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Well since I have this page I might as well use it:

Tropes I associate myself with:

  • Book Worm: 1st read book was a book over the seizing of the German WWII Enigma, followed by more or less the whole Battletech saga (including Mechwarrior: Dark Age) nuff said.
  • Grammar Nazi: Averted, I have Engrish as my 3rd language, and while I certainly do not enjoy it I don't call people out on it.
  • Gratuitous German: Well I am German so I am capable of this trope though I don't really do it often, so may as well calling it playing with the trope for lack of a better description
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  • Pinball Protagonist
  • Playful Hacker: Well not so much hacking as programming in general but since I couldn't find a trope like playful programmer this'll have to do.

Tropes others associate with me, feel free to add:

Favourite Movies:

  • Stalingrad: A classic I think, its one of the few movies that do not glorify war while at the same time not trying to hammer in some 'OMG WAR IS BAD OMG'-kind of forced message. (Well of course they do show that war is hell (duh who could have thought of that) but they don'T shove it in your face as if you're some kind of idiot who needs to be remembered of that fact every 5 minutes.)
  • Memphis Belle: Another classic, as with the above no forced messages or glorifing here
  • Kelly's Heroes: Thanks my lord and savior Girls und Panzer
  • White Tiger: Start seeing a trent here?
  • The Final Countdown: A, that's a nice one.
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  • Every JapaneseNote  Godzilla movie
  • Convoy: Ahh, my first FSK 16 movie, oh the Nostaliga, oh the Nostalgia

Favourite Games:


Favourite Animes/Manga:

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