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I Can't Find My Index

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Things get misplaced. They still exist, somewhere, but the trouble is finding them.

It can be something as small as a character losing their car keys for five minutes, or as big as a species losing track of an entire planet for a thousand years. The thing lost could be a simple object, or a person, or the remains of a civilization, or knowledge, or perhaps even an ability. Maybe people are searching desperately for the missing thing, or maybe everyone has forgotten that it even existed.

Whatever its nature, expect that some portion of the plot will be driven by either the search for the misplaced thing, the struggle to adapt to life without it, or the consequences of its rediscovery. Alternatively, if the "misplaced thing" is a person, the plot may be about the consequences of being lost from their perspective.

For the purposes of this index, do not include tropes about things dying, ending, or being permanently destroyed, even if the word "lost" is in the trope name. For example, The Lost Lenore is not included in this index, because the whole point is that the affected characters know the Lenore is dead; they are not searching around as if the Lenore might be hiding somewhere. note 

Compare and contrast with This Used to Be an Index.