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Hello this is a girl from Malaysia in born in January 21 1993 I would be most known for being a fan of the character [[Video Game/Strider Hien]], [[Video Game/Pokemon Jigglypuff]], the first two Playstation(especially the first one) and an overly strong fondness of weird cutesy Japanese games. I was on the internet looking up stuff for years before becoming serious in getting into the community in late 2009-early 2010 with Deviant Art and Fanfiction then branched out to a few forum but those have waned recently. I also like things mainly in the 90s and early 2000s, initially I followed most series both popular and niche with a liking for shounen before the recent changes and being unable to cope with it caused a division to mainly slice of life.


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     Favourite works 
Anime and Manga
  • [1]: Yeah this is ahead of the manga and Brotherhood, I loved it's more gray morality where most of the cast do have something they feel deep down rather than just being obstacles and Ed in particular was much more fleshed out, hot tempered but still prone to sensitive feelings without turning into a super wimpy guy.
  • [2]: Cute light hearted life of highschool boys without going into fanservice.
  • [3]: Very light hearted and cute with really cute cast, for the most part a really nice easy watch.
  • Pokemon: My gateaway to anime(and all thing Japanese) with it's mostly light hearted story though it has some dramatic moment with incredibly memorable monster designs of all kinds.
  • [4]: One of the gateaway to anime for me with it's rather realistic writing for shounen mixed with hopeful idealism, the quirky cast, the beautiful art and fascinating ancient Japan setting.
  • Ryokunohara Gakuen: One of the best shounen ai ever with subtle romance, the unusual supernatural theme, cute character design and quirky cast.
  • [5]: A great magical girl series with cute quirky cast, cute character design, great voice acting(both sub and dub), great music and the first few villains are incredibly compelling and morally gray.
  • [6]: THE 90s shounen with good character design, somewhat gray morality, good voice acting(in Japanese) and some darkish plotline without going overboard.

Movies(gonna use this for mainly western ones)

  • [7]: I like the romance and the smart eccentric leading girl with really nice songs.
  • Happy Birthday to the radiant life: A very well thought out PSA without demonizing anyone, starts off heartbreaking, ends uplifting.
  • [8]: The smart protagonist bonding with the dragon was touching plus the really well done norse setting and creative dragons are cool.
  • [9]: The sole hand coloured Renaissance series it got a pretty good story of the consequences making bad decisions with lovely visual and Jodi Benson's beautiful voice.
  • [[Disney/Mulan]]: It got a nice chinese setting with a message on feminism that isn't patronizing and memorable characters.
  • [10]: I like the simpler adventure story of this over the later two more dramatic ones.
  • [11]: Favourite Disney films ever with it's lovely futuristic setting with a touch of victorian era style, the great characters, the amazing father-son like relationship with Jim and John Silver just makes me feel so fuzzy inside.
  • [[When Marnie Was There]: One of Ghibli's most touching movie with a very emotional familiar relationship with the two girls about their issues and incredible art.
  • [12]]: A slow moving romance with a nice big city setting and I really dig the whole aspiring to create something goal.
  • [13]: Video game galore, had a pretty dramatic story too with the memorable cast(cept the Nicelanders)

Video games

  • Abalaburn: It was one of the first fighters I found really impressive at the time, it might not be that massive in reality but it's still ground breaking for the PS 1 in 1998 particular in the characters.
  • [[Video Game/Bomberman Bomberman Fantasy Race]]: I liked it's unique racing style, it's control is one of the most archaic in 3D however.
  • [14]: Yep not Trigger, it looks really good even now, there's a bit of strategy required, the story is interesting and gripping with really good music. Only downer is disc 2 is a little rushed.
  • Dynasty Warriors: Literally my gateaway to own a PS 2 with it's crazy fun hack and slash gameplay with awesome character designs.
  • Final Fantasy: Classic RPG stuff more on individual titles I list.
    • Final Fantasy VIII: First title in the series, really good graphic, good music and a huuuge step up from 7 with a subtle realistic writing for both character and situation(sorta).
    • Final Fantasy IX: Favourite and second to get involved in, also really good graphic and music, cute quirky character designs(and personalities) and idealistic story with a slight touch of darkness without going overboard or ever sugar coating it.
  • Grandia: Mostly just the first game but I like the PS 2 titles too, it got a light hearted adventurous plot with quirky loveable characters and a very good battle system with lots of strategy needed.
  • The King Of Fighters: I really like this one with it's awesome character design, challenging gameplay, it's surprisingly good story for being just a fighter without ever bogging the gameplay and catchy music
    • The King of Fighters 97: The first with the current power gauge with a surprising amount of sub bosses most of them fun and well made(cept for Orochi...)
    • The King of Fighters 98: The best for the first playstation and a great dream match with even better controls.
    • The King of Fighters 2002: Awesome roster, got rid of the Striker engine, both versions are worth playing.
  • Kingdom Hearts: The quirky graphics, the great action gameplay, Disney characters, the surprisingly touching story.
    • Kingdom Hearts 2: Easily my favourite PS 2 title with it's highly polished gameplay, more worlds to explore and probably the best story in the series, darker without going overboard still has some good integration with Disney in places.
  • Lunar Eternal Blue: An early Ps 1 game I played, it has an incredibly touching story with a loveable cast, really neat anime cutscenes and great music, gameplay is more archaic than everything else on my list though.
  • Ore no Ryouri: Cooking game on my PS 1??? YEEEESSS, it's insanely fun with some catchy music and ridiculously goofy looking characters making ridiculous faces.
  • Marvel Vs Capcom: My first game with incredible gameplay, very high quality graphic(more so with the 2D games) a gateway to many franchises and catchy as can be music.
  • Monster Rancher: The animal raising factor is cute and appealing with a nice fantasy setting makes it really unique.
  • Pokemon: The cute creatures so precious the badass ones are cool too, this series really does have some of the most memorable monsters ever.
  • Samurai Warriors: First game only though but it was my first PS 2 title, I liked it's dark no frills story and character design.
  • Star Ocean The Second Story: My no.1 game with it's amazing graphics, the fighting game like battle system, really memorable lovable characters and like Eternia I did like the voice acting(in the PS 1 port) in some way
  • Sonic The Hedgehog: Fast gameplay, interesting setting and quirky characters however I prefer the 3D platformers over the 2D ones speaking of which...
    • Sonic Adventure: A big turn to 3D the overworld is awesome looking and big, the level design is exciting and gorgeous and some decent voice acting.
    • Sonic Adventure 2: Best Sonic game ever improved on everything with a more interesting plot and even better voice acting.
  • [[Video Game/Strider Strider 2]]: Insanely slick gameplay even on the PS 1, great voice acting(sadly cut in the translated versions), great graphic and of course... Hien and he's playable on the PS 1 port as well.
  • Super Smash Bros: Nintendo Crossover is enough of an attraction but it got pretty nice 3D as well with cool stage quirks and lots of really great characters to pick out.
  • Tales Of: Beautiful graphics(especially the 2D ones), the fighting game like battles was a huge draw, the interesting plots yep.
    • Tales Of Eternia: Hands down one of my top 2 games with it's gorgeous graphics, the amazing gameplay, appealing characters and I actually like the voice acting.
    • Tales Of Destiny 2: Transitions well to the PS 2.
    • Tales Of Rebirth: Second favourite game in the series also has the same 2D battle with an interesting dark story about racism and quirky cast.
  • Warriors Orochi: An insanely fun crossover with loads of amusing banter to discover.
  • Yakuza: Second favourite Sega IP with it's GORGEOUS full of life city, the fun fighting, so many minigames and a story that bounce from dramatic to silly and they know it.

Western cartoons

  • Looney Tunes: Depending on the segment it has a lot of memorable characters with well made comedy and Mel Blanc's lively voice for most of the cast.
  • Powerpuff Girls: First show only, I like the female super hero thing without rubbing in your face they are girls and quirky villains and character designs.
  • Steven Universe: Memorable characters and storylines that know when to be dramatic, adventurous or cute.
  • [15]: Yes I like it more than the games, it's just so goofy and memorably weird especially Bison.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987: Great art for it's time, the memorable turtles(except for Leo for most of it), the quirky weirdo plots, the AWESOME opening and great voice acting yep.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012: A great modern take with really good CG, more memorable characters, great voice acting makes this worth it.
  • Tom And Jerry: Very funny duo with great rivalry but also friendship.
  • [16]: It's different but good with a more original take and while it is mostly funny it does have a surprising amount of well fleshed out characters too.

     Favourite characters 
  • [[Video Game//Strider Hien]] - I liked his friend turned rival yet still respects his rival plot and overly pretty looks, it's just sad he died in Namco X Capcom and the premise with him was abandoned.
  • Pokemon Jigglypuff: Too cute I want to pet it all the time if it was a real animal. Their blue eyes and cat ears are much too adorable and it even made a come back to the anime recently.
    • Absol: A Badass Adorable cougar with a cute voice(ingame and Japanese only)
    • Gallade: I thought it was kinda bishie looking really.
  • Samura Warriors Ranmaru Mori: He's very pretty sure but I like his sad story in the first game where his mentor, Mitsuhide betrays their lord, Nobunaga and Ranmaru rather be loyal to Nobunaga even if it means killing Mitsuhide, also sad this one got demoted.
  • Abalaburn Kleude: He got a cute design and a nice voice plus his love for his mother is so cute and touching.
    • Ariel: A very strong willed girl with an equally cute design and a very well thought done development.
  • Monster Rancher Holly: She might be softer than the rest of her team but she's not weak and useless and does do her best both back and front, with a very sad backstory and sweet and gentle personality.
  • [[Cloudcuckoolander Hiroki Imanishi]](from Ryokunohara Gakuen): He's cute and quirky and very spaced out a lot with a mostly mellow eccentric personality.
  • Rurouni Kenshin Kenshin Himura: One of the best example of a hero trying to redeem himself for his past, struggling against those trying to turn him away but ultimately succeeds, he's pretty easy on the eyes too.
  • Sailor Moon Rei Hino: One of the best tsundere, she starts off unfriendly but still cares for other and ends one of the most loyal of the girls with an incredibly beautiful design.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho Kurama: His evil past self and his more anti hero present self was one of the most interesting thing of the series with a very attractive design as well.
  • Tales Of Legendia Chloe Valens: One of the best action girls who does end up having feelings and flaws without turning weak or have love overwhelm her.
  • Dynasty Warriors Jiang Wei: This is only true 7 onward, he is one of Shu's most flawed cast he had good intention but goes the wrong way of doing it but just keep trying was what I found him appealing especially for that team's standard.
    • Zhou Yu: The regular favourite, I liked his calm personality, his musical interest, his older appearances cool fancy sword moveset and very appealing design.
  • Treasure Planet Jim Hawkins: A rather complex protagonist with his father issue crippling him emotionally, opening up to this random half cyborg pirate, the feeling of betrayal but coping regardless and eventually opening himself up fully.

     Trope that miiiight apply to me 
  • Animesque: That's pretty much what I try for my artstyle.
  • No Indoor Voice: My default way of speaking, if I'm not doing the inverse.
  • Tomboy: Very much so with a distaste for wearing nice clothes, an interest in video games and (initally) shounen

     Personal pests 
  • Ma Chao: Catchphrase JUSTICEEEEEE, also really bland and one note with no real focus other than in the PS 2 port of 6.
  • Lambo: Loud whiny Chew Toy whose sole purpose in his 5yr old form is to whine and get picked on, thank god Gokudera is there to chew him out.
  • Gilbert: Found him super annoying and [[Jerkass assholish]] even by Jerkass Woobie standard.
  • Mineta: Just Lambo drowned in grape juice and picked up too much habits from Reborn.

     Opinions I don't agree with most others 
  • I don't actually like My Hero Academia very much, I understand it's ideas and merits and the author does care for the shounen convention and wants to eliminate flaws of the stuff he seen before that he did like otherwise but I just can't open to it very much, it's just to my taste.
  • I also don't like Spectacular Spiderman either, it's well made but too standard to me.
  • I think Kaze to Ki no Uta's influence on Yaoi was mostly for the worse, I also understand the author goal but most of the stuff I dislike on this pours into most Yaoi of today...
  • Despite the deal Nobuhiro Watsuki I still think Rurouni Kenshin is a very good series and frankly people can fall into bad stuff once their work is long over(or even during it).
  • I don't like the modern craze for fast paced, 'deconstructive' works that are actually darker and edgier being treated as dogma.
  • I like [17] and Shadow The Hedgehog more than Sonic Unleashed. I also like those two unironically.
  • Sonic Saturday AM is not that dark and I don't really like it's character writing either.
  • I would like to see cel animation return in some format.
  • I dislike the [[Creator/Funimation]] dub of Yu Yu Hakusho, I thought the dialogue is TOO spiced up to be more mainstream.
  • I sorta like the [[Creator/4Kids]] dub of One Piece, well the voice acting and the three games they handled anyway...

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