's Pixelings is separated into two modes: The Arena, where you're pitted against another player online to try and defeat your opponent, and the campaign mode, where you fight AI enemies and advance through worlds to gain extra items and moves.

You play as Bro, the human summoned by Pewdiepie, named Pewds in this land, to help stop the barrels that have suddenly started appearing in BroTown. Along the way, you collect many Pixelings who live throughout the various worlds.


Jävla fan? You haven't played Pewdiepie's Pixelings yet?!:

  • Cap: The maximum Player Level is 55 (originally 50), and the maximum Power Level for a Pixeling is 555 (originally 490, or 455 for Common and Uncommon Pixelings before they were given an extra Rank.)
    • Pixelings can be upgraded in two different ways, one of which is by leveling up, and the other by ranking up. Pixeling Level caps are the same as the Player's current level (e.g. if the Player is at Level 4, then Pixelings can only go up to Level 4, etc.), while Pixeling Rank caps are different depending on Rarity. Common Pixelings can go up to Rank 13 (used to be 12), Uncommons can go up to Rank 11 (used to be 10), Rares can go up to Rank 8, and Mythics can go up to Rank 5.
  • Game Gourmet: Different kinds of meats, fruits, vegetables, candy, and confectionaries can be given to your Pixelings to level them up. There are 4 different "sizes", with Giant foods (the largest size) mostly, if not always, saved for offers that can be purchased with either real money (usually including a Pixeling alongside the food), or with Relics, the currency for Trials mode.
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  • Loot Boxes: Some stages give you a chest as a reward for completing them. Once you activate a chest, four to twenty-four real hours will need to pass before you can open it. Chests give you Pixelings and coins when you open them, with the bigger ones giving you better Pixelings and more coins. You can also buy chests in the shop with Bux. Doing this will negate the wait time and allow you to open it immediately.
  • Money Multiplier: The boost option gives you double coins for 30 minutes if you watch an advertisement.
  • One-Hit Kill: The final boss, the Crushing Machine, uses an attack that deals enormous damage if the target Pixeling is not protected by a Bubble Shield when it activates. In the 2 stages after the first fight, he can do this twice in a row.
  • Player Versus Player: The Arena Mode serves as this. There are two different modes, Ranked and Unranked, although they share the same queue, the only difference between them being Ranked allows you to earn (or lose) Fame Points, or FP. All Pixelings are also maxed out in the Arena, to ensure fair matches and prevent "smurfing."Explanation 
  • Sequential Boss: The last world of the game as of writing uses this in an interesting way. The last three stages are all boss stages against the Crushing Machine, with each level progressively getting harder. Crushing Machine gains a higher Power Level, summons different ally Pixelings, and can use a new Charge Attack not seen in the previous fights.
  • Sidetrack Bonus: Special b stages act as this. They are much harder than regular stages but have great rewards for completing them, including new Spells and Pixeling copies.


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