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Uhh, I'm a girl that lives in Georgia. I was born in Canada and am frequently a victim of the Canada, Eh? stereotypes once I tell people that. I am part Guyanese and part Jamaican. I'm a Christian, Episcopalian (Anglican) to be specific. I suppose you could say I'm a "third culture kid", since my mom's Guyanese, I have family in Canada, and I live in Georgia.I joined here in June 2009. On the wiki, I mainly do small things like fix formatting issues and indexing.


    Tropes I Launched 
  • Bulungi (only launched, not wrote).

    Pages I Made(I like to be organized with these things)  

     More about me 


  • Communitied Out: Definetly, compared to earlier times (I used to join any forum that I saw, which is why I have 5 emails, for all that spam.)
  • The Urkel (only female)
  • Token Trio (my friends usually are)

     Tropes other tropers think I am: 

-silently takes the virginity of wuggles' page- - Gentlemanorcus

-huggles wuggles!- -Longfellow

I have no idea whether you're even remotely aware of this fact, but that changes nothing: If you call yourself Wuggles, then your page needs a wug! - Noaqiyeum

I'll have you know I'm a nerd who lives with both of my parents.note . Oh, and; Coffee? *raises flask* - Bisected8

^ Hahahaha, I'll take note of that next time!

Hello, Troper I've never heard of! :3 ~Fuzy2K

Hey! ^_^ ~risingdreams

This video has been viewed over one million times.Sean Murray I

Y'know, you probably should have stayed in Canada, cuz Canada's amazing, eh? ^_^ —Sir Noob

This must be rectified. — Liberated Liberater

Hello fellow Georgian:) Whereabouts are you? —Tomoe Michieru



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