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A sketch of me by my very talented friend Fedini of Deviantart
Howdy! Welcome to the userpage of a slightly demented Artist. :D Friends, feel free to leave me some comments or quips!

As far as troping goes, I mostly try to correct spelling errors and punctuation or grammar mistakes, and adding trivia or new information as it becomes available if I notice it missing.

I try to avoid conflict whenever possible, as I know it's a slippery slope to becoming a troll, but I will stand up for my friends or what is blatantly the truth if I have to.

I'm an artist, and I do all sorts of different art forms-mostly digital, but I also knit a little (still learning!), do assemblage pieces, have made an attempt at painting, though it doesn't really work well for me, woodburning, woodcarving (I have a few scars to prove how well that one agrees with me, but I do it anyway), writing little snippets here and there and collecting odd things of varying value, like unusual feathers, bones, antlers, geodes, interesting rocks (particularly the kind with crystals growing on them!) and a few things like that. I have studied a bit of Massage Therapy and would like to get certified in it, though art is where my heart truly lies, particularly traditional animation and character design, but that's simply not a possibility right now, so I'm going with a career path that won't have me sitting in front of a desk all day, and where I can help people feel better. If anyone wants to see my art gallery, it's located at! I also have started up a blog which I'm posting art on-I essentially find old barely-known or mostly unheard of Fairy Tales-or versions of more popular ones-and add commentary to them, along with artwork for the stories. You can see it at


I also have a slice of life blog, with artwork, that I'm just getting started at , check it out for some funny stories!

My life goals are to travel the world, someday finally get around to writing a book or creating a webcomic that will be memorable and loved, and to leave the world a better place behind me than it was before.

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    Tropes That I Am An Example Of 
  • Apologizes a Lot - Um...yeah. I do this. My friends calls me "Fluttershy" a lot for a reason.
  • Ambiguously Brown - I'm a mutt. I have a little bit of almost every, and I do mean EVERY, ethnicity on earth-though I mostly get called Latino because of my coloration. I do have some very unusual genes though, and some of my friends took to calling me Mink because my hair tends to change colors on it's own sometimes, turning very light (almost blonde) in the summer months, and almost black around winter for some reason.
  • Baby Got Back - Um....well....yeah.
  • Blind Without 'Em - I wear either glasses or contacts (usually glasses) and without them I am blind as a mole.
  • Deadpan Snarker - If I'm around close friends, I can end up doing this quite a bit.
  • Fridge Logic / Fridge Brilliance / Fridge Horror - Happens to me a LOT.
  • Fun Size - I'm NOT short, I'm fun-sized!
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck! Um...yeah...I hate swearing, so I tend to come up with very interesting words to use instead. If you hear someone yell out "PURPLE MONKEYNUGGETS!!" in the form of a swear someday-it's probably me.
  • Hates Being Touched - Again, less than ideal childhood events left me with a few paranoias - being touched is one of them. I outright panic sometimes, and have accidentally hurt people because of it.
  • Hollywood Pudgy - I don't really know if I'd qualify for this-I'm medically at an ideal weight for my size and build (I have a thicker build with wider hips) but I've been told I'm fat, and I certainly don't qualify as the 'ideal' standard of thin.
  • Nice Guy - I try to be nice to people as much as possible. I do have a temper, though, even if it very rarely comes out-mostly it only shows up if someone messes with my friends.
  • Mama Bear - What I become if someone dares to lay a hand on my friends or family, as several school bullies who messed with a close childhood friend of mine can attest.
  • Parental Abandonment - My parents never wanted me for reasons starting with being born the wrong gender, so I was kicked out onto the streets by my mother and essentially disowned, so as far as anyone's concerned I have no family.
  • Shrinking Violet - How I am in public or around anyone I don't know. I also tend to apologize...a lot.
  • Stutter Stop - How I am around anyone I really don't know. I tend to be rather timid in social situations (social anxiety and paranoias from a rather...less than ideal childhood) so I often end up stammering, repeating myself a lot and sometimes talking so fast no one can tell what I'm saying, or too quietly to the same effect.
  • Stepford Smiler - On occasion. I don't like to let people know when I'm hurting or sick or anything, so I mostly cover it up and act cheerful anyway, regardless of how badly I want to cry, even if it's justified. I just...don't like letting people see that side of me, either the hurt or the angry.
  • Verbal Tic - Not sure if this counts, but I have a slight southern twang, tend to use very old words that no one uses anymore or even knows about (like miscreant, or rapscallion) and I have always pronounced the word pumpkin as punkin. Also I apologize a lot.
  • Weak, but Skilled - I'm not very strong at all, despite spending my days hauling hay, wrestling goats and cattle, handling horses, chopping firewood and other things that would typically build muscle-due to various medical conditions, my body is pretty much incapable of building stronger muscle. I do know how to defend myself if I have to though, and I had earned a gold belt in Karate (second degree), but I'm wildly out of practice now.

    Stuff I Like 
  • Anime and Manga

  • Movies
    • 'Beauty and the Beast - One of my faves, though I have been losing interest in it since I became more aware of the abuse/stockholm's syndrome overtones.
    • 'Disney/Brave - Easily at the top of the list, I love bears and old Celtic legends (I'm a descendant of Clan Cameron, so it's part of my history!) and archery, so it's easily a favorite of mine, though I do wish it'd been 2D animated instead of computer animated.
    • Anything Tim Burton has a hand in.
    • RENT , especially Angel-I bawled when he died.
    • Labyrinth -Good God, David Bowie in tight leggings! Never get enough of that.
    • Clue -the version with Ellen De Generes as the French Maid-I laughed my head off!
    • Phantom Of The Opera - Poor Erik!

  • Tv Shows
    • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is pretty much the only thing I would bother watching on tv anymore-I mostly just watch it online. Not too heavily interested in it anymore, but I might give it a look.

    • Adventure Time - Okay, how could anyone NOT like this show? It's out there, with humor galore and yet undertones and backstories that are truly deep, sometimes sad or scary, and make you think.

  • Music
    • Celtic , particulary Celtic Women and Kate Rusby.
    • Some Trance or Pop, depending on the mood I'm in.
    • Classical and certain Operas-yes, I lean toward the old things, sue me.
    • Showtunes - particularly from Disney films.
    • Weird Al!
    • A lot of Demi Lovato songs, like Give Me a Friend.
    • Some weird things that really have no Genre, and a few songs out of almost all genres except Rap. I cannot stand rap.
    • Imagine Dragon's album Night Visions, particularly the more upbeat songs like Underdog and Working Man.

  • Food
    • Cheeseburgers with extra pickles! NO ONIONS.
    • English Muffins with Apple or Peach jam.
    • Chocolate!
    • Pumpkin Pie
    • Cheesecake
    • Dried or smoked meat of almost any kind.
    • Pretty much anything with apples in it. I love apples.

That's just about all there is to know about me-if anyone wants to leave me a comment, suggestion or just some crazy babble, feel free to do so below! :D

*censored* and *censored* make a very tasty and *censored* combo, wouldn't you agree? - Battosaijoe

  • Indeed, *censored* does go wonderfully with *censored* when you're using it for *censored*, though I also like *censored* with whipped cream, even if that does seem a mite trite.

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