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Hello internet. Glad you could make it.

If you were wondering, my username (and thumbnail) refer to Bo of Muse Magazine.

Trope pages started by me

Trope pages midwifed by me

  • Friend of Masked Self (parent: Aminatep)
    • When I found this YKKTW, it hadn't been touched in 4 years. I gave it a new name (old one was "Befriending Secret Identity"), substantially expanded the description, added examples from the comments, and eventually came back and launched it.
  • Mistaken from Behind: (parent: Cam Ra)
    • Original working title was "Wrong Reveal Spin". I'll admit I jumped the gun on this one—it was only three days after the YKKTW was started when I began editing it. But in my defense, it had been three days of lively discussion with absolutely no edits or signs of interest from Cam Ra. And I wasn't the first to touch it. And Cam Ra never did come back to it (to the best of my knowledge).
  • Sdrawkcab Speech (parent: oshaboy)
    • At one point this was called "Hceeps Esrever" (Reverse Speech), but that was a little too much.
  • Filming Location Cameo (parent: jimlapbap, though they apparently forgot their account details and returned as jimlapbap42)
    • Spent six-and-a-half years on the launchpad. I cleaned up the examples and description, added a few examples of my own, and kept bumping it up to the top of the TLP list until it got enough hats. (That last part took ages, probably because I kept bumping it up at very odd hours.)

Works pages started by me

  • The Paper Magician
    • I got the first book in the series for free when I first downloaded the Kindle app. It was a pleasant enough read, but not great. In hindsight, I'm annoyed because the historical setting (England circa 1900) completely lacked any substance. In the part where they discuss religion, the characters' attitudes seem present-day if they're anything. Seriously, the story could have been set last week and it would have made virtually no difference, though I'll grant that the part with the giant magical paper airplane would have been less "magical" if proper airplanes already existed in the setting. Oh, and don't get me started on the gender role anachronisms. I can buy female magicians being as common and respected as male magicians, since it is an alternate universe...but who in that era would find it socially acceptable for a late-teens, unmarried young woman to live alone in a remote house with a thirty-something-year-old divorced bachelor as she serves as his apprentice? For that matter, who would think this is a good idea today?
  • The Lonely Guy
    • Frankly the film was uneven, but there were some good gags in it. This was my favorite line (it just sums up the character so perfectly, and was delivered so well):
      Warren: I had my yearly physical last week. They called me yesterday, told me I have to come back. They lost my blood.

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