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Fight Of Animals: Legend of the Strongest Creature is a Fighting Game by Digital Crafter, who are also known for Fight of Gods.

The game's cast is based on viral misleading photos of animals.

The characters are (links show the image that the character is based on):

The game has a simplified control scheme, similar to Fantasy Strike, with only four buttons: Light attack, Heavy Attack, Overhead/Special Attack, and Burst/Super. Special attacks are done like in Super Smash Bros., by pressing the Special button and a direction. However, there is potential for long combos to appeal to more hardcore fighting game fans.


This game provides the following tropes

  • Combo Breaker: Combos can be escaped from by pressing the Super button while being hit with a full meter.
  • Engrish: The English text is written with broken grammar due to the developers not being native speakers.
  • Lag Cancel: Dashing allows players to skip the recovery portion of certain attacks, allowing for complex combos.
  • New Work, Recycled Graphics: Santa's stage from Fight of Gods was copied straight into this game in the Christmas update.
  • No Animals Were Harmed: Present in the description of the trailers and when starting the game:
    Animals are adorable, we love them. It is shameful to let animals fighting each other in the REAL WORLD in anyway. We do not encourage any actions that harms or abuses any creatures on the planet. This game was simply for entertaining purposes, there are no animals injured or killed in the game.
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  • Written Sound Effect: "POW!" appears whenever a hit connects.

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