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Nemesis the Warlock was among those 2000 AD titles which were adapted into video games. Nemesis the Warlock was released by Martech in 1987 for Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum. While it is relatively simple action game with somewhat monotonic level design, it was received well at the time of its publication. Also, the memorable theme of C64 version is considered one of the high points of Rob Hubbard's career.


Nemesis the Warlock provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Everything Fades: Averted. When hit with sword, bullet or fireball, the corpses of Mooks fly in air, land on terrain (unless the body falls through one of the many Bottomless Pits) and remain there for the rest of level. Since each level takes place in single screen and since completing level usually requires killing dozens of Mooks, the levels can become very quickly filled with corpses of regular enemies. Player can also walk on these corpses and completion of some levels actually requires using them as platforms. However, this trope is still played straight with zombies that occasionally rise from these bodies (the original corpses are still left intact, though).
  • Have a Nice Death: When player runs out of health and gets killed, he/she is treated to the scene of the body of Nemesis floating towards the top edge of screen. However, if player falls/jumps into bottomless pit, Nemesis is shown falling through a black screen, instead. Both of these are accompanied by the animation of the heart getting repeatedly crushed by the hand holding it (take a look at the entry below for additional information) and mocking message from Torquemada, although the exact wording varies between versions:
    "I have defeated you Warlock. I can now cleanse the galaxy of all alien presence. And your banished soul will only live in my dreams..."
    Message in C64 version when killed by running out of health

    "You may of [sic] escaped Warlock, but you are trapped in a pit of my mind. For all eternity."
    Message in C64 version when killed by bottomless pit
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  • Ludicrous Gibs: Not as extreme an example as many other games. However, the piles of corpses, zombies bursting through the stomachs of those corpses, the meter showing remaining health note  and the visual style based on the original comic were considered graphic and gruesome at the time.
  • One-Hit Polykill: Nemesis can spit fireballs, which go through regular mooks, allowing player to take out several with one. While they still don't go through zombies, one fireball is enough to destroy one zombie (which require several hits when using gun or sword) instantly. However, fireballs come in extremely small supply, since player is given another one only when beginning the next level and can hold only 0-2 fireballs at any time.
  • Suicidal Overconfidence: Would YOU attack demon-like alien who is knee-deep in your fallen comrades who have been equipped with the weapon and armor identical to yours? Of course, as Attack! Attack! Attack! entry above shows, this may be just the case of staying true to the source material.
  • Trial-and-Error Gameplay: Each level requires player to kill set amount of endlessly respawning Mooks. After this player has to leave the level through one of the four edges of the screen. The right direction depends on the level and the only way to find the right edge in the game itself is to try different directions until the right one is found. While testing the left and right edges of the screen is harmless, both top and bottom edges work also as bottomless pit causing instant game over. The only exception to this is when either the top or bottom edge is the exit direction for level and even then only in the situation, where player has killed required number of Mooks. In addition to this, after meeting the "kill quota" player has to leave the level under very strict time limit, which is also shortened by damage from enemies. In short, it pays to have one of thesenote  at hand when giving the game a try.
  • A Winner Is You: At least in C64 version, after fighting your way through army of Mooks (literally) you will be presented with a textbox detailing how Nemesis drives his sword through Torquemada, killing him. Press fire to return to title screen. Aren't you happy that you didn't waste the time spent on playing this game on friends and family, instead?