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Video Game / Astral Transparency: Cole's Gate

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Fifteen years ago marked the beginning of the end.

A country at the verge of war with another postponed its plans thanks to the arrival of a strange young man on a canoe, here to tell them that he would give it all up for the sake of the person he cares for. And then, he realized that it was too late to back out. At that time, a young woman discovered a life-draining, world-ending artifact. She accepted no credit for her discovery. Two years later, the first revolution began. Many died. A man named Dave Shrubalt was killed.


A woman told her son, they were to destroy a monster who killed innocent people in cold blood just to fulfill his own desires. It has been ingrained within his mind since he was five. It was trapping, traumatizing, and utterly restrictive. She was a mother who sacrificed her love for her own son just for revenge. He never would have been able to regain the life he could have lived. And for that very purpose, he sought the Cole’s Gate – that cold, cruel artifact which would drain the world of all life. And that is where one story ends and another begins. He will meet that person, and there will be no turning back.

Actually, there was never any turning back in the first place.

Astral Transparency: Cole's Gate is a Fantasy Role-Playing Game by Soyasushi Productions about a young man whose mother had emotionally brainwashed him since young to seek revenge for the father he could barely remember, and his meeting with a certain person named Cole Larens who supposedly wants to destroy the world with a certain artifact which he egoistically names the Cole's Gate. Except that things aren't as simple as they seem... because a maniac trying to destroy the world might even be the least of anyone's worries.


Astral Transparency: Cole's Gate has a Webpage. You can download the demo from this link.

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